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16th march 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 111. Spirited Living: How To Get Powerfully Into Your SoulPower And Universal Drive. 


Where are you?

  • Option 1: You have reached a point where something has to change. Whether you like it or not


  • Option 2: You feel that you can build something big, but you have no idea where to start


  • Whether you’re 1 or 2, in this podcast you’ll discover something that will amaze you


  • As soon as you start living from this understanding, everything is possible: You’ll be able to handle everything and attract everything you want from your pure self!


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Welcome to Podcast #111!


One Hundred & Eleven! Wow, what a beautiful sign if I do say so myself!


In my personal intuitive, mediumistic development and transformation, I have been very much inflicted and guided by synchronicity and symbols for years. All those coincidences that are just too coincidental because really they are cosmic, universal signs. 


A quick check-in question for you: 

How often do you say, 'Well! What a coincidence?!'


And one more question: Do you believe in coincidence?

Or do you know (or think) that coincidence does not exist?


Personally, I have embraced the latter, I no longer believe in coincidence.


I believe that once you step into your authentic soul power, once you start listening to that voice and that feeling; once you start to place that pull and drive above your fear programming: Then your life will shift forever!


I believe that as soon as you step into the energy, that you were before you were even born here on earth. That beautiful swirl of stardust as I always call it.


Once you embrace that part, you will actually experience the magic of that greater whole.


And what is that part?

That part is the part of you that you can call your Soul. Your Soul Drive contains such a powerhouse of energy that it far exceeds the human mind and earthly wisdom.


I recently got a very interesting question related to this and I really have to share it with you. It came up during an online Q&A session of my online Master Your Intuition Academy. I created this programme for those who really want to lay a strong foundation in the field of intuitive development & personal energetic transformation. 


During this online Q&A session, I received several questions from wonderful students who are university educated and scientifically trained. For many they are taking their very first steps in the field of energetic growth, development and transformation. I think that's really beautiful to see and am deeply grateful to be able to guide course participants and students in this. 


But then came a very nice question that I had never been asked before.


‘Lisette, do you believe in the universe?’


I immediately felt a smile come over me and a warm swirl of energy running through my system. 

And I replied: ‘Absolutely! In fact, I don't just believe in the universe. I believe you are the universe!’


The universe resides within you! In me, in everyone!


Remembering this moment truly touches me because this realisation is huge! 

I hope you understand that!


As soon as you feel, know, experience, allow and accept this …  yes, hold on …  then your life will never be the same again!


I will never forget when I did a deep, relaxing meditation and I ended up in that infinite place, free of time & space for the very first time. The peaceful, infinite, loving, connected space of emptiness where you know you are part of the whole. And also that  you are this whole.


I was so impressed with this experience that I started thinking about it and immediately the thought popped into my thinking mind: ‘Shoot … I want to go back.’ 


But also: ‘Wow … that was really bizarre and so awesome’.


Years later I had another special experience in my practice during a 1:1 session with a client.


I looked at the energy & soul energy of the client on an energetic, intuitive level. 


And when my intuitive eye saw her heart space, it happened. I ended up again in that awesome infinite space. That space where you are everything and nothing at the same time. Where you are a fragment, a pixel, but where you are also the whole. 


You are the connection and you are the void.

I find it difficult to put into words because you really have to experience it yourself. This is because earthly words can not contain the true beauty, the feeling and the sensation. But the most important thing I could conclude from this experience (and why I’m sharing this story with you now):


You are the universe!

The universe resides within you!


How bizarrely phenomenal is that! 


You are that stardust that makes the whole the whole. You are that energy that also keeps everything going. You are it all. 


That is your pure essence, your Spirit, your Soul, that is you! The universe, the cosmos, the God-Spark within as my mentor Mavis Pittilla always so beautifully puts it.


It resides within yourself, Your Soul-Self. You don't have to look outside of yourself for answers. No! Because everything resides within you and you are connected to everything, you are one. 


And yes, I know it sounds very vague when you first come across this concept, especially when we look at it from our sober earthly vision and point of view. 


But the moment, where I got that question from the student, was so special because this was a beautiful coming together of worlds. For insights come in not only through our thinking, analytical mind, but especially through the energetic ways of the soul. Those times when we get goosebumps or strong feelings, purely from something which resonated really deeply. 


So no matter how you’ve been educated: through university, scientifically, medically, technically … or via university Google …  it doesn't matter. We are all made of that same stardust.

And we all come to a time in our lives when we have no choice but to search for the truth. The real truth can only be seen and felt when we return to our stardust form, free from our physical body which we are allowed to use temporarily in the earthly.


Only then the real truth comes out, but that is a long way off. Until then, it's up to you to find your truth in a sloshing ocean of truths.


And I personally think that is a wonderful challenge. 


‘Okay’, I hear you thinking now, ‘How do I find my truth then?’

It’s very simple: by listening to the voice of your inner knowing, by living from inspiration. 

I see inspired life as a life from your highest, most pure and true essence beyond the earthly programming. 


Earthly programming consists of low frequencies, fear programming in place purely to keep you alive. A wonderful and necessary principle of course, but the trick is to find the right balance. One where you can live from your authentic pure, true universal self in that high frequency that you are! Being able to live inspired and free from fear. 


Because if you allow fear to dominate, believe the fear, then you will not be able to live in the frequency of your authentic self. Purely because you miss all the signals, signs and turns.


Then you get a kind of contracted energy field, you become insecure, anxious, you start to doubt everything and you lose hope and confidence.


Then you literally become unstable because you shrink your beautiful, large universe into a small, chipped marble full of cracks. It rolls from one fear belief to another pre-programmed false truth that doesn't even belong to you. As a result, you leave shards behind, which literally hurts. 


So my question to you: do you want to live as a small anxious chipped marble full of cracks or do you want to embrace that radiant, shining, loving, powerful, pure, real essence of your Spirit & Soul? 

The Spirit is the universal spark and your soul is your soul drive where all wisdoms, lessons and insights through lives are stored. 

Then you immediately know where the phrase: Wise Soul or Old Soul comes from. Maybe you’ve felt that from someone? Then afterwards you say: ‘Geez, that really feels like a wise old soul’. 

What are you doing at that point? You are tuning in from your Soul-Drive to their Soul-Drive! Bizarrely beautiful, isn't it? I think it's really cool to have such insights! 


But the Spirit & Soul combination is what makes you the universe that resides within. And is also from where you can materialise whatever you want,