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Mastering the Frequency of Your State - The First Step to High Frequency Leadership - 60

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Vrijdag, 18 augustus 2023

Mastering the Frequency of Your State - The First Step to High Frequency Leadership - 60

- 🌟 Uncover the Secrets of High Frequency Leadership

- 🌟 The Magnetic Power of Mastering Your State

- 🌟 Rise Above Challenges: The Golden Line of Leadership

- 🌟 Your Hidden Key to Leading with Clarity & Impact

- 🌟 Elevate Your Influence & Change the World

- 🌟 The Art of Shifting: Three Pillars to Unlock

- 🌟 Transform Challenges into Empowering Opportunities

- 🌟 The Power of Language & Visualization

- 🌟 Unleash Your Inner High Frequency Leader

- 🌟 Ready to Shift, Lead, and Soar? Tune in!

- 🌟 Your Invitation: Elevate the World, One Shift at a Time



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**Episode 60: Mastering the Frequency of Your State - The First Step to High Frequency Leadership**


Welcome back, High Level & Frequency Shifters, to another empowering episode of the High End & Frequency Business Podcast. In today's episode, we're delving deep into the very foundation of High Frequency Leadership.


Host, Lisette Lucas, begins by emphasizing that true leadership originates within oneself. Before guiding others, mastering yourself is essential. And this mastery starts with honing the frequency of your state.


Lisette explains that while we've all experienced those chaotic days when it seems the world is collapsing around us, High Frequency Leaders transcend such circumstances. They don't allow external events to dictate their state of being. Instead, they possess the remarkable ability to transform challenges into opportunities to make a positive impact.


She introduces the concept of rising 'Above The Golden Line', where below this line, reactivity and low frequency states prevail. Above this line, however, leaders take control. They shift from being reactive to proactive, maintaining a High Frequency state amidst any chaos.


The question is raised: How can one achieve this remarkable shift? The answer: Begin by serving yourself. Lisette emphasizes that this isn't selfish; it's about self-care, self-awareness, and self-love. Just like the airplane oxygen mask analogy, you must ensure your own well-being first, as it enables you to lead with clarity and handle challenges effectively.


Lisette introduces the three foundational pillars for frequency state shifting:


1. **Physiology**: Lisette introduces the EnergyJoy Victory Move. By engaging your body through movement like dancing or jumping, you realign yourself with your highest state.


2. **Focus**: She highlights the power of focus - where focus goes, energy flows. Redirect your attention towards what empowers you, solutions, growth, EnergyJoy, gratitude, and resourcefulness.


3. **Language and Meaning**: Lisette emphasizes the impact of your internal dialogue and visualizations on your feelings, actions, and reality. She encourages using empowering words and visualizations of high-level success to effortlessly shift your state.


Mastering these three pillars equips you to expertly shift your frequency state. Regardless of challenges or adversities, you can consistently thrive Above The Golden Line® in a magnetic, high-frequency state.


Such mastery transforms you from merely a leader into a beacon of empowerment and change, ready to inspire and impact the world.


Lisette concludes with a challenge to reflect on these three pillars. Are you engaging actively with your physiology, focus, and language? And if not, what's holding you back?


In closing, she invites you to embrace your High Frequency Leadership, to serve both yourself and others, contributing to elevating the world, one transformative shift at a time.


Thank you for joining this enlightening episode. You can find the show notes at This is Lisette Lucas, reminding you that you hold the power to shift, lead, and soar. Until next time.

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