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15th february 2023 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 159. Differentiate Yourself With Energy. How Powerfully Mastering Your Energy Shifts Everything For Good + 3 Energetic Steps. 


Welcome again to podcast #159. It’s great to have you here! 


In this episode, we're going to talk about energy, specifically:


  • How you can learn to master energy.

  • What you can expect from shifting your energy. 

  • And I'm going to give you three steps that you can take to master your energy yourself. 


(The show notes for this episode can be found at: www.LisetteLucas.Com/159.)


  • Download my Lisette Lucas app completely free, both for iOS and Android to find all tips tools, free downloads and of course the EnergyJoy Mastery Academy. 


Well, how do you differentiate yourself with energy? Interesting question, don't you think? In fact. Another question that comes with it: How is your energy now? Is your energy high/low, open/closed? 


Are you even aware of how your energy is doing, how you’re feeling now? What emotions are you experiencing right now? What thoughts are you having right now? 


Why am I asking these questions? Well, it’s because we as humans actually live in patterns and cycles. (I call this the infinite manifestation loop.) We live in a certain cycle, and if we stay in it, unaware of what is going on energetically, then we may be putting out what we don’t intend to, but will go out anyway. 


So my question again: How do you differentiate yourself in energy? The answer to that is actually quite simple. By working on your energy. But one step precedes that and that is: by becoming aware of your energy, of your frequency in the first place. Everything is energy. And something you’ll hear me say often: where focus goes, energy flows. So where is your focus now?


I hope you’re listening to me right now or maybe even are watching me if you’re following this on YouTube. But where is your focus? Focus on your own energy. Now, right now. Just feel, experience: what is happening in and around and through you? What do you think? 


Are you above the Golden Line? Above that energetic limit of that Golden Line? (The Golden Line represents the frequency of neutrality. Above the Golden Line is the frequency of acceptance. Being at or above the Golden Line is vital for manifesting what you want. Which is why, after working with thousands of people, I created the Above the Golden Line method®. This method is all about how to raise your frequency and I have a podcast episode which explains it further. I'll put a link to it in the shownotes at:  www.LisetteLucas.Com/159. So you can download the episode and the pdf to learn more.)  


But the most important thing is that you notice right now, where you are currently. So are you below that Golden Line in a low frequency? For example, are you angry or feeling sadness, heaviness, fear, shame, dissatisfaction or something along those lines? With the effect these frequencies have, do you think you can distinguish yourself with your energy when in this place?


I’ll give you an example to show what I’m talking about. When you make your energy shift, it will be so powerful that people will unconsciously perceive it. Maybe you can think of an instance of this yourself: perhaps you were walking somewhere, whether it was in the city or in a shop, when someone walked by and you were almost drawn to that person to look back, so to speak. You couldn’t place what it was, but there was a certain something exuding from that person, almost a light. And that's it, that is it. That's how it can actually look. The higher your energy, the more beautiful and happier and freer and more loving your frequency is, the more you are in that gratitude frequency. Being in this place energetically turns your light on. 


As I sit here speaking now, looking at my own recording on the video, I see my energy field even as I talk about it. Because words are energy too, thoughts are energy -  everything is energy. So even when I connect again with that gratitude, with that frequency of EnergyJoy. (It’s called EnergyJoy because it’s that high frequency, that big frequency full of love, and sometimes just that energy of acceptance that it is as it is.) Of course, we can’t always be happy or feel grateful, but we can choose to shift towards it. I’d like to give you that knowledge too and also, that we can learn how to shift as quickly as possible and especially how to master your energy. There are tons of different tools that I have, depending on where you are now in your development, in your energetic journey to help you with this. These tools can help you take beautiful, powerful steps that will help your energy.


You can move from a beginner in energetic awakening to completely expressing your soulful self professionally. All it takes is you to fully dare to step into the light, so that you can shift to the place of feeling like: ‘I’m so in that bubbly high frequency that I have to share this with others. I feel it’s my mission, my passion to do this. I have to shout about this from the rooftops.’ That feeling is where we need to aim for because this energy of sharing is so important. (I should know, for honestly, this is where I am now.) But why? Because the greatest satisfaction in life is to be found in contributing to the life of another, to help make other people happy. 


So I hope I get to share those sparkles of Golden Stardust with you in this way. Also, I hope you want to accept them, to receive them. But even more than that: that you will set things in motion, that you are going to do something with it. Because listening, getting knowledge to you is one thing - knowledge is power. But when is knowledge really power? The moment you start to set it in motion!


Yes, you can listen to podcasts from me or from others who can share a lot of beautiful information about this field. And the knowledge you’ll gain is potential power. So when does it become your real power? When will you really distinguish yourself? When you take action, when you transition to differentiate yourself with energy. The point when you start saying: ‘Okay, enough is enough, I'm done with the old BS. Those old belief systems, they’re no more. I choose to step out.’ This is already a huge shift in your energy, and then when you take the steps that will distinguish your energy for good, then you can step into your authentic power. 


So now I'm also going to take you through the three steps for mastering your energy. Actually you can easily combine the three steps, which is what I do when I work with people in my different programmes. In these programmes we use these tools through different layers. 


But, step one always begins with going back to your stardust programming.


And what is your stardust programming? It is your essence, the returning back to who you really are - your stardust potential. Because we all have unlimited infinite potential. But as soon as you live in scarcity, in shortages (perhaps not even consciously, but in those subconscious layers), then you will not move forward. You aren’t going to be able to distinguish yourself with your energy. So I'm going to bring you back. And that brings me to step two. Because how am I going to do that? By resetting and breaking through trauma. 


Step two is: Break trauma. This is hugely, hugely powerful. Trauma always sounds so heavy and serious, as if something terrible must have happened. But (and I also say this in my business podcast), trauma can arise because someone repeatedly said to you growing up: ‘Yes, what you did just now was really stupid’, ‘Oh, then why did you do the stupid thing again?’, ‘It’s really so stupid and so clumsy that you have to do this repeatedly’. Hey, rehearsal is the mother of all skills, and this works both ways. So if something negative is repeatedly planted in your system in your first years of life, in your first ten years of life, then you are going to believe that you are stupid. This is what I call trauma. And you don't want to know what ripple effect this will have on the rest of your life. 


I’ve known of the impact of this for a long time - the power of words on children. I know when my kids were growing up, often I heard when a mistake was made: ‘Oh, that was stupid to do.’ But instead I’d say: ‘That is not very smart’ or ‘That is not very convenient’, because your system does not know the word ‘stupid’, but if the word is ‘smart’ or ‘convenient’, then you plant ‘smart’ and ‘convenient’ in their minds. So take that into account, when you're dealing with little kids who are still in that programming stage, those first ten years of life. If they drop something, don't yell, just say ‘It’s not a problem you dropped that pot or cup’. 


Why am I bringing this up again? Because it's linked to trauma. Do these things really have such an effect on the rest of your life? Well, you’ll hear me talk about this very often but I do believe these things can make or break everything. These repetitions will make you live below or above that Golden Line. Really and truly. And that brings me to step three. 


Step three is: shifting above the Golden Line. Again, I’ll put the link to download the Above the Golden Line method® in the shownotes. Please, this one is life changing and I don’t really like giving it away for free. Why? Because we as people then automatically associate the meaning: ‘Oh, if something is free, then it would also have little value.’


Well, in my opinion this is the most valuable thing you can receive in your life. When you see and acknowledge the value of it, then apply it as if you paid 1 million for it. For if you had, how often would you use it? Having paid 1 million would you work hard on something or would you say to yourself ‘I’ll download it sometime when I feel like it’? No. If you put down 1 million for the Above the Golden Line method®, trust me everyone (well, almost everyone) will download and get to work right away. And I can also tell you that when you apply it, when you take those steps and also listen to that High Frequency business podcast; you will make that million back from the method that I am now giving to you for free. Really and truly. I am convinced of that. So please, take action! 


Knowledge is potential power. It only becomes real power when you take action. So I’ll ask you now: which of the three steps are you going to take to master your energy? 


Are you going back to your stardust programming? 

Are you going to break through trauma? 

Or are you going to apply the Above the Golden Line method®? 


Because when you apply these three, start integrating them and powerfully taking action. Then you will distinguish yourself with your energy, your energy will be so unique. You’ll be able to put things out into the world from that frequency, in the most pure, authentic way that is completely in alignment. Working completely in tune with who you really are from your Soulful Self. And this, I believe this is why we came here on earth. By learning lessons, by living through old parts, but above all by getting the most out of it. Whatever happens to you


Then at the end of your life, if you move on to the next life or whatever you want to call it. That you can look back and think: ‘Wow, I didn't give up. I have taken strong action. I followed my gut. I followed my real unfiltered intuition. I've started breaking through parts that no longer serve me, I've started shifting my frequency and I've completely stepped into that stardust programming.’ That stardust programming from which everything is possible. So I invite you, but I especially challenge you to start distinguishing yourself and to powerfully master your energy, so that everything can shift for good. 


To finish know, you can always read the shownotes at: Plus you can download my Lisette Lucas app for both iOS and Android. You can also listen and subscribe to this podcast via the Apple podcast app. Do you prefer to follow me on Spotify? Then all you have to do is click on follow.


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Finally, please share this with people who could also do with hearing this, maybe they need that little push to gain more insight into what really matters and what can really make a difference. 


Well, I want to thank you very much again. You can always send me a DM or just an email to if you have any questions. 


I look forward to speaking or seeing you again. Thank you very much for listening. Good luck with all the steps you are going to take, do keep me informed about your progress. And it’s so nice that you have made time and energy available for this moment. I look forward to seeing you again soon! 


Bye x Lisette


Thank you for listening and my final question to you now is: does this podcast resonate and are you ready to powerfully activate, accelerate and scale up your High Frequency, High End and High-Value, in other words your Triple High Business and life, with me? If you’re feeling a ‘Yes!’ then click on the link in the shownotes, to schedule a High Frequency soul call with me. Or just send me a DM via Instagram or Linkedin if you have any questions and I look forward to meeting, speaking or seeing you again. 


Lots of love and see you soon!

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2023© 

Podcast 159. Differentiate Yourself With Energy

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