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High-Frequency Business

met Lisette Lucas

Welkom in mijn EnergyJoy High-Frequency Business Wereld!

Je treft hier alle informatie aan over:

* De High-Frequency Business Podcast

* De Energetisch Ondernemen Accelerator

* De Elite Shift Mastermind

High-Frequency Podcast

Lisette Lucas, the mastermind behind the 'Shift to EnergyJoy and Beyond' philosophy, brings you a podcast experience like no other. As a High End Success Medium®, Intuitive Transformational Hypnotherapist, and High End & Frequency Business Coach and Mentor, she guides her EnergyJoy Mastery Academy students to live and share their mission from a place of soul alignment.


Now, she takes it to the next level with an exclusive serie: the High End & Frequency Business Podcast. This podcast is for those seeking powerful business growth and transformation through energetic alignment.


Discover the secrets to applying the EnergyJoy frequency, tools, techniques, and philosophy in your potential, new, or existing business. With a focus on High-Frequency, High-Value, and High-End Entrepreneurship, this podcast is your gateway and portal to soul-aligned success.


Join Lisette on this transformative journey as she shares her personal highs, lows, and experiences from the field. Get ready to activate and open new doors, even if you don't have your own business yet.


Are you ready for the next level? Tune in and unlock the exclusive insights and strategies that will take your business to extraordinary heights.


Let's embark on this exclusive adventure together. Get ready to experience the power of EnergyJoy, and shifting Above The Golden Line® in the world of high end and frequency business coaching.


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ELITE Shift Mastermind

Als empathische en ambitieuze ondernemer is mijn zelf ontwikkelde Triple High combinatie van:

1. High-Frequency,

2. High-End &

3. High-Value echt dé Gouden Formule!

Ontdek het zelf in mijn Life & Business changing ELITE Shift Mastermind 

Master Je Inner-Ceo systeem.png

Energetisch Ondernemen Accelerator

Wil je je eigen business starten?

Of ben jij net gestart met je business maar nog zoekende naar de échte Soul Aligned richting?

En is de Elite Shift Mastermind net een stap te ver?




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