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29th July 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast # 26: Ask & Receive Instant Insight of your Higher Self, with only this Power Snippet and Paper! (Includes 10 Steps and Exercise).


This Podcast is a special Power Snippet episode!


What is a Power Snippet Podcast? Well it’s a powerful, short episode - a lesson, a tool or something you can quickly listen to and / or apply.


These are perfect episodes for those who don't have the time or feel like listening for half an hour or more.


From today I will alternate the podcasts with Power Snippets so that you can choose what suits your routine and daily rhythm at that moment.


With this special Power Snippet I show you how to ask your Higher Self, and receive insights and answers directly on paper. When I discovered it, this snippet really blew my mind. 


It was at the very beginning of my spiritual and mediumistic development when I learned this technique. At the time, I thought it was quite exciting, but had no idea how it worked and was afraid, for example, that my pen would take off on its own. Very funny when I think back to it now, I was really afraid of everything in this area haha… But after I’d done the exercise I realised it’s potential - nothing scary happened, I just got a lot of insights! I was really amazed at the depth and wisdom of the answers, very special. 


I especially wanted to share this exercise with you today because this day marks a special milestone for these podcasts: I have been sharing podcasts with you every week for six months now! So I want to thank you and everyone who listens, very much for the enthusiasm, the beautiful, dear and heart-warming reactions that I have received! Truly these messages are the fuel that keeps my fire burning with the desire to keep going. To keep blasting you all with love weekly, so that everyone can become and be the best version of themselves. Yes! In any case, that's what I'm going for and I hope you do too! Thank you again for your trust and it’s great that you listen to this! Nothing better to be able to share my expertise so that everyone who needs it can shift to EnergyJoy and beyond.


So, let’s begin- this exercise is called: Ask Your Higher Self & Get Instant Insight.


Higher Self, okay, sounds a bit woo woo I must admit. But if we go back to the principle that your core, your essence, your Soul, that infinite and indestructible part of your energy (including your Spirit), is a part that always has existed and will always exist; then it makes a bit more sense. That part literally has a higher intelligence and wisdom. That part is in contact with your Architect's plan, your blueprint, your life plan for Soul growth and evolution; here on Earth and the greater whole of the 5th dimensional and many dimensions beyond. As far as this matter is concerned, rely on your inner knowing, as it may or may not resonate with you. The inner knowing, is how it feels: Good or Not. And everything is okay. 


But suppose: if you want to ask someone for advice, on something that is really important to you - do you choose the neighbour or friend? Or do you go for that part of you that lives in and around you, that part that can see beyond the limits of the 'limited' earthly existence? 


Would you choose the latter? Great! Then this is the Power Snippet for you.


Do you have questions that you would like answers to, do you need insights? Do you want to understand things better, do you want a helping hand? If so, think of questions you would like to ask, that's what this exercise is all about. 


If you are going to do this, now or later, I advise you find a nice place for yourself. A place where you cannot be disturbed for a while. 


Then pick up a nice notebook or something you can write on that works best for you and of course a pen. 


Sit comfortably and first write down the questions you want answered.


Write it down in your notebook or piece of paper.


Write down an essay question, and then leave half or the whole page blank. There will be the answer shortly. 


An open question is important because then the information can flow. Ask the question: should I choose green or blue? And it won't work. An open question starts with a: what, who, where, which, why, when or how etc.


Now I want to reassure you, you don't have to think or actually do anything to receive the answer. You simply have to relax.


I am going to take you through the exercise where we invite your higher self to provide insights and answers to your questions. Remember, your higher self is connected to the big picture. So information will come in that you did not even know existed or was possible.


Nothing scary, but very pure and real.


One thing is very important: your higher self is pure and positive. That means, when negative answers come, your own brain is interfering. Tony Robbins calls it your 2 million year old brain acting out of fear to survive. Well, we put that part aside for a while. So answers from fear are your brain.


Loving, hopeful answers and insights are from your Higher Self. Your higher Self is also located slightly above you. So you can also focus your attention slightly above you, about 30 cm to 1 meter above you. Tony Robbins partners with Master Co - who is 1 of the 8 Pranic Healing masters in the world. Based on the Pranic Healing philosophy and ancient Eastern wisdoms, your Higher Self resides on this level. I personally love how Tony Robbins (the greatest success coach in the world), who also works with the greatest in the world, embraces these ancient wisdoms and shares them with the world. 


But, back to the tone and type of information you can expect: pay close attention to this difference! Your Higher Self will always positively empower you! Always approach with support from love. How cool, beautiful and special is that!


Okay, so the steps for straightaway: (you can also find these in the show notes on


  1. Find a quiet place.

  2. Grab a notebook and pen.

  3. Write down your questions and leave room for your Higher Self's answer.

  4. Focus on your breathing and relax. 

  5. Invite your Higher Self, the wise, judgment-free part of yourself that always wants the best for you.

  6. Feel how you are sitting in the chair or wherever you are sitting and relax, this is fun and will help you. Get into that mindset, right now. Be kind to yourself, let go of expectations. Just let it arise. 

  7. Put your pen on the paper and repeat the question you wrote three times aloud or in your mind.

  8. Relax and put your thoughts aside, let go of thinking, a thought comes from your brain, don't pay attention to it, accept it and blow it away. Like a balloon being filled with air, let the information from your Higher Self flow through your arm to your pen and start writing without thinking about what you are writing. Do not read it immediately. Doesn't matter if there are errors in your writing, just release the words on to the paper. You will notice that you enter a kind of flow. A wonderful flow where information passes naturally through you. Are you getting distracted by yourself? Then take a deep breath in and out and blow your thoughts away again, as if you were blowing into a balloon, and relax. Focus on your Higher Self and be grateful for the information flowing through you, at the same time feeling the infinite love. 

  9. You will know as soon as the question has been answered and then you can move on to the next question. 

  10. Always stay out of your thoughts by focusing on your breath, deep inhales and exhales, and blowing away the rest of your thoughts.


After writing, thank your Higher Self and read back what you have written down and received.


You can repeat this as often as you want. I will also note the steps in the show notes of this Podcast at


This was today's Power Snippet! 


A powerful exercise that can give you a lot of insight, peace and clarity. 


Enjoy it and good luck with it! 


Love and see you next time,



All rights reserved EnergyJoy 2020

Power Snippet: 
26. Ask Your Higher Self 

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