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15th december 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 98. Ambitious, Empathetic Entrepreneur: When You're Ready To Shift And Leave The Middle Ground Behind For Good, Then This Is For You + Powerful Exercise For Exponential Growth Of Your Business


Suppose you are an empathetic entrepreneur and you just can't seem to shift your business to the next level. You just keep getting stuck on a certain level. 


  • My tip: Break through old patterns and beliefs that keep you small. Discover your real internal 'why' and make the commitment with yourself. 


  • So that you can do business from your Inner-CEO and pure SoulPower. 


  • And in that way enrich the world with your unique strengths and talents. Simply by being yourSelf! 


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Welcome to Podcast #98!


To get straight to the point: If your 'WHY' is big and strong enough, it will take you to the next level and help you shift.


That's a powerful lesson I learned from Tony Robbins at one of his many events I've had the privilege of attending.


Sometimes we need a trigger to take action. To really take those steps towards our infinite potential, dreams and wishes. In other words: To start living your best life.


Now you may be wondering: Okay Lisette, what was your 'why'? To do what you're doing now?


First I’ll say: good question! If you've listened to my podcasts before, you might already know a little bit about my personal story. Are you here today for the first time? Welcome! Great to have you here and for you I will briefly summarise:

First of all, I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids, so they are a huge part of my “WHY”. In other words: The reason why I do what I do. 

I grew up in a wealthy entrepreneurial family. I've seen both sides of the coin along the way: from ultimate wealth and luxury to yes, losing everything.The ultimate highs and the painfully deep lows have shaped me into the heart and soul entrepreneur I am today. My passion and ambition is founded on my sensitive awareness of energy science and business: a power combination from which a powerful infinite intuitive flow of creation arises. 

And yes, my heart keeps going ON for ambitious, empathetic entrepreneurs who also (want to) go for the ultimate success. Another entrepreneur summed up those I wish to help so beautifully in an introductory conversation: for those who are wanting to leave the middle ground behind, who want to get out of things what is possible. 


And that brings me back to my 'WHY'. And as I say this I want to ask you to think about your 'why'. 

Why do you want to shift to the next-level as an entrepreneur or potential entrepreneur? What's your 'why'? 

Because when the 'why' is clear, the 'how' will follow automatically. 


My 'why' is: For many years I have felt a strong need to bring out the best in empathetic people. Why specifically empathetic people and entrepreneurs? Simply because I can identify with them. I speak and breathe the same energetic language. And I know better than anyone that these are the givers from heart & soul, who often give far too much energy for far too little energy exchange in return. Result: Imbalance. I see it around me all the time. At the expense of so much energy, time and ultimately health … Yes, believe me: 'Been there, done that!' I lived through it, experienced it, otherwise I couldn't even tell you all this. 


So I advise you: Write down your 'why'. 

Why are you an empathetic entrepreneur? 

And not from your thinking but from your feeling. 

Do you feel why?


For example, I feel throughout my system how it feels to see the joy on the faces of people and entrepreneurs, when they have finally broken through limiting blockages. When they are liberated. When I see how their internal Soul Power, their Inner CEO is activated. A light that will radiate and shine again in and around them. And that is the driving energy and magnetic force behind your business. Then you radiate power and authenticity. Then you can be completely in your power by just being yourself! Being yourself and running your business, how wonderful does that feel?!

Then people feel a degree of trust in you, which they ultimately want to implement and activate in themselves. So that they can also step into their full strength and potential. 

I am very curious: What is your 'why'? Feel: What is your Why? Why do you do what you do?  

Send me a DM or email with your 'why' stating podcast #98. I'd love to hear it. 


And then after the external 'why', which is aimed at supporting, helping, guiding and supporting other people from your expertise, we also have the internal 'why'. 


So join us again. Join us, join us. This is super powerful! This has changed everything for me. My internal 'why' is … finish it. 


For me it is very important to contribute in my own unique, authentic way to shifting the world to a higher level and frequency. To do so, you always have to first turn to yourself, do the work on yourself. Something I've been doing for many years and still do. Then your family, relatives and loved ones around you start to feel it, and the ripple effect of the internal 'why' works through to the external 'why'. Don't you think it's special? How it's all connected. If your 'why' isn't clear … Then you can keep looking for your 'how' for a long time and try everything out. But you will not experience that internal satisfaction which is essential! How often do you hear about people earning gold and taking their own life anyway? Sad but true … So they were not in alignment! They have started to achieve the 'apparent success' for reasons other than their internal 'why'. 

So that alignment in what you do, in combination with who you are is super powerful! Please, I have given this to you today, so make sure it’s clear in your mind!  

Now, for me, what else belongs to my 'why'? 

That is building a legacy for my children. Something that they and generations afterwards can also connect to. 


I strongly believe that this journey and trajectory of contributing to others, is one of the most important trajectories of the soul on many levels. Through this process you grow and evolve as a person too. Which is precisely why it will not always be easy and won’t come naturally sometimes - life being life after all. 

But that's why the reward for following your deep internal 'why' is so, so great. That's your leverage, ‘the leverage’, as Tony Robbins calls it, that opens the door. 


Sometimes pain is the trigger. As has been with me for the past few months. My husband became ill and a huge malignant tumour was found. Luckily it has since been successfully removed. But that gave me a 'strong enough reason why'. In other words, a powerful and strong enough reason to do what I have to do, especially for my children. To take even more forceful action now. Funnily enough, that greatest pain has accelerated something in me, so that I can now put out my most powerful programmes: The EnergyJoy Practitioner© course that I speak about in podcast #97, and my latest project: The Elite Shift Mastermind programme, a high-end coaching and mentoring mastermind course. 


Why a mastermind? Because I often see the potential in people, but then it just doesn't quite come out. It's bubbling under some blocking, limiting layers. And I think that's such a shame!

From my expertise I see energetically right through the limiting layers. In this way we very easily bring out the core. And that is what we will be doing in the mastermind, among other things. 

I will then help you to break through this and activate your Inner-CEO© based on your own expertise and passion. So that you too can set up in the world for which you are destined! (CEO is an acronym for: Consistent Empathetic Entrepreneur.) That's what it's all about and all this entirely from authenticity & your pure SoulPower! 

The Elite programme is only for those who go All-In! 


Investing in yourself is not only the best investment you can make. It's the only thing besides travel, which costs money but makes you richer. 

It is also the key to success and perhaps the most important: a strong commitment to yourself. 

Money is energy and that energy creates commitment. You really do it for yourself too! 

We bring out your internal 'why' and then the rest will unfold by itself. 


Because you can learn the 'winner mindset'. I also learned that from the greatest mindset teachers in the world. 

And then I'll help you shift and create that powerful breakthrough!

So does this appeal to you? 

Do you check the boxes needed for my exclusive Elite Shift Mastermind©? 

Are you Empathetic, Ambitious and ready to make a strong commitment to yourself and your internal 'why'? 

Are you ready to accelerate yourself and your business to the next level?

Then I would like to talk to you!

In the Mastermind I work online with a small group of entrepreneurs who go fully for it  and are All-In, ready to shift and leave the middle ground for good! 

Do you fit in with that and do we have an energetic match? 

Then I hope to be able to say soon:  

Welcome aboard!  


I want to thank you for listening and for your time. Maybe you’re not an entrepreneur but you do want to develop energetically and take powerful steps? Then take a look at my website. The new annual programmes will start soon.

And do you know someone for whom this could be life-changing? Please share this podcast! Helping others is the best thing there is! 

I wish you a lot of success and hereby say: See you soon! 

Love from me x 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

Podcast 98. Ambitious, Empathetic Entrepreneur

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