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27th january 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 52. Reading Energy & Energetic Swimming Lessons, The Skill You Usually Discover After You've Started Sinking + Free Masterclass 


Do you ever have the feeling that your head is sinking because of everything that happens in and around you?


  • Time to take action and take back control of your own life! 


  • If you get a grip on invisible layers, your life will shift.


  • Which will make you feel better and more powerful than ever before.


(You can find the shownotes for this episode at:


Also, it’s possible to sign up right now for the Free Masterclass at:


Welcome to Podcast #52: reading energy!


Yes, you heard right. You can read energy. I can do it and you can too. And if you haven't mastered it yet, I can tell you this: You can learn how to. Just like learning to speak and understand a new language.


And I can tell you from a reliable source: It's fantastic! If you can read energy, your life will never be the same again. I promise!


Which is why I don’t understand why this isn’t taught in school. Think with me for a moment: everything is energy. We are energy ourselves and we swim through life, so to speak, in a mess, a big sloshing soup of energy.


Why did you get swimming lessons at school and in your youth when you weren't even in the water all day (unlike the energy we swim through all the time)? 


Doesn’t it make sense to get a lesson in reading, mastering, directing and controlling your energy.


You’ll understand from this question that reading energy is now the most normal thing in the world for me.


Has that always been the case? No, absolutely not. Like everyone else, I was dropped into that great energy bath, that ever-moving, spinning energetic soup, and had to find out for myself how to deal with all those incoming frequencies.


My experience was mostly fearful. Signals, feelings, emotions, everything always came to me from all sides. Now I wonder how I even managed to get through it.


Well, actually I remember how: by fighting. Fighting against the sensitivity that was so naturally present. That intuitive, gentle, sensitive side that was empathetic and felt love for everything and everyone. That part from an early age that wanted to help people in need, to take care of animals and the less fortunate. I couldn't bear to watch children who were being bullied and I always stood up for them.


And yet I didn't want to be excluded from the group either. Because it's so, so important to belong. A kind of culture in which you could survive. It literally felt that way. I see that again with my own teenagers. You have to be tough, be able to take the cash and especially not show that sensitive side because then … 


I remember in my teens watching youngsters who were loud-mouthed, witty, assertive, and had bucket loads of attitude. That's how I wanted to be for a while because it looked so much easier to be that way. Much easier than being that sensitive, shy girl.


So yes, I tried for a while. Also in my teens, of course. Especially against everything I didn't want to have or see. I knew my intentions and my mother did too. 


She was also the one who said ghosts don't exist when I felt and perceived so much. In other words, what I felt wasn’t real. So I moved away from this, far away from my feelings, energetically disconnected from anything that had to do with sensitivity.


This lasted until I was around 19 or 20, for at that time I got my first experience with energy work and therefore also a medium.


Then I was like wow … so it's true. 


When you think back to your childhood, your teenage years:

How did you experience them? 

Did you have a natural sensitivity? 

Were you allowed and encouraged to show your sensitive side? 

Have you ever been afraid of being alone in the dark? Did you feel like you were being watched? And when you looked it was gone again?

Did you feel a lot which confused you?


I also dreamed a lot, with many prophetic dreams that could be really intense - like the death of people. 


How were your early years?


You see, however you try to mould yourself, adapt to the environment, or fit what is socially desirable: at night the truth bubbles up in that deep state of relaxation. I certainly noticed that.


My experience has taught me that people only really learn to swim in the world of energy when they start going under - because maintaining a learned pattern or coping skill simply no longer works. 


Actually this brings a big positive because then you are kind of automatically pushed back to your natural state of being.


If you do not adapt to the person you should be by nature … then you usually end up in a burnout, fatigue, depression, difficult relationships, work where you do not feel at home and it often manifests itself in physical issues. 


Yes, I know all about that too. I'm not just saying this, of course. I have experienced this, lived through it.


And what do you do when you encounter a problem or challenge?


Are you going to sit back and wait?

Do you lie in your bed and cry until you can't squeeze out any more tears?

Do you play the victim role and point to others as the culprit for your problem and situation?


Or are you going to muster up all your courage and look for a solution?


Personally, if I'm honest, I've gone through all these phases several times. You?


And I must say that finding a solution always worked the best, although a lot of crying and pointing is sometimes satisfying. We are all human right?


But then I always realise 2 things. First: A waste of my mascara and secondly: If I point with 1 finger at another …  go ahead and do it, point with 1 finger at that person who has ever wronged you. 

Yes, stretch out your arm and point with your index finger.


Are you pointing?

Right, now I want you to look at your pointing hand. Because how many fingers are pointing at yourself?


Count them: Exactly 3 fingers, your middle finger, ring finger and little finger are pointing right back at you! 


So you are the one who chooses how big the impact of a problem is going to be and you are also the one who can choose how much you are going to let it in.


This choice is yours!


And that realisation has allowed me to go through my fears and take steps towards something that fascinated me. That is the language of energy, of the energy field and everything related to it.


Wow … I can tell you: that step has been the best choice ever! 


I learned to swim in energy, and especially to swim with the flow. That is also really recommended. Because you always have those who want to go upstream against their better judgement …  you probably know of some people like this, maybe this is even you.


But doing this, aren't you going to go down sooner or later? 


So in my view there are 2 steps to take.


Step 1: Get your energetic swimming diploma. At least level C, better still B and for those who really want 'all-in' A is really phenomenal.


But C is a good start because then at least you won't go under. And if the unexpected happens, you at least know how to flip yourself on to your side. This is how you should see it, then you can save yourself instead of feeling helpless. 


And then step 2: Learn the language of energy.

Learn to read, speak and write with energy.


If you master these 2 basic steps, your life will never be the same again.

Like I said, I can promise you that.


The human brain, the mind, needs insight. You can't fix what you don't understand!

It simply comes down to that.

Just like that you cannot apply first aid without a first aid diploma. You can certainly try to but whether it really helps remains to be seen. Especially if you find yourself in life-threatening situations.


And I see a lot of people around me in need of energy, really. It often expresses itself in other symptoms and symptom control is also applied to this, but the core is energy!!


So yes, all of this is the reason I get every possible energetic swimming diploma there is. And learn to master the language of energy better every day. Because it is a lifelong learning process, but that is what makes it so interesting at the same time. Just like you learn new words every day. There is always something new to discover. And the advantage of this: Growth gives you the feeling that you are alive, without growth you will die …  or at least you feel that way - more dead than alive. 


And yes, this is also the reason I want to propagate this. Especially now that many people are becoming a kind of energetic time bomb with all the sad consequences that entails.

If you can learn to convert energy, transform it, you can use and deploy it in a very beautiful way. First for yourself, with your own healing, personal transformation, growth and development. And then (and this is actually the best thing), it resonates through your environment. Spreading out to your loved ones, the people you love and even to people you don’t even know but who need it so much may receive it through you.


And best of all, there is enough for everyone, now and always. And the sense of gratitude and satisfaction it gives your heart and soul is priceless. That enriches your life in a way I can't explain. You can only experience and live it.


You understand, energy, working with energy and everything that comes with it is my passion, my heart’s desire and my life. And how wonderful that you receive this via energetic sound waves. Because that's it.

Question to you: where do you feel this energy in your body? Where does it come in? Do you want to think about that? 


If this resonates and feels right. If it comes in a place that 'empowers' you then I'm super happy!


Do you want to learn and discover more about this: learning to read, feel and how best to control your energetic vehicle? 

Sign up for my free masterclass that I give as a webinar at:


In this masterclass I teach you:


• What you can do to perceive, experience and direct energy.

• What is the way to activate, deploy, recognise and let your intuition work for you with a powerful rule. 

• What you can do to shift your reality with the power of energy, visualisation and intuition. 

• How you can break through and transform your intuitive and energetic blockages so that you can come fully into your natural, authentic power.


My positive warning, once you've tasted working with energy you won't want to go back. You will literally shift to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond!


The frequency where everything is possible! And that feels fantastic!


I hope to see or meet you through my free masterclass, my practice where I give training and all-in 1:1 sessions. 


Thank you so much for focussing your energy on my podcast. I wish you a wonderful shift that may touch both yours and the hearts and souls of many!


Love and hugs to you!


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52. Reading Energy

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