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Learn, evolve...The Souls predestined path

Came across old pictures and newspaper articles from the time I was a beautician, make-up artist and pedicure. I owned my beauty salon: Beauty Studio Elle Elle. 23 years young... . One of the highlights was receiving my diploma at 'Nieuwspoort' in the Hague (NL) The official International presscentre for the Dutch government, politicians and press. 📸It was such an honour to have been chosen from so many students. I worked hard and got all the possible diploma's and graduated with the highest grades nationwide...

It was an amazing experience and gave me a lot of press coverage and many new clients for my beauty studio.And yes, I must admit...I was and am proud...after my entire life and world was turned upside down when I was 20 years young due to disastrous and life changing family issues...

I did this on my own..with my strength & willpower!

And now...more then 20 years later I'm still working with clients in my practice but at a much deeper level. As a medium I'm able to serve the incarnate and discarnate Soul. A privilege and a huge responsibility.. I know I'm able to be the medium I am today because of my journey. In my twenties first working Skin-Level deep with so many clients and so many stories. Now in my forties working Soul-Level deep with so many clients and so many stories.

All I can say is just WOW.... I love to watch my journey unfold in unexpected ways...

The Soul knows... following my inner knowing, my heart and gut feeling towards the predestined design and architects plan of the Soul ❤️

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