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Medium Manifestation Magic & Mastery - The Secret of Conscious and Unconscious Frequencies for Reality-Shifting Impact + 3 Steps to Mastery - 77

Monday, 1 January 2024

Medium Manifestation Magic & Mastery - The Secret of Conscious and Unconscious Frequencies for Reality-Shifting Impact + 3 Steps to Mastery - 77

- Introduction to the Episode: Welcome to HEF Podcast 77! Get ready to delve into the profound world of mediumship and manifestation. This episode will reveal how mastering frequencies can lead to significant changes in reality, plus exclusive tips on starting your journey towards mastery.


- What is a Success Medium? For both long-time listeners and new friends, this part of the episode explores what it means to be a success medium. Discover the transformative power of soul-to-soul connections and energy work in unlocking your true potential and soul evolution.


- The Power of Patterns and Insights: Learn about the journey to the creation of the "Above The Golden Line" method. This segment reveals how years of professional mediumship and insightful patterns have led to a unique approach to life transformation.


- Above The Golden Line Method: An introduction to this unique method that serves as a guiding light through all teachings. A reminder to download the free guide at, conveniently linked in the show notes.


- Manifestation Masterclass Reveal: Announcing a special masterclass that goes deeper into using energy and mediumship for enhanced manifestation abilities. A must-attend for anyone looking to harness their inner energy.


- Everyone is a Medium: This part of the episode emphasizes that the abilities you admire in others are also within you. Discover how to master your mediumship skills and embrace your inner power.


- The M4 Program Introduction: Discover the "M4: Medium Manifestation Magic & Mastery" program. An all-encompassing guide to unlocking your manifestation abilities and achieving your heart's desires.


- Free High Frequency Manifestation Masterclass: An invitation to a transformative masterclass that unlocks your ultimate manifestation powers from a subconscious level. Head over to to start this life-changing journey.


- Invitation to Connect: Lisette invites listeners to DM the word "MAGIC" for exclusive access to the free 3-day masterclass. An opportunity to start exploring new possibilities and mastering the art of manifestation.


- Call to Action: Lisette encourages listeners to seize the moment and begin their journey towards mastery, emphasizing the value of time and energy.


- Sign-Off with EnergyJoy: Lisette concludes with her signature warmth and encouragement, reminding listeners of the endless possibilities that await them.


Create Your Breakthrough: This episode marks the start of a journey towards greater achievements and personal satisfaction.


- Next Steps:

Stay tuned for more empowering content and join us in our mission to shift over a million souls to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond!


Thank You for Tuning In!


Keep embracing your stardust potential and remember, each step in our journey is a leap towards our highest selves. Can't wait to share more of this journey with you all!


🌟 Conclusion:

- Answer the Call: This episode isn't just another listen; it's a pivotal moment in your journey. Rise, respond, and reclaim the narrative of your life and your impact on the world.


Tune in to discover why this isn't just your breakthrough—it's our breakthrough. Together, let's make ripples that turn into waves of change. 🌟


Action Step:

Your moment isn't yesterday or tomorrow; it's NOW. 

Ready to dance your way into a life of EnergyJoy? 

DM of email me the word 'HF MENTORING' to begin your transformative journey today.


Closing Notes:

Your greatness is not just a future dream; it's a present reality waiting to be discovered. You're invited to align your frequency with the frequency of EnergyJoy and transform your life!


- Subscribe to the Podcast series for more guidance and inspiration.



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