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20th april 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast #64: Choosing Quality - Only The Best Is Good Enough For You! 

Choose to Develop, Transform And Train Yourself To The Highest Standard : Level Outstanding! Simply Because You Are Worth It! 


Perhaps you are ready to start developing, growing and transforming. But How, What and Where? 


  • My tip: If you know that you are more than worth it, choose the best quality available: Outstanding! 


  • So that you can shift, transform and grow to a top quality and excellent level.


  • And then your quality is not only visible and perceptible, but above all can be felt by everyone who crosses your path. 


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Welcome to Podcast #64!


Years ago I came into contact with energy work, mediumship and energy healing. And there was one photo of a place that I couldn’t stop seeing. 


I remember getting a kind of instant 'knowing' feeling. A feeling, a soul-pull, an attraction of: ‘That's where I have to be’!

But I really had no idea how and the thought of getting on a plane while my 3 kids were under ten really gave me the chills of fear. 


But I thought: If there's a will, there's a way. Even just one way to get there. So I went looking. And yes, what they say is true - whoever seeks finds. And so it happened that I ended up on a study programme in the Netherlands which makes a trip to the place in the photo every year.  


‘Yes’, I thought then. ‘This is the way. That's how it will be’. 


Now you are probably curious about the photo I had seen. I'll tell you, and I'll put the photo in my show notes as well. This place was The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. The most renowned place in the world in the field of intuitive-energetic development and mediumship. 


I've talked about it many times in previous podcasts. And I also talk about it in my free masterclass. 


But I am speaking about this again today because it is especially poignant.

For at the time I found a way to get in touch with that place where I had to be emotionally.


I wanted a certain quality for my education, I didn’t want to just be learning about energy.  No, I wanted to reach the highest and best level of energetic knowledge in the world. 


And that's what I went for! Also this does not only apply to mediumship, but also to transformation therapy, success coaching and energy healing. I am deeply grateful to say that I have been trained by the best in the world. Because I know that only then can you transfer your knowledge in the best way. Nothing half-baked, just bam: the highest calibre.


And so it went. So I've learned everything from the best who walk the earth. And yes, the most special thing is, I even learn from those who have already left the earthly realms. So I also receive support, insights, guidance and direction from the Spiritual world. I never do sessions alone. My team of helpers assists me. And that is a very special experience. Every single time.  


Plus, the learning never stops. So yes, I too am learning every day. Consciously, but also simply through practice. And of course also with trial and error - a part of life that often gives the most powerful lessons.

Recently, in an energy assessment with a client, I received information in a way that I had never experienced before. Truly I am learning every day, Spirit always gives me new challenges, just like everyone who is open to it. 


But what I really want to talk about is the level of quality. Because unfortunately, especially in the field of intuitive and mediumistic development, there are no regulations. 


Anyone after a weekend course can call themselves a medium. And that is something I want to change as a medium trained according to the 'English Method'. 


In the Netherlands there are a group of mediums who are really powerfully trained through the standards of the SNU (the Spiritualist National Union), and know what they are talking about. But there is a set standard in England. 


As there should be as it goes way beyond fun reading energy and communicating with Spirit. There is a huge responsibility attached to it. People who come to you in practice, live or online, often have to deal with a certain problem. From grief to divorce to depression to not wanting to live anymore.


If this person walks in on someone who has done a weekend course, I don't have to tell you what the consequences could be.


The most essential thing is knowing where your limits are. And that border is paper thin. As a medium, psychic, intuitive coach you often come across as someone who has all the answers.


And that view alone is something that needs to be eliminated.


In my view, your task as a medium, psychic and intuitive coach is to highlight the strengths and pitfalls for the client. And above all, provide insights that enable the client to move forward.


So, you will not receive a ready-made solution from me. No, I give you tips, tools and insights that set something in you moving. They give you just the push you need. Specifically to help, support and steer you towards your infinite potential. 

The point is that you then set it in motion yourself. Then you can live your ultimate life, potential and mission.


A psychic doesn't make predictions. Because a psychic only reads the information and energy already present in your energy field. Incoming energy can be read for the short term. 


On the other hand, a medium can receive information through the spiritual world that goes beyond what is visible to us. I always say: Spirit sees the bigger picture and can provide insights, support and hope. But even then, they will not give you a ready-made solution for your challenge.


That is not the intention either. You are here for your Soul growth and development, so what would be the point if you were given all the answers ready-made. 


What can help enormously, and it’s something I do with my expertise, is a sympathetic approach. As a psychic, medium, intuitive coach, you can literally step into the energy of the person in front of you. Live or online. It does not matter. Everything is energy, so there are no limits. Except privacy limits, of course. But the advantage of empathising with someone else's energy is that as an outsider you get a kind of birds-eye view. And you perceive a kind of magnification, where the bottlenecks are. 

A kind of GPS route map, a map on which traffic jams are visible. Seen from above. That's how you can actually see it. 


In this way you can indicate where the bottlenecks are, and then provide solutions through exercises, tools and tips. So that the person can get started, transform and become the best version of themselves. 


That is always the starting point. Empower the client so that he or she can continue. Just like from psychology. Regardless of what life throws at them the person has resilience and can move through it all. 


And so now you’ll understand: is this possible having attended a weekend course? Can you properly deal with this then? Seems obvious right?


Which is why I also want to emphasise the fact: it is so important that you know (and really understand), that you should only seek those who are qualitatively trained, at the highest possible level. Because then you know that you are in good, but above all safe hands. 


You won’t be given false hope or be receiving information about your health. Because that is something that really has to go through the regular medical routes. If you came to me with a physical health concern, I’d send you to the doctor; as everyone well trained in this area should do. After you’ve seen a doctor (and if nothing has been found), then we can start looking from an energetic level. 


I must admit, I do work together with medical professionals - a doctor who sometimes has patients where nothing medically verifiable emerges. Sometimes the entire medical circuit has been explored, and yet the patient is still experiencing complaints. 

Then my help is usually called in. More under the heading: If the doctor is at a loss, they will be forwarded to me. haha. 

And I recently heard feedback that made me smile: the medical team had said to the patient ‘I don't know how she does it, but it works’. 


And then my heart (and especially my Soul) leaps with joy. For medicine and alternative medicine are getting closer and closer. Even so the distinction between the 2 is very essential. 


And while I'm telling you this, I want to talk about some possibilities that you can go for. 


Actually it’s a question. If you could choose now, for yourself to take steps toward your ultimate, infinite potential: would you go to someone who has learned from someone who is alright, someone who is good, or someone who is excellent? 


Not very difficult, right?

I personally settle only for the Outstanding level! 

And yes, of course I also learned this from the best success coach in the world: Tony Robbins.


I must say that I have always naturally sought that level of quality. 

For me, only the best has always been good enough. 

So now is the time to take a moment for yourself. 


What are you going for: Alright, Good or Excellent?

Right, that's what I thought too!


I wanted to bring this up because a dear friend raised it to me when I was talking about the sheer volume of registrations I have for my live masterclasses. 


Then I got these beautiful wise words back: 'Preserve the quality Lisette, that's all that counts'.

And then I thought, yes, that's exactly what it's all about. The quality must always be of the highest level. Whether there are 3 people listening to you or 1000. 


It made me feel so grateful and humbled. And it also made me think of the why - to serve others. Putting yourself in service for the greater good. Because that's it. It is not only for the one who listens and learns, but also for the spiritual world and the healing that may take place through layers. Because in the end that's what it's really about. 


This inspired me immensely to make this podcast.


Because indeed, the many years of training and development with and by the best in the world has brought me to what I am now allowed to do and share. The development goes on indefinitely. And I am deeply grateful that you who are listening to this now are clearly embracing it. Because honestly: if you weren’t you wouldn't even take the time for it, would you? 

You are now investing in yourself and that is the best investment you can make! 


And if I really ask you: Why is only 'outstanding' good enough?


What is your answer to that?

If necessary, write it down for yourself now. Pause the podcast for a while. 


Very good, welcome back!

I am curious what your answers and insights are. 


There could be many but the most important in my opinion is: Because you are worth it!

If that’s not on your list yet then write it big: BECAUSE I'M WORTH IT! 


That is where the core and key lies and if you feel, experience and know that, you can take on the world. Then you give yourself the best and you can be the best version of yourself. Not only for yourself, but also for those around you. But it always starts with: 'For yourself'. And then the 'ripple effect' arises, the wave effect, the wave that I call the EnergyJoy Vibe that can touch, heal, help and support people out of joy, love and happiness!


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64. Choosing Quality 

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