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Your Divine Mission

According to my own personal experiences I would love to share some of my insights:

We have 5 different bodies.... all combined in 1 Body, Soul, Mind & Spirit ..

To become complete and become as one with your pure essence of being you have to let go ... Let go of destructive patterns, emotional baggage and burden, issues, imprints, belief systems, fears, and habits that don't suit and fit you any longer.

Like reinventing yourself but at the same time remembering your Self.

The '5 bodies'; the Spiritual, the Mental, the Emotional, the Etheric and the Physical combined represent you as a whole. The challenge is to find balance, harmony and peace within those bodies, so that you can move forward and complete your mission, your Divine mission, like you've planned yourself before you even got here.

For example our emotional body can sabotage us without us even being aware...

Ask your emotional body the following questions:

Do I sometimes react immature ?

Your Divine Mission

Do I react like a 7 or 12 year old if I don't get my way?

Am I living according to old programming? Am I making the same mistakes over and over again?

Am I going round in circles and not moving forward?

Am I repeating old family patterns?

Am I blaming others?

Am I critical?

Do I often have a temper?

Am I often sad, tired, bored, frustrated or depressed? .

Well....any or many Yes's?

Hmmmm interesting, try to interact with your Mental body and find out what's happening. Why you are behaving or (re)acting a certain way...

My TIP: Explore!!! Explore, Explain, Examin, Heal, Expect, Release, Forgive, Accept and Evolve! Become as 1 with "Me, Myself and I", align with Self & Source and you are ready to fulfill your Divine mission! 🙏🏻❤💎

For insights, support, guidance and help you can book a Skype reading:

Original Instagram post: @lisettelucasl

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