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EnergyJoy typewriter script met Lisette Lucas

8th february 2023


Lisette Lucas


Yes! Welcome to podcast #158!


It’s Great to have you here! 


Well, we're going to talk about intuition. If you are familiar with my EnergyJoy podcast series, you may remember that the very first podcast is called: Intuition. Anyway, what is intuition and how can you listen to it? How does it work? I made this podcast today to answer these questions,  it also felt right to record the business podcast on this theme too. So the 12th episode of the High Frequency Business podcast is also about this, but more business related. If that is of interest to you too, perhaps you are an entrepreneur or know someone who is an entrepreneur, let them listen too. For that episode complements this one very nicely, but from a different angle.


And what is filtered intuition? I actually came up with that term from my work as a High End Success Medium. (I discovered it working with people and picking up information through my training years.) From 2008 I began working with energy and then I actually started training to learn more for years. My training was international and from among the best in the world in this field, so I could learn about energy in the best way. So doing this, what do you find out? That all incoming information you receive through your own filter. (Incidentally, this is something you’ll discover firsthand studying in my Master your Intuition Academy or my Master Inner Medium Academy too.) But you will, for example, feel something coming, you’ll feel that information perhaps through your solar plexus. Then this energy will be processed through your solar plexus, by your own system (your own programming and conditioning), before you will give this feeling a meaning, i.e. before you interpret what your intuition is saying. 


All this happens very fast. But that processing and its interpretation happens through your filter. So where does it usually go wrong? With the fact your filter is not cleaned very often. A super nice example of this has actually come to me right now. I hadn't thought of this at all in advance, but it is a very nice example. 


When I started working as a medium, I really opened up energetically to soul frequencies beyond earthly existence. Well, actually the unseen world, spiritual world (let’s give it a nice name). There was a moment when I felt I was connecting with a spirit. Then I realised it was a child. The moment you connect in this way, you know that the child has died, has very early, very quickly gone to the spiritual world. But realising I had a child close to me I started crying and became very emotional because a part of me had been touched. An old part had been touched so intensely that I actually couldn’t continue working. In hindsight, what was that? It was my own filter which hadn’t been cleaned properly yet. Meaning that there were still too many of my own old parts, old patterns, beliefs and conditioning, which made it too painful and brought up too much trauma to work with this connection and I had to stop. 


Where did this come from? It had to do with the death of my own nephew. I was six years old and my nephew, who was then three years old, died of cancer. He was with us a lot though and had a huge impact on me as a young girl, which actually only came out later. I held the pain over this for a long time, and it had expressed itself in the form of nightmares because somehow I couldn’t deal with this loss as a young girl. It only came out to be dealt with when I started working on myself. Yet I had to become a ‘hollow tree’ so that I could receive information that didn’t have my own filter over it. In this case I’d seen working with children was a problem, for there was a filter of pain and trauma attached to it, that meant I just couldn’t work with children as a result. I wanted to become like that hollow tree, so that when I receive information, there’s no filter, I could just let it flow through me very purely. For right then it was too emotional, so I knew that I had work to do, to examine those old parts - which I did. 


But why am I sharing this? Well, this example came to the fore and that is actually quite special, because that is how you can see working with energy. It's not: ‘Okay, I'm going to learn some kind of nice energetic trick so that I can read auras, read energy fields, tune in to objects and jewellery, and connect photos to the spiritual world.’ No, it is a very intensive process of personal development, personal transformation. Because in the end you will heal and clean yourself first. Those filters, those conditioning, those patterns, those pieces that no longer serve you have to be removed first. 


And when all that has been 'shazamed' away, it has been cleaned up, say. In this way you can then receive very pure information. So you will work with your real pure intuition. With the real voice of your soul, with your real inner knowing, instead of filtered intuition. (To return to the title of this podcast.) If there is a huge filter in your system, which is often based on fear of pain then you will also respond to information in that way. For example, if there is something that is a big choice, like buying a house. You may say to yourself that if you look at a house, it has to feel right, and you place a lot of significance on this feeling. This was definitely the case when I was buying my first house together with my husband. I remember walking into that house and despite it being in a bad state - the curtains were so old that when you touched them, clouds of dust flew off and it felt that they could almost fall apart. The place hadn’t been redecorated since the 70’s, but I walked in there and it immediately felt right. I felt ‘this is it’ and straightaway I received images of this is where I see my children growing up. Based on this first feeling, we bought the house back in 2005. Actually, before I really started my intuitive development and my energetic transformation. Yet somehow this intuition was already very clear and highly developed. 


So a question for you: when do you know if something is your intuition or your filtered intuition? Remember, your filtered intuition is your fear programming. I have to be honest, the distinction can be very hard to feel because it’s so subtle. Working with energy is super subtle, my golden rule is the 3 second rule - whatever you feel in the first 3 seconds is your intuition. 


Now, fear is first triggered by your system. 


(In the 12th episode of my business podcast I tell you about my experience of starting a High-End coaching journey myself last month. I started it and got so triggered I felt physically sick, almost on the point of vomiting. The point being that you’re going to be confronted by your system every time on new levels. Take that with you too.) 


But back to fear. The moment you make a choice, for example for a new house you might not feel good about it as I did with my first house. In fact you may feel really bad. Maybe for example it’s the price of the house, perhaps it's 1 million. It’s a big investment for you and you start thinking ‘What if the interest rate does this or that?’. Then think ok, when did this reservation come up? When did that sick feeling or that pain in my gut feeling start? And is that my intuition or my filtered intuition? I hope I’m shaking you up a bit in the sense you can see there’s a clear difference between them. 


Because I hear a lot of people say: ‘No, I'm not doing it, it doesn't feel right.’ But what part of you isn’t feeling it’s right? Your fear programming, your conditioning from your childhood? Perhaps in childhood you got a bit spooked by a corner in a house and you felt something exciting but scary there? But thinking about it, you realise with this new house you’ve seen, you felt a similar vibe, so that memory is triggering you but it has nothing to do with you anymore. Realising this is truly a hugely powerful insight because insight is power. So understanding this insight and difference is going to move you so much. And then when you want to make an important choice and you feel an ‘Oh Yes! I want this so badly!’ But a little later the feeling changes and you can recognise it and say ‘Oh … it’s my ….’. 


A good example of this can be shown with my PodCarddeck (which you can see a photo of behind me on my YouTube video of this podcast).


With this PodCarddeck I immediately felt intuitively: ‘I have to make this, it feels so good and I want this badly.’ But then came: ‘Oh dear …  but what will that cost? How will I do that? Do I have time for it?’ There was a lot of objection from within: ‘What if no one buys it? How am I going to market that?’ So many layers emerged. Then I was like okay, that's all BS, that's all belief systems. That has nothing to do with whether or not I should put this out into the world. No, that was already clear, I’d felt a big fat yes. So I went for it and the rest unfolded. Which is how it works, provided you keep listening to that filter free intuition. So how can you get your intuition free of filters? Simply by practising, by training, mainly by doing it wrong often and then finding out: ‘Oh wait a minute, now I understand how it works.’


I always mention that when I go to work with someone, I push myself aside energetically. In that moment I’m not important, that's what I like about working with energy anyway. I am not important in a session, because I work for the highest good of the client, or student in front of me. They come first. So at that moment I put myself down as a channel, purely as a conduit for energetic and intuitive information and the information I'm allowed to receive from Spirit. By the way, a very special example of this that I want to share with you. And wow, it is bizarre that this is just happening today while recording this podcast. But this example is about my Great-Aunt, who was actually like a grandmother to me. She passed away two years ago at a really old age and it was good for her too. All her loved ones had already passed on, so she was very at peace with it herself. But in the end, yes, we'd rather miss her, Great-Aunt.


She had lived in Wassenaar and had a beautiful secretaire there. A secretaire is a cupboard, say a very nice antique chest of drawers with a flap in it. And you can open that flap and then it is a kind of desk. I was lucky and was allowed to have that secretaire, because it had belonged to another Great-Aunt of mine and so it stayed within the family. This Great-Aunt I was named after. Well, all those details don't really matter. But the most bizarre thing is, today was podcast recording day, but something came up, and at short notice I had to give someone a lift to the station. I returned home and followed my default route upon returning home (as humans we live in patterns). So handbag in hand I walk into the living room, put the bag on the table. Then I like to put my coat over the chair - nice and lazy, but saves me the trip of putting it away properly in the hallway. Today though, the moment I put my coat over the chair, I hear BAM! There was a really hard knock. I was completely shocked, really, there’s no other word for it. 


Looking to the left, I see the secretaire flap is open! Well, rest assured, that flap is always closed, because it takes up quite a lot of space. Plus I'm afraid someone will run into it and it is, of course, a beautiful antique cabinet. So I was completely shocked. It was such a knock, really, my heart was in my throat. And my first thought was: ‘Okay, it wasn't closed properly or something’. But on the other hand, I think: ‘Yes but it's been standing there for two years. And we're walking through this house with five, six people and it's never happened before.’ But the secretaire is open now so I look inside to see the beautiful compartments full of photos of my aunt, actually exactly as she had it herself. I wanted to leave it that way as a kind of tribute to her too. And I looked at those pictures and I knew it.


But I didn't realise it at the time - I had not yet laid the bridge. It's her birthday today. And not only her birthday, but also my grandmother’s. So the sweetest ladies with me in Spirit, and luckily I have so many sweethearts … but it's her birthday. And I looked at that closet thinking: ‘Okay what do you want to tell me?’. Also running through my head was quite how bizarre it all was. And I have to admit, I don't like spooky things. Especially when I'm home alone. And this was definitely spooky. Luckily it was broad daylight and this was so special. Although, a little bit irritating, the flap had opened so hard that the clasp to keep it closed doesn’t work anymore. Now it has to stay open, but it’s a beautiful secretaire so this is how it will stay. 


Standing in the kitchen of my house, I asked through my unfiltered intuition, I set the intention to her a response to: Dear aunt: What can I take from your house right away? What do you want us to get? What's important?’. Then something came up actually for my three kids. For my oldest son I was shown my great-uncle's old binoculars, which he used to look across the water. They had a marina and he always looked over the marina. I felt those were for Luca. And then I got to see a handbell for my daughter. Handbell? For this one I heard the sound and had to imagine what it was. This is that connection from intuition. But as each item came up I was making notes as she passed this on to me. Finally, for my youngest, Floris, I got through books. After these had come to me I had no idea what it was all about. But I wrote them down and then I told my mother who was already in Wassenaar.


I say: ‘Mum, these are the things that aunt told me, can you help me find them? So I told her to look for a handbell and those books, because I had no idea where they could be. Later, I arrived at that apartment in Wassenaar and as I walk through the door, my mother was standing there with a wide smile on her face and she tells me: ‘Lisette, you have to come and have a look.’ So we walk over to the secretaire in the apartment and she opens the flap to show a handbell and books are inside! But I found the most bizarre thing to be that handbell, because I didn’t even know she had it. Now I had the bell and those books, but then I asked my Mum about the binoculars because Luca likes them. We weren’t sure we’d find them because other heirs had already been to take things out of the house. But indeed we found them and all 3 gifts are now in my secretaire at home which is really special. How did this all work out in the end? Well, because I could use my unfiltered intuition, having done the work on myself and had really learnt to listen to the unfiltered version of my intuition. For what is intuition really? It’s the voice of your soul, so intuition really flows purely from the voice of my soul. I had been able to get that information from my Great-Aunt on a soul level because that is a soul to soul connection, it’s soul communication. I couldn’t have got this if my head had come between this communication. 


Thinking back to that bell, my intuition had to decipher what it meant as I only heard the tinkling of a bell. Later my mother told me that it is an old-fashioned table bell. That it was used at the dinner table once everyone was seated for the service, all they had to do was ring the bell. And afterwards I also had to laugh, really just the thing for my daughter, she could use that too. Anyway, sorry dear, put that aside. But what I want to close with for this episode is: trust that magic anyway and trust your inner knowing. The voice of your soul. But don't rely on your fear programming. Don't trust your intuition until you know ‘Okay, I have freed myself from that fear programming’. Don't get me wrong, fear is important. We need fear, otherwise you would run into the street without looking left or right and get mowed down by a car. 


We need fear, but we don't need fear to keep us small, to keep us seemingly safe. To stop us ever stepping outside the cave for fear of the bears outside. No, that's all BS belief systems. So please, go work on yourself. Go learn to recognise ‘Okay, is this filtered intuition through my own conditioning? And which conditioning can I transform?’ Really, this is so, so important. That's why I also made this PodCarddeck which you can see in the YouTube video (I always see it in a mirror image on my video). Today though   a painter was busy sanding behind me in the background, so I had to record via Zoom because they have a good filter system for blocking out backgrounds (talking about filters ;-) That aside, but that's why I now have a nice virtual background. 


In the end it's about us awakening energetically so that we can transform, shift and that we can therefore accelerate to the best version of ourselves. This allows us to propagate our life purpose, our mission in a way that is completely in alignment with who we really are on a soul level.


Well, I wish you the best of luck! And do you want more information? Or to know how I can help you, which programmes and trajectories might suit you? Wherever you are at this moment in your life, just DM me. 


Do you have an interesting example or do you wonder: ‘Lisette was this spirit or was this coincidence?’. Then remember to use your common sense too, so if the lamp starts blinking I always say, check whether the lamp needs to be replaced, or whether there is a short circuit somewhere. Having said that, wonders are not out of this world and you can trust your unfiltered intuition above all. 


Well again the shownotes for this episode can be found at: Thank you for listening and I look forward to the next podcast.


Bye and see you soon! 

x Lisette

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Podcast 158. Genuine or filtered intuition? 

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