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Spiritual Healing Consultation

What is Spiritual Healing?

This form of healing is a powerful and effective treatment which can help you heal at physical, emotional, mental and/or spirituals levels. It can also be an addition and/or support you during a medical treatment.

The medium places his or her hands during the healing session on your shoulders or back. while you are sitting comfortable in a chair. In this way the Spirit World can send the healing energy through the medium to you. The energy will flow to places where it's most needed. The intelligence of the Spirit World is in charge.  

The most beautiful and special part of this spiritual healing consultation is that the medium is only a tool, a vessel to send the healing energy. The Spirit World knows what's good for you and what you need a that specific moment in time. You always get exactly the right amount of healing energy.

Spiritual Healing is a form of healing with the intervention of the Spirit World. The Spiritual Healer is used as a vessel to transfer the healing energy. 



How does a spiritual healing consultation work?

The client can sit down in a chair during a healing session. The medium asks permission to place his/her hand on your shoulders or back and will stand or sit behind the client. This will be the place where the energy will be transferred. To reach the ultimate results it's best to do the healing in a quiet, peaceful environment. The client can close his/her eyes, relax and receive. Enjoying the healing is an important part of the session. In that way your open to receive. 

Every healing is different, the one time your feel nothing and maybe another time you sense a lot. Things like: heat, cold energy, pressure, enlightenment or for instance tingling sensations are possible. 

A healing has effect on the physical body, physical complaints can become less or even disappear. It also has effect on the mental and emotional body and your (spiritual) development. Most often one feels relaxed and calm after a consultation. 

A treatment can resonate days to weeks through you system. 

It's a good idea to plan a relaxed day after a healing consultation and drink lots of water.


Tip: It's fun to 'scan' your body before and after the session. And also after a week. 



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Disclaimer: Spiritual healing can never replace the regular health care system. It can be a good addition. A healer would always encourage you to stay under the supervision and care of a certified and licenced doctor. 

NL:Spirituele healing kan nooit de reguliere geneeskunde vervangen, maar het kan een goede aanvulling zijn. Een healer zal je daarom altijd aanmoedigen om onder behandeling van een arts te blijven.

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