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28th october 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 39. The 'Yes' Mindset: How To Shift A Fixed Mindset To A Growth Mindset + Free WHY Activation Download.


Is this your situation: You want to develop, grow and manifest your dreams and wishes, but you don't know how to and which steps to take?


Well, in this podcast you’ll discover why: You are simply asking yourself the wrong question! 


After listening to podcast #39 and by completing the free Why-Activation you will understand why!


Leaving you with a 'YES Mindset!' which attracts your goals, dreams and wishes magnetically so that your life can Shift. 


Welcome to Podcast 39! 


YESS, it’s great that you're listening to this podcast! Are you here for the first time today? Welcome! I'm sure coincidence doesn't exist, so it's great that our paths cross. And to my regular, loyal listeners: Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, messages, emails and sweet, heartwarming words. Sometimes they bring such deep emotions that tears are brought to my eyes and other times I dance around the room with joy! 


Anyway, I really feel this podcast is made together - because without your support and listening ear, my podcast would not be such a success! And again this month the listening figures are through the roof, the most listeners of my EnergyJoy podcast ever! YESS, so fantastic! And that inspired me to make this podcast!  Because it took me back to the beginning of this year. The moment I had the right mindset, the Growth & Yes mindset in which I chose change, innovation and above all growth! 


Yes, I admit, it was super exciting and super scary. I got out of that restrictive 'fixed' mindset, and fully embraced the 'growth' mindset, in which everything is possible. And yes, I now dare to say out loud that it is the best choice I could have ever made. 


Maybe you know how the ‘fixed’ mindset feels. Things stay stuck and you’re fixated on a certain situation of your life, yet you want to change something so badly, you want to grow. You just don't know how …


At least, that's usually the case. And if you would like to change something in your life, I immediately challenge you to start questioning yourself. 

When we talk about mindset, the next question I'm going to ask you is actually the most important one to make the Shift from restrictive, fixated and stuck mindset, to open expansive, growth mindset a reality for good.


I will give you an example from my own life. I asked myself the question: Why? 

Why do I want to make a change? 


The answers that poured out when I was in the right state of being and energetic frequency were: 

Because I like to transfer what I learned and share it with the world. 

Because I know that I can help, support and guide so many people to live in the frequency of joy, happiness and happiness!

Because everyone is basically the same, meaning everyone can also learn to be in tune with his/her natural gifts, such as intuition and mediumistic qualities. 

Because I think it is so important that you also know that you are so, so worth it!

Because I know and feel in every fibre of my being that I am here for a reason and mission, and I want to pass that on! 

Because like everyone else, I'm worth living in abundance!

Because there is enough for everyone!

And because I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and I really want to build a legacy, to leave a legacy for them, for my treasures, from which they can grow, develop and give back to the world ... 


And these answers simply flow when you’re in the right state of mind - no effort required. To help get into this state of mind my free activation can help you straightaway! 


But as you may have understood by now: My WHY was very clear and feels very, very powerful to me! That became and is my motivation! 

And when I knew and felt that in every cell of my being, then the HOW, became very simple. It actually presented itself naturally- it’s actually what you are listening to now.


So now I'm going to ask you this: Do you need change? Is your mindset ready for growth, are you ready to leave that fixed, stagnant, limiting mindset behind for good, are you ready to change, to shift but … you don't know how? 

Then I'm going to tell you. 

It’s simply because you're asking yourself the wrong question. You are most likely thinking of the HOW? Getting stuck at how you can get what you need.

How can I change my life, how can I become more successful, how can I feel fitter and more energetic, how can I handle my sensitivity better.


The right question should be: WHY? For the answer to the why is where the strength lies in the long run! 


And I have developed a tool especially for you, the WHY-MINDSET-SHIFT ACTIVATION, which you can immediately download for free in the shownotes at  Because in my opinion this should be accessible to everyone! 


And growth, growth for me personally that is also a must! And actually that applies to everyone because if you don't grow, just think of everything in nature and when it’s not growing then it’s …. well, you can fill it in for yourself. After all, you're not listening for no reason. You also feel this too. As do I - continuously training and developing myself; recently I did another huge Tony Robbins total immersion event for a few days. An intense few 14 hour+ days, but they brought me so much energy and joy, only natural when you work with the best success coach in the world. Through him I learnt some powerful tools that I would love to share with you. 

In the show notes you will find my free Unique WHY ACTIVATION tool. It is an active transformation visualisation. I will take you there and you will enter an 'energetic peak state' under my guidance (the best YES frequency for manifestation); so that you can discover your real WHY. You may be able to think of a few things now, but just wait till I take you through it! Really super powerful, I promise you. 


You can request and download it for free via the shownotes of this podcast on my website. The link can also be found below this episode.


In any case, I promise you, if you are in tune with your essence, with the part that you really are, then the sky's the limit, or better: you are limitless! 


Then you step into your infinite potential, and because you know why you want it, and what you will get when you achieve it, then you don't have to force anything. No more dragging or pushing yourself in the direction of your dreams, no, you become drawn there. Then the achievement of your goals, your desires is inevitable because you step into a powerful magnetic energy that attracts everything. Yes, they also call this the law of attraction. And with it you attract your situations and circumstances, you attract them to you because your energy and frequency are in tune with them!


How great is that! 


Instead of feeling your energy is wasted you will have more energy. Then you will go in the direction of your dreams every day full of happiness, enthusiasm and energy. As you will know that what you dream of is coming your way! This is the mindset of growth and expansion that allows you to flourish, so that you live ‘life on your terms!’ as Tony puts it very nicely. 


Okay, now if you have the opportunity, immediately switch to the free recording. 

Go ahead and step into your momentum. After listening to this podcast you are now in the right energy and vibration to take positive steps straightaway. So take advantage of that. Feel it flow through your body - your mind, body & soul in alignment, in other words, everything completely aligned. So use it - this is your momentum! 


Make sure you have some space, freedom and time for yourself and also that you have something you can write on. Because you will immediately have your pure, real ‘why’ clear from the highest frequency! 


Thanks for listening to part 1 of this podcast, I’d love for you to use the tools I have offered at:


I say for now: YES! It's great that we can experience and live through this together! Know that you have infinite potential no matter how young or old you are! Everything is possible!


Thanks for listening and see you soon! Love & Power EnergyHug from me!

xxx Lisette 


All rights reserved EnergyJoy © 2020

39. The 'Yes' Mindset!

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