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17th June 2020


Lisette Lucas:

Welcome to Podcast #20!

Podcast #20: Your Inner-Medium: 8 steps to build a strong, secure foundation in your mediumistic development. Discover your natural potential, grow and transform in a way that you could not have imagined beforehand.


You are a medium, I am a medium, everyone is a medium and if you want to discover and develop your mediumistic qualities then this is the perfect podcast for you.


First, thank you for listening, in this podcast you will discover my 8 step programme to lay a powerful, solid, stable and above all safe foundation in mediumship.


You will discover the benefits and pitfalls of energetic development on a medium-level. Plus I will take you step-by-step through the program that I have developed, which has been proven successful many times over by all the students who have successfully completed it. 


Why is good, step-by-step development on an energetic level important? Well, think of it as like learning to drive. In your first lesson could you immediately steer, accelerate, shift gears, use the clutch smoothly, brake, look in your mirrors, all at the same time on the highway? Of course not! That would be asking too much, you would get confused and it would even be dangerous to drive at speeds where you would not control yourself and the vehicle with all the possible consequences.


It is exactly the same as you work on the development of your mediumistic and energetic qualities. If you go straight into it without knowing the ins and outs, there is a chance that you will go far too fast in an irresponsible way. Doing so you will receive too much energy and not know where the brakes are, i.e. you won’t understand how to use the energy. This can be dangerous - therefore good theoretical and practical development is absolutely essential. Not only for yourself, but for the people around you and the people you work with. 


Everything rests on learning mediumship in a structured, disciplined way so that you end up in a natural flow. Learning in this way really lets you come into your own and use your skills as they are intended to be used. 


Now you may wonder, it’s nice that we can all be mediums, but what can I do with it?

A medium is primarily known as someone who can communicate beyond the boundaries of earthly existence. This is wonderful and if this is your intention then I encourage you wholeheartedly. You experience things that many cannot believe possible or even believe in. In fact, you don't even have to believe in it. If you experience it personally, it speaks for itself.


I am still regularly astounded by the intelligence beyond our visible, earthly boundaries and our limited human awareness. The fact that you are listening to this also means you are a pioneer. It indicates that you are willing to follow your heart and soul and dare to venture outside the socially desirable frameworks. Believe me, I know what this can mean. But the most beautiful gift is the gift you give yourself. If you take the step and choose growth, development and transformation, you will discover the depth and diversity of the universe. Better still: you discover the connection and the oneness. That experience in itself is worth it. The healing that it causes and sets in motion is greater than words can express. That immediately takes me from the mental, analytical aspect to the sensitive, tangible, tactile aspect.


As a medium you learn to become an expert in feeling. The best part is: everyone can feel. What is less beautiful, however, is how many people are disconnected from situations, circumstances, traumas and events that belong to life, from self-protection, from the real feeling.


The 8 steps including the additional transformation programme will bring you back to feeling. To the pure experience, freed from learned patterns and beliefs that block you.


That is also where my mediumship & transformation therapy originated. It belongs together. As a medium you have to be like a hollow tree, you are purely a conduit, a clean channel of energy and information. That is absolutely beautiful, but you can imagine: if that tree is not truly hollow, but clogged up with old rubbish and pain lines the walls so that it resembles a closed vein, what will happen?  


Right, then the energy and information cannot flow purely and easily. Then you get constipated, you literally get energetic blockages. When driving you can end up in a traffic jam if a traffic artery closes. In the physical body there are literally physical problems when a vein or artery is blocked with all the life-threatening consequences that entails. So if your energetic 'veins' contain blockages in your energy channels, you can understand the effect on your energy body, right? Then there are blockages that ultimately affect all facets of your life. 


So that's why it's so important that you develop, that you transform old parts and then anything is possible. As I like to say in every podcast: you have endless potential! Everything is possible, really! Whatever you have been through, no matter how intense, no matter how terrible, you are in control. You are not your past, so what are you? You are a walking representation of the ultimate source of creation. It's up to you to get the most out of it. The choice is yours because you have 100% free will.


That makes it all so interesting and super exciting!


Studying to become a medium is to study at the ultimate University for the cosmic, universal consciousness. You will learn to transcend the analytic, earthly consciousness whilst being better grounded than ever before. Being a medium will give you a huge boost and shift in your sense of reality and also gives you gifts that are actually beyond words. Everyone goes through the process in their own unique way and reaps their own individual benefits. The gifts you choose will be those you need at that moment for personal transformation, so that you can develop, grow at a Soul & Heart level. As a person you learn to feel what your boundaries are and can express them better, you are more grounded, and you learn and discover who you really are. You feel the connection with everyone and you learn to be free of judgment and to live. This has been one of the greatest gifts for me. When you see the big picture, get insight and understanding, then you will feel, see and experience why people act and react the way they do. This changes your worldview completely: giving you so much more peace, space and freedom in yourself. Then you have the room to grow further and to become and be the person you are destined to be. 


When I myself am confronted with people's behaviour, I see the pain, fear or sadness behind it. Then their behaviour comes into a completely different light and you can send that person all the love and healing from a real place. My motto: ‘Always come from a place of Love’. For if you give love, you will automatically receive love back. Those who cannot resonate this must first go through the old parts of themselves and break through any blocks.That's what life is for: accepting challenges and deciding to do so with love or without love, either way things work out. I definitely speak from experience when I say: acting from a place of love feels wonderful and allows you to live and vibrate in a frequency of gratitude; the frequency for manifestation of your wishes and dreams. 


Media development is therefore a win-win situation, both for yourself and for your fellow human beings. It is also so much more than simply communicating with loved ones who have passed away, or speaking with those Soul frequencies beyond the boundaries of earthly existence. It is a lifestyle: a way of life that enriches, that can create abundance in all areas of your life if you use the right frequencies, take those first steps and leap into action! In other words, if you put the energy in motion yourself! I can give you tips, tools and reprogramming programmes, but at the end of the day it's up to you to apply and take action. Does that appeal to you? Then you've come to the right place. 


That brings me nicely to my 8 step programme to discover your inner medium. 


Do you want more insight into the concepts and terminology that you encounter in the field of media? Then I recommend that you also listen to podcast 6: Spiri-What? There I answer frequently asked questions on the mediumistic level. You can find it at  or if you want to view the show notes & information of this episode, you can do so via the same link but with a 20 after it. So podcast number 


The first step of the step-by-step plan is also the name of my first podcast. 


Step 1: Intuition


It’s such an important step - which is why it is the first and also why I created a free ebook about intuition and the reason it was my first podcast topic. 


So what is intuition? 

In my view intuition is the voice of the Soul.


What then is the Soul? 

The Soul, or your Soul, is that part of you that is infinite. Actually, you live thanks to your Soul. Your Soul contains your Spirit, your infinite flame, your fire. The piece that comes from Source Energy or the source.


That brings me straight to the fact that we are all connected, all basically the same. All come from the same creative force. Whatever you call it, it doesn't matter. All beautiful names for the same infinite intelligence and basis of creation: the source, the core, God, Allah, Cosmos, universe, Source energy. 


So at our core we are Spirit surrounded by the Soul. The Soul is the part where all our properties and experiences are stored throughout our lives, a kind of log and database of the universal energy.


I just want to add here that the information I share is a collection of my experiences from all the media schools I have studied at in the past 23 years. Do I have all the answers? No. In fact, some words from my mentor Mavis Pittilla (a globally renowned medium), perfectly encapsulate the knowledge we all have. In her lessons regarding life, she always says: ‘We don’t have all the answers, we only know one thing for sure: we are all going to die’. 


Once this has been realised I always recommend that you learn and develop. The most important thing is to discover your own truth. Explore, discover more about the Soul, the Spirit, Intuition and so on. You are listening to this, so you are already taking good steps and doing so shows that you are serious. And that's great! This is the motivation that can take you enormously far. Really how beautiful is it, that you can make choices based on your intuition? Think of the voice of your Soul as your wise, faithful, loyal guide who always wants the best for you. Would you ask your best friend for advice if you were faced with a choice or dilemma? Most of us would, right?  Well, the one that envelops your pure essence is always with you and available 24/7. I know which helpline I would turn to, and if you no longer know how to listen to your intuition, step 1 is perfect. 

Listen to podcast #1, download the free ebook and if you want more, that's possible too.


My first step in mediumship is to develop the voice of your Soul, why? Well, as a medium you communicate with voices of other Souls. Souls with a physical shell or without, it doesn't matter. Understanding your own soul is a good practice before reaching out to others - if you want to learn to speak the language of energy, developing your intuition is step 1. 


Step 2: Grounding


When you develop and learn to work with energy, you will discover that you are much more than a physical body. You discover that your energy is limitless. That's all good but I’d like to go back to the car metaphor - you have to learn to drive energy, just like a car. That is why grounding, connecting with the earth energy is essential! Everyone wants to immediately send their energy upwards, which is understandable (I also felt like that at the beginning), but doing so can go really wrong. 


We all know thunderstorms and lightning. Lightning is a megadose of energy. What should you do if you are driving a car and are hit by lightning? I have been told, it’s best to drive your car against the crash barriers; thus letting that excess, life-threatening energy of lightning disappear into the earth. In other words, the earth, mother earth, can transform energy and use it again. Suppose you learn to work with energy and you learn how to let extra cosmic energy flow through you. Powerful, high-frequency energy. What do you think might happen? I’ll give a clue - think of what happens to a fuse box when it's overloaded. Right, then the plugs pop out.


Yes, this can also happen in the human body. Unfortunately, due to ignorance and not properly performing exercises, through a lack of proper guidance, this sometimes does happen. Which is why I insist on good training and guidance!


It really is so essential! Okay, I have to admit, if you prefer to fly, working on the ground is boring. But without working on the ground you cannot take to the air safely. So 

therefore, grounding! Connecting your energy to the earth is step 2 in my programme. 


In podcast # 4, I teach you 13 symptoms you may experience if you are not properly grounded. Go check it out and download the free EnergyShift Visualisation right away. Then you can experience grounding, which again is very important: never skip this step!


Step 3: Aura


Do you have more insight into your intuition and have you started grounding? Then you can continue to the Aura - your energy field. 


You can actually see your aura as a reflection of your Soul and everything that is accumulated in it in combination with your physical body. Have you immediately sensed whether someone is high or low in their energy when you’ve seen them? You felt that directly, intuitively from your aura, the layers touched each other on an invisible level to the physical eye. But it really happens. Therefore, if that person is very tired, you may suddenly be overcome by fatigue and maybe even experience physical pains that person has. 

I made podcast # 7 especially for the aura, in the shownotes for that episode you can find a free practice to clear and shield the aura. The practice helps stop you, for example, taking on others' energy; somethi