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The     EnergyJoy Journey

Many years of teachings, courses and trainingen national and international. Beautiful, touching, emotional, heavy, awesome and treasured moments. A joy and privilege to be able to develop my natural gifts......

An inside look into Lisette het journey:


Mavis Pittilla Mentorship Programme 2014-2015 Banyan Retreat in Ashford, Kent, UK


John Johnson Development Group 2012 - 2015

Training 2x per month in the mediumship monday-evening development group by John Johnson in Delft



Academy of Mediumship 2010-2013

Gratuated after 3 enervating years!

Special thank you to tutors Jose Gosschalk & Karel Besseling

Bovendonk 2013

Tutor Brian Robertson

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The Arthur Findlay College 2013


The Academy week januari 2013.


Tony Stockwell

Paul Jacobs

José Gosschalk

The Arthur Findlay College 2012

De Dutch & Danisch experience in juni 2012 in Stansted.

Group John Johnson

The Arthur Findlay College 2011


1st Time at The Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, Engeland,  juni 2011.

Group Janet Parker

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