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6th april 2022 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 114. Shift Your Inner-Paradigm And Experience How You Can Automatically Accelerate Your Life To The Next Level! + Exclusive Bali Paradigm Shift Retreat!


Can you recognise this: You want to make the Law of Attraction work for you, but you keep attracting what you don't want to receive? 


  • In this podcast discover how Shifting your Inner-Paradigm automatically accelerates your life from within


  • Once this is done you can finally do, create and manifest what you really want!


  • When you understand, apply and master Shifting your Paradigm you can live limitlessly! 


  • And extra good news: During my exclusive Bali Paradigm Shift Retreat you will learn to master this in Full Immersion Energy! In this podcast I tell you how you can join this absolutely life-changing journey with only a limited number of places available


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Welcome to Podcast #114!


Yes, it’s great that you're here because this Podcast is really life-changing! At least, it can be life-changing for you if you apply it and take action vigorously. 

Just a little disclaimer in advance:


  • Just listening will help you to see what is possible. 

  • Taking action is going to help you make your goals, dreams and wishes come true.


It's that simple. So listening and taking in information is great! But … and this may be a bit painful to hear … if you then don't do anything with that information but simply return to the order of the day, according to your old familiar habits and patterns. Well …  then I can tell you now: nothing, absolutely nothing, will change. Things will simply remain goals, dreams and wishes for something in the future. 


So straight to the core: we all live in a dancing mass of energy. In fact, we are that energy. Energy that is always in motion. And the great thing is: If you understand that energy, you can make it work powerfully for you. 

Just think of the statement: 'Like attracts like'. 

Where does that come from? Simply, it has everything to do with energy.

Or: 'Whoever does good, meets good'. This is again how energy works.

Or: 'What goes around comes around'.  Right, you get it by now: all energy.

Or this statement, "You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most," said John Rohn, Tony Robbins' American motivator and mentor. How’s that work? Exactly: Energy! 

Or: For example: Karma = Action -> Reaction. Again it all has to do with energy.

In the end, everything can be returned to energy. You can make energy, but you can also break energy. For example, energy is super useful for lighting and for listening to this podcast right now. But when lightning strikes, energy is suddenly a completely different story … well, I hope my message is clear. 


To summarise all this as I see it: 

Energy that you can control gives you predictable, desired results. 

Energy that is uncontrollable gives you unpredictable, unwanted results.


But why is it talked about so little? In fact, why is it so rarely used consciously? 


For you are a mega powerful GPS mast with your mind, body and yes, with your energy. As this mast you receive back on an energetic level what is sent out. 


My question to you now is: Do you realise what you are broadcasting 24/7? 

In fact: What are you currently broadcasting?


Your energetic channel is always on and directly connected to the universe. The universe, the cosmos, the quantum field, receives your signal and sends it back on the same energetic frequency, the same wavelength, wave motion. So put very simply: You cannot transmit low frequency and receive high frequency back. That's just not how the energetic law works. 


Put this way, see yourself as that mast always transmitting information through frequency. Now I want to ask you to look at your reality. According to the law of energy, this is the result of the frequency you have emitted so far. 


And yes, I know this can be painful, it can even feel unfair. And no, I can't give you all the answers and the reasons why. We only find that out at the end of our long life journey. But what I can say is, I believe that energy (which is both you and I), can travel through energetic dimensions (the cosmos, the universe). And that where you are NOW, in this moment, can be the result of your GPS signal of this lifetime. It even goes deeper than that - the signal is stored energetically at the cell and DNA level. 


This is a very complicated matter and you could go on for hours about it, but I want to pass it on as simply as possible. Both for you to understand quickly but also because this way I get it clear for myself too. And I want to have it clear in my system as that feels good to me (and yes, that’s another signal we send out). 


So, where am I going with this?  


Quite simply to the core - the core of the powerful energetic attraction process. From the Law of Attraction this core has a very nice name: Paradigm.  


Your internal paradigm determines which signal you send out. You can see your core, your paradigm as your vault. Everything from this life is stored in this safe, the information that you have received via your DNA through your parents and ancestors and even further through generations. But also the information you have received on an energetic soul level. 


A gigantic vault with a mega-drive of fascinating information through dimensions, lives and times. I say information but that information is actually bizarrely interesting energy. That's how you can see it. 


Very important to realise that it's all energy. 


Okay, so when I personally see that safe in front of me, with all that valuable information, that overload of energy, I only think of one thing. Give me the key! Or give me the code for the combination lock if you have one. 


Where is your internal safe? What does your vault look like, your inner paradigm? Go inside yourself. Where is everything stored? What does that safe look like? Imagine it now. Is it an old fashioned one? A modern one? Do you perhaps have a certain code that you have to enter? Or is it a large rotary knob that you have to hear clicks? Or is there a keyhole on it? Picture it! 


It’s immediately useful to know because with a key (or maybe in your personal case, with the right code), you can view the contents, the energetic charge, of your safe.

Then the low frequency content, that doesn’t serve you and you don’t want in this lifetime can be deleted immediately. You can get rid of it! 

Then you can save and upgrade everything to the right high energetic frequency that you want to keep in your life. And yes, you can even add extra energetic data with what you wish to receive in your life.


How does that sound? 


I know that from the moment I started looking into my internal vault, my paradigm started to collapse. I went there to erase, delete, and shred what I didn't want. Then I started upgrading and installing what I do want in my life and reality. From that moment not only me, but also my life and business shifted 1000%! 


So my question to you: Are you ready to Shift your Inner-Paradigm? 

Are you ready to clean out your internal vault?


Do you feel a: ‘YES!’. Great! For it’s important to note this is always your choice. And it’s essential that it is - choosing is the 1st step. But then, you must set the energy of powerful change in motion yourself. And how do you do that?


Also a very simple 1 word answer. And that word is: ACTION.

Yes, by taking action. 


But it’s also possible you felt a: ‘NO!’ or some resistance which is also great! 

Because if you feel a 'no' or resistance to change, to making powerful life-changing choices and taking action. (Maybe you recognise this as procrastination). Then this comes from the energetic charge in your Paradigm, in your safe, which is clearly still locked.


For a rule of life that applies to everyone is that we are all born open to growth, development and transformation. So if you don’t feel this but feel stagnation, maybe even feel resistance, then this is your paradigm, your well-guarded vault. Most likely it’s making you feel this to keep you seemingly safe. 


Keeping closed only keeps you seemingly safe, for as humans we have to grow and develop. Think of how we feel if we stand still …  usually more dead than alive. Simply because that’s how life works - we either grow or decline. In the universe everything grows, everything is in motion.


So if you are resistant to growth and change, I hope you listen extra carefully. Because this information alone can be life-changing.


‘Okay, Lisette’, I hear you thinking now. 

‘How can I open and clean my safe? How can I shift my Paradigm?’.


Good question! 

I myself have gradually found out through trial and error. Often I’ve had to break through resistance and step out of my comfort zone to arrive at these powerful insights. If you listen to my podcast more often, you’ve already heard a lot about this journey. How I had to push through this resistance because part of me wanted to keep me small for this kept me safe. Yes, now I understand that this information and energy came from my vault, my paradigm. 

But luckily, my Soul-Pull, that strong pull of my soul was stronger in the end. That need for growth and transformation has broken everything and shifted everything. And thus I found the key.


But indeed, it was not easy to find because I didn't know where to look. But once you know where to look and how it works broadly. Once you can access it, you can step into your unlimited potential. Then you are literally limitless! Then you are unstoppable!

Then you are free of low frequency energy. And of course, life is life and regularly things happen on a low-frequency level. When this happens and you feel this somewhere in or around your energy, you can immediately transform and shift it. Then it no longer has an energetic impact and influence on you. 


The biggest hint I can give you about the location of your Paradigm, your internal treasure chest is: It is hidden at the subconscious level.


So no, you won't crack that code with just your thinking mind and willpower for this goes much deeper.


Your Inner-Paradigm is the collection of your subconscious programming through lifelines, DNA, realities, times and everything from this lifetime. 

And why is this so important again?

Very simply: The frequency that is broadcast on this level, from your vault on Paradigm level, is what you attract into your life. This defines your reality.


This is simply the Law of Att