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13th april 2022 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 115. Time-Out & Reset: How To Reset Yourself During The Bustle Of The Day, So You Reactivate Your Magnetic Power And Start Radiating From Within Again. 


  • Are you going beyond your limits, continuing to push on while unable to say ‘No’? Leading you inevitably to that moment when you literally drop


  • In this podcast you will discover the power of your time-out moment


  • So that from Self-care you reset and activate yourself for the day


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Welcome to Podcast #115!


Do you know that feeling of wanting to do so much, with so many plans and things to do when suddenly your body says: ‘Right, time to check out.’? In other words something inside forces you to go ‘out of order’ for days, maybe weeks. 


I'm talking about the moment when you pushed beyond your limits. That familiar moment where you know it’s time to take it easy now! When you’re forced to take time for yourself. Recognisable? 


Yet still, life asks a lot of you especially if you are empathetic and are the first to be there for everyone. You keep racing on regardless as a partner, parent, caregiver, care provider with your own business, job or career. 


You place yourself in the background. 


When suddenly that moment is there: you start to feel a bit shivery, tired, your throat feels raw and you have a full-on cold. But oh my … how hard it is to admit that when there are 1001 things you still have to do. 


You saw it coming, the red flags were flying right in front of you multiple times already. But you just ignored them. 


Yet how it stands now is that you feel flat, tired, blocked up and you have no choice anymore: you have to give in and rest. 


And yes, of course I speak from personal experience, which is why I thought this was such an important topic to bring up.


Because we all want everything! However?! To be successful, help people, live your mission, make an impact, create financial freedom, enjoy life … yet on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level not quite be there. Well, I don't have to explain that to you, do I?


Then everything falls into the water.


An example: In my high-end Elite Shift Mastermind I help ambitious, empathetic entrepreneurs to shift to their Next Level of impact, abundance, freedom and joy. (Energy Joy of course ;)


And the very first thing I give to them: is to schedule time for yourself! In fact, plan your agenda around your days off, rest moments and vacations.


Then from there you will shape your business - not the other way around.


Also to schedule at least 2 self-care moments every day, in the form of listening to meditations and/or hypnosis’. 


This is something I do myself and I always call this my 'time-out' moment. A moment of peace in the ever-turning and raging bustle. A moment of breathing in the flow of pulsating and pressing energy. A moment of reflection and self-care in the constantly pulling outside world.


Because yes if you no longer function, everything comes to a halt. And honestly, then no one will benefit from you. That's the last thing you want, right?!


So yes, SELF-CARE, taking care of yourself should be at the top of your 'to do list'. In Capital Letters. 


So now my question to you. How are you going to schedule a moment of 'time-out' at least twice a day from now on? 15-30 minutes is enough for powerful results.


And yes, a quiet walk, wind in your hair, listening to music or just flat out on the couch between appointments or clients. Above all, do what suits you! And don't listen to what others think about it. You sense your internal boundaries and it is very important that you respect and embrace them - out of love for yourself! That alone is a mega-powerful shift! 


So I'll keep it short today so you can now take a moment of time-out. Because you so deserve it! You are so worth it! Give yourself that hug, praise yourself, look at what you do for everyone! Now is your time! Create your personal 'reset moment' and (re)activate yourself from within! 


Enjoy it! Cherish yourSelf and your life will shift and transform in ways you could not and dared not imagine.


Last tip: Do you need transformative meditations? Then download my Lisette Lucas app. There you will find a lot of free meditations and exercises. Choose intuitively what feels right for you right now. So feel where you are being drawn. 


Will you promise me you'll take care of yourself? Yes? Great! Now it’s time to make it your new rhythm, your new routine, your new habit. And yes, after 3 weeks you will notice a difference - others will too. You will shine from your pure power! You will become magnetic from within and people will ask: ‘Hey?! What's your secret?’ Well, then we’ll wink at each other via the waves of energy through the ether. Haha … And together we step into the vibe of EnergyJoy and Beyond! 


Good luck, enjoy your Time-Out & Reset moment! 

Love from me x Lisette  

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Podcast 115. Time-Out & Reset

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