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I’m beyond thrilled to share that I’m on the cover of Passion Vista’s Circle of Excellence 2024! 

This isn’t just a cover; it’s a powerful portal where my mission of spreading the Frequency of EnergyJoy is reaching over six continents and connecting with over 1 million readers worldwide!


Feeling profoundly honored and grateful, I’m reminded that our journey to uplift and transform lives is truly resonating on a global scale. To each person holding this magazine, know that you’re part of this beautiful movement of living and thriving in the frequencies ‘Above The Golden Line’ and experiencing high-frequency life- and business-changing transformation.


Amazing to share this inspirational edition with 40 powerful leaders from all around the globe. 

Here’s to sharing our collective message of empowerment and joy far and wide. Let’s continue to shine our lights together and create a future with an abundance of impact, freedom, love, kindness, peace, EnergyJoy, and beyond!


x Lisette 

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