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20th april 2022 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 116. High-End Entrepreneurship from Energetic Alignment: Your Own Unique Business from your Soul Potential and Life Blueprint


Are you wanting to create more impact and more income with your business, but seem to have hit the ceiling with no more space for growth? 


  • Discover in this podcast the most powerful (and proven) strategy that, with the right implementation, will immediately shift your life and business!


  • So that you can experience more freedom while having a stronger impact.


  • And you will break your income ceiling for good so your earning potential is at an unlimited level!  


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Welcome to Podcast #116!


Have you been in this situation? You want to get something done in your life and business (or future business), so you're really thinking about how to make it happen. You worry, you ponder, but you still can’t get a clear idea. 


Yes, believe me I speak from experience, as I was always a champion of approaching things the analytical way, through reflection. Well, actually just as we all get taught to over the years.


Until a moment came during my trajectory of intuitive and energetic development, when I  discovered that it can be done much more easily.


Well, easier once I got past my need for control. I was always a huge control freak. Things had to go my way. Recognisable? 

By the way, I now know, and I thought that this was a huge eye-opener: wanting to be in control is something that ultimately comes from the fear of not being good enough. Fear of failing, going down, not belonging, etc. 


But from that 'control freak' position I had to 'unlearn' something, as it turned out from the energetic, spiritual approach - which has a core principle that I struggled with. For I was being encouraged to look beyond this urge to control, the idea of which had always terrified me. This principle was the exact opposite of what you have to do if you want to keep control from your analytical mind.


Now you're probably wondering: ‘Principle? What’s the principle then?’ 

Good question!

It was: ‘Let go!’ Yes, the magic principle is to: ‘Let go!’ 


Sounds simple right? Well, I say good luck with that. 

I have come across a lot of situations that I so eagerly wanted to control, based on that habit of control.

But only when I stepped into the 'Let it Go, Let it flow' mode, would it unfold by itself. Admittedly in 'Divine timing' as they say it so beautifully. So you can also 'let go' of the time frame that is linked to what you want to receive or manifest. 


And why am I sharing this with you now?

Very simple: Because I see a lot of empathetic, ambitious people who want to take their own business to the next level or start their own business. But they get stuck time and time again. Why? Well, first of all: overthinking and trying to control the course of events.


Now let’s consider this stance from an energetic frequency approach. Stick with me for a moment and do this quick exercise; feel what it does to your body, inside you, around you. As an entrepreneur or entrepreneur-to-be, step into the energy and frequency of: ‘I must succeed with my business. I need to attract new clients. I have to be visible. I have to have a full schedule to pay the bills.’ 

What does that do to you? What does it do to your energy?

Does it open up your energy? Are you in the flow mode? 

Or is it just pressing? Pushing you down? 

Well, how does it feel? Just give it a word. 


It’s the last feeling right? 


So now, imagine trying to grow from a different approach - the ‘letting go’ frequency, the ‘Divine Timing’ angle. 


Step into the energetic frequency of: ‘I leave the success of my business to the bigger picture, I know I'm great at what I do. I know I'm doing it from my heart and soul. So I let it go, as I take powerful action daily with confidence, towards my infinite soul potential. And that feels wonderful.’


How does this energetic frequency of entrepreneurship feel to you? 

What does it do to you? Inside you, around you? Does it open up your energy? Does it give more space? Light, air, freedom? 

Yes, right?


It sounds so simple when I say it like that. But because everything is energy, you now also know: You attract what you send out. 

So why then does hardly anyone act from this place when doing business? 


This form of entrepreneurship I call: Energetic Alignment. Once you master this and know how to apply it, everything will shift.


To give an example of this in action from my own business: In my 6 month high-end Elite Shift Mastermind programme, I teach empathetic, ambitious entrepreneurs to apply energetic alignment in their business or future business. And really, I can tell you from experience: It works incredibly powerfully! It’s almost magical if you dare to use the power of energy, yes you heard it right: Dare to allow it into your business and life. This daring again has to do with trust, letting go and divine timing. 


So my question to you now: Do you truly want to learn to work with your natural intuitive and energetic powers? Then my Master Your Inner-Medium Academy is great to follow. This consists of 3 Levels that you can complete in 2-3 years - your experience determines which level best suits you to enrol with first. Then you can even become a recognised EnergyJoy Practitioner and teach others how to work with energy. Super cool and powerful. (If I do say so myself.)


But the best part is the combination of the Inner-Medium Academy with the High-End Elite Shift Mastermind. 

Why? Because then you learn to optimally use high-frequency energy in your life and your business. So that you can apply the Triple High Formula - the unique formula that I personally discovered and developed. It consists of the combination of: High-Frequency, High-Value & High-End. 


You will then become a real manifestation master! And yes, a Force of Nature (as I call it)! 

When all levels are activated and you have stepped into your soul potential, embracing your life blueprint: nothing or no one can stop you anymore.

Then you will be fully empowered in your birthright. A power that feels so phenomenal. Really, when you are freed from those limiting beliefs, those fears that aren't even yours, those old patterns that you can delete and shred quickly; then you can finally do what you are destined to do.


You’ll be in the place when you no longer care what others think (or think of you). You simply don't care anymore. Then with the smile of EnergyJoy on your face you can confidently take that step to your next level of growth, expansion, impact and high-end income. 

Sure, it will still feel exciting. And yes, every time I break through a new impact level and income level, I also find it very exciting. But excitement is a completely different energy to fear.


That excited energy is a high-frequency vibe that shifts your energy and makes the life energy pulse through you. Energy that pushes you forward and lets your potential unfold more and more. 


Take a moment to feel how fear feels.Then you’ll understand that this is not really an energy of expansion. Just notice for yourself what fear does to your energy and even where in your body you feel it.

Just think about stepping out of your comfort zone. For example: You put yourself in the spotlight because you are going to make a speech. In it you will talk about your passion and what you are good at. Afterwards people start talking about your expertise and what you do. Later still people will read about you in the newspaper or search you on the internet. 


Now imagine all those thousands of people who see your name, who listen to your podcast, who can see and hear what you do. Step into that energy. Just feel energetically all those people who look at you, who listen to you, who find it interesting what you share and have to say and find support in that. What does that do to you? What does that set in motion?

Do you feel fear or do you feel excitement and tension out of curiosity?


Very important difference! And it may feel very subtle and small, but on an energetic quantum level this is a huge difference. 

Talking about newspapers and being visible. Recently I gave a live demonstration of mediumship with 2 medium colleagues in Aalsmeer. 

That same week, a newspaper featured an article with a photo of our sold-out evening. Do you know what the title was? ‘3 Mediums in the Old Auction’. 


Three mediums …  I felt very grateful for this beautiful article but I can tell you. Years ago, if you had told me this, I would have been overcome with fear. The thought that people could see that I work with energy, that I am a medium. I mean, I come from a family that is very down to earth and then I’m in the newspaper as a medium. Never mind that they know that I communicate with the soul energy of deceased people.

However, what would others think? And I really felt that fear, years ago. 


But now? Now I know that I am a powerful medium. That I belong to the best in the world. And that's not to sound arrogant - it’s simply because I've been trained by the best in the world, which has given me so much certainty. I own it, I feel it in every fibre and cell of my being. And yes, that energy also radiates: so the certainty I feel radiates out and others feel it too. The best thing is that because I dared to allow it, I can and may help so many people from my expertise. Not only through working with deceased loved ones or psychic work. No, also when applying my successful mediumship and high-frequency skills in my business training trajectory. This is definitely a unique combination that you will not find anywhere else in this way! 

And yes, I'm quite proud of that.


All this has arisen from letting go and having confidence in divine timing. Everything that now arises around me, in me, in my business. I could not have imagined it - I let it unfold, I let it come to me from the energy of letting go. 

Imagine if I had stayed stuck from fear and not broken through those limitations?


Do you know how many people I couldn't have helped? 

Do you know that I would have failed my soul potential? Purely because I was anxious that maybe people would find it strange that I worked with energy … that they would find me strange … Oh my, how glad I am that I overcame this so powerfully! 

Because honestly, whatever you do: People will always dislike something.

And what they find to dislike is always a reflection of their own inner world. If you understand that, you know that their words say nothing about you and everything about them. Which is a wonderful vibe and realisation to live with. 


So, you can completely disconnect from what others think. What matters in this lifetime is that you evolve, grow and transform towards your ultimate, infinitely unfolding soul potential. And you are the only one who can do it your way. That’s true for me, for you, and really goes for everyone!


The thing that makes your trajectory extra special and unique (and will immediately give you guidance for your business) is: Your Life Blueprint. In other words the path you’ve walked so far in life. No matter how hard, painful, beautiful or terrible it has been. It is part of your story, your life blueprint. And that blueprint in combination with your soul potential, is the blend that makes you so special, so unique, beautiful and super powerful! It’s what makes you one of a kind. So what happens if you know this energy and how to set it in motion? 


Then you have gold in your hands! Really! Well … provided (yes there is a provided) … 

provided you overcome that fear, break through the old parts and have the guts to go for it. Exciting and mega heart rate increasing: Absolutely!


But also the most beautiful, powerful and wonderful thing you can do as a human being in my view is to: create something powerful in this life with which you can help, support and guide others - pure and in your own unique way. 

That’s what makes high-end energetic entrepreneurship in alignment with your soul, mission and life blueprint so powerful. Actually the ultimate recipe for success, for it is literally written on your body and soul! 

If you have the guts, or (to approach it from the male entrepreneurial energy): the balls to embrace this, to learn to master this high-end energetic entrepreneurship, then a world will open up to you. Not only in terms of impact, but also in terms of income and the freedom it brings. High-End creates peace and freedom, which is great if you are sensitive and empathetic! I speak from experience of course otherwise I wouldn't even be able to share this with you. 


So my questions to you now: 

Are you ready to continue your life and business at a high-end level in energetic alignment?

Are you ready to take brave, tough steps and let go of what others think for good? 

Are you ready to really do what you're destined to do?

Do you feel a: ‘YES!’

Then I can tell you this: you've come to the right place!

I myself went through this transformative journey by trial and error and as a result developed and created a powerful fast track trajectory for you. The big advantage of this: It saves you a lot of time, thinking, making unnecessary mistakes and endless searching. Purely because all you have to do is follow the steps of my proven method and formula. Very simple. 


And yes, how did all this come about? 

Also very simple: After I finally dared to let go of control from underlying fears. And that way everything could come into alignment energetically and unfold almost magically. And yes, all this in divine timing. 


Do you want this too?


Then immediately continue in this energetic flow that you are in right now. (Because yes, otherwise those old fears will start playing with you again and in a year's time you will still be sitting in procrastination mode on the couch or in that victim role of …  ‘It is not for me, I am not good enough for it’ or the ‘Yes but what if …’ 

I can now tell you: It is for you! It is for everyone! 

All you need to do NOW is just one thing. And that is: Make the choice! The choice that can change your life forever. Yes, indeed, exciting but that tension, as you now understand, has the energy of high-vibe, high-frequency potential! That tension takes you to a higher level. And that energy is visible as powerful gold through clairvoyant perception and then literally transforms into gold on many levels of your life! That is the frequency of manifesting.


So are you feeling that excited, happy, exciting vibe? Do you feel: ‘YES!’ The: ‘Yes, I'm ready, I strongly choose life and entrepreneurship based on Triple High energetic alignment.’ 

Then trust the 'Divine timing' of this moment. 

Because coincidence does not exist. So now the ball is in your hands. Are you harnessing the energy of this momentum?

Then go directly to: and book a Soul Connection call with me via Zoom using the form. Then we can meet and see from the energetic alignment what is best for you and your frequency at the moment.

I'm happy to help you, we need to do this together for each other. To increase the frequency of the world! It is so, if necessary! You are so, so needed!

I look forward to seeing and speaking to you soon! 


Thank you for listening and most of all thank you for your time! This is a gift for your soul and yourself. And what if this isn't for you right now? Then please share it with a beautiful soul that is ready to make the choice! The one who wants to make an impact, generate high-end income and experience more freedom. 

X Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 116. High-End Entrepreneurship from Energetic Alignment

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