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3rd august 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 131. Soulful Self Activation Meditation: Step Into Your Powerful SoulPower With This Activation To Receive Instant Insights To Take Inspired Action.


Are you unsure about which direction to choose and which steps to take for your real happiness? 


  • Through the meditation included in this podcast you can activate yourSelf and let your Soulful Self give you insights


  • Allowing those unanswered questions to be answered immediately


  • So that you can take powerful action towards your ultimate potential and life mission


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


+ Download my Lisette Lucas app for free. Here you will also find all my free meditations in one place. 


Welcome to Podcast #131!


Do you recognise the following situation: you want so much but can’t see the wood for the trees, even with everyone around you giving you great advice and insights, you feel swamped by possibilities and endless information that means you stay stuck in the same place?


Yes? Been here before? Then I say: Great! Not because chaos and feeling overwhelmed is fantastic, but because it can be a powerful turning point for you!


That point where you will choose for good to listen to your own inner wisdom. 

And you probably already do that in flashes … otherwise, you wouldn't even have gotten to this podcast. So your inner wisdom is already stepping forward every now and again. Yet you often let old files, patterns and beliefs keep you small, restricted and stagnant.


Let’s be honest, if you were fully activated and fully standing in your Soulful Power, you would now also be living your own powerful, beautiful potential. Yet because you are still clearly looking - it's an indication that there are still good steps to be taken. 


So I say again, great, this podcast is for you!

Do you want to get closer to yourself - your real, pure, authentic self? Then listen to this powerful activation meditation which will give you answers and insights from … yes, your own Soulful Self!


So make sure you have a pen and paper to hand, so you can immediately write down your insights, answers and next action steps after activation. 

And … more importantly: take immediate action!


Why’s that so important? Because otherwise you'll fall back into that old programming in no time, that programming which tries to keep you small and seemingly safe. Something that, honestly, doesn't serve you, doesn't serve your environment, and doesn't serve your greater good either. The world needs you and your powerful potential!


So time for powerful activation!


Yes?! Here we go. Make it easy for yourself, and make sure you won't be disturbed for a while. If you’re driving a vehicle, I advise you to listen to this podcast (including the meditation) later. 






Questions in the meditation: 

What is important to me right now?

What is my next step?

What can I change in my life for my highest good?

What and who can I let go of?


And wise Soulful Self: May I experience and feel a glimmer of my purpose and mission? What is my life mission?

Who am I going to help, coach, support? 

What can I set in motion?

Who will help and guide me in this process?


Which action step can I take immediately?




And, how was that?

Have you experienced the power and activation well?


Then write down your insights immediately.


I will also put the questions in the show notes at: and you can find this separate meditation for free in my Lisette Lucas app (in the special meditations folder). 


Let all insights and answers sink in and show their impact on you.

My advice: Start maintaining a connection with your Soulful Self. Do this meditation at least once a week. By doing this you can always receive new answers and insights, while building up to doing it all by yourself at some point. You’ll open a direct open line of communication with that powerful wise part of you, so that information and inspiration can flow through you. 


Do you want to work on this further, perhaps for your own development or to apply it powerfully in your own Soulful business?


Then I will of course help you with all my love. I don't do anything different myself, what I’ve shown you here has helped me immensely in my life and business.

It's literally my Go-To when I feel the need.


So do you also feel that you are ready for new, ground-breaking steps outside your comfort zone? Steps that will help you powerfully transform and finally do what you were destined to do? 


Feeling a strong ‘Yes!’? Then show me and your Soulful self that you take it seriously. Send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook or just an email with the podcast number 131 and the word: ‘Yes’! Then you indicate directly to that wise part of yourself, that you respect your Soulful Self and are grateful for the insights, and are ready to grow and develop further. You reaffirm that you’re ready to do exactly what you came here to Earth to do, to shine further from your powerful Soulful Self in the way that is destined, in a way that suits you and in which you contribute to the greater good at the same time. The road to ultimate satisfaction!


I look forward to hearing and seeing you soon! 

Love and hug from me!

x Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 


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