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22nd december 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 99. Reflection, A Powerful Tool That Gives You Insight So You Can Shift Your Life On All Levels! + Download The Free Reflection Tool


A question for you: Do you need change, something to shift, grow or transform? Then the end of the year or time period of your choice is a good time to pause and reflect. 


  • Because Insight is power! And looking back to move forward more powerfully is the key!


  • In this podcast you can clearly and easily reflect with my free Reflection tool which can help you shift.


  • So that you can close, complete and move forward with clear insight and a plan for your highest good! 


 (The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


And you can now also download for free my Lisette Lucas App for iOS/Android


Welcome to Podcast #99!


Wow …  what a magical number! The second to last podcast before going from 2 to 3 digits. And also the second to last podcast of the year. 


A special and precious moment for me.


I just had a connection call over Zoom with a client of mine. And he said he's never looked forward to anyone's 100th podcast … but he is for mine. That was so cool to hear! 


Because indeed …  when I look back …  wow, what a journey.


Yesterday suddenly the word reflect came to me. And then I thought, yes, Podcast #99 is a wonderful moment to reflect. 


As you listen to this I want to encourage you to reflect with me, because if you want to move forward in life, it is very important to 'stand still' every now and then. To pause, look back and see how it went.


So this podcast I'm going to ask you to take a moment for yourself. A moment of reflection and looking back. In the past year, the past quarter or maybe just the past month or week.

For in any case: you will get insights and clarity. 


Insight and clarity give strength to move forward. 

And that's the point.


Now, to make it easy, you can simply divide your reflection into 4 main areas. 


  • Your health: physical / emotional / mental / spiritual 


  • Your relationships: partner / family / relatives / loved ones / friends / colleagues


  • Your career: business / work / financial health 


  • Your personal development: spiritual / mindset / transformation / education


And good news. To make it easy I have created an 11 page Reflection Tool PDF, which can be downloaded for free from my app or via the shownotes at: Using this, you can work through things yourself and really reflect on the key areas of your life, for super strong shifts! So take a moment to download it, print it, whatever works for you. You can of course immediately answer the questions in your mind too, but the best thing to do is to write them down. 


So if I'm just talking about myself.  


I’ll start with the first area: Health.

I can say that since I consciously plan my 'mindfulness moments'. I Meditate, listen and just create time and space for myself, so my health is fantastic. Which makes me super happy! On the other hand, with so much work online with a lot of clients and students, there is definitely room for improvement in the area of physical movement. 


Emotionally, the last six months have been a roller-coaster for me because of the malignant tumour that was discovered and removed from my husband. So yes, I had to guard myself extra closely to keep balanced and to prevent going under myself. When I look back now and reflect on that period, that phase, those last months. What has saved me is my daily routine of rest, meditation and hypnosis. Just what felt right to me at the time. Because I am absolutely 100% convinced that that keeps me mentally strong, focussed and powerfully moving. Continue!


And yes, spiritually… that's my life-line. If you listen often to my podcast you will understand. Knowing that you are one with the bigger picture alone is a powerful realisation. My connection to Spirit has become very, very strong over the years. I can reach out when it is necessary for myself or for others and that feels phenomenal. And yes, it has helped me through a lot of difficult moments.


So this is a piece of me and about me. And a piece of my reflection moment. 


But now it's up to you.


Download the free PDF, which you can easily fill in for a super useful and very, very powerful result! 


If we look at the 1st sub-area for the past period, whether that’s week, month, quarter or year, any time period will give you insights!

Looking back, how was your overall health in your chosen time frame?


Write the answer down for yourself (or reflect in your mind), but preferably write the answers down. Because the act of writing works through to your deepest layers. 

Pause the podcast for a while to give yourself time to find the answers. And be truly honest, you're doing this all for yourself. This is definitely a gift to yourself so really take your time with it. Time for you! 


  • How was your Health on a Physical Level?


  • How was Your Health on an Emotional Level?


  • How was Your Health on a Mental Level?


  • How was Your Health on a Spiritual Level?


And maybe other insights will also emerge, take note of these. 


Then we move on to sub-area 2: Relationships


  • How were your Relationship(s) on an intimate / love level?


  • How were your Relationships on a family level?


  • How were your Friendly-Level Relationships?


  • How were your relationships at work/collegiate level?


And do you get any other insights while you write the answers down, while you reflect? Note them too - this is often where the most powerful points emerge. 


And then we go to sub-area 3: Your career


  • How was your career at your own company level? 


  • How was Your Career at work/salaried level?


  • How was Your Career at a financial health level?


Again, note down any other career insights you may receive. 


And to close with the 4th and last sub-area: Your personal development. 


Actually exactly what you are doing when you listen to the podcast which I contribute to with all my love. So I'm curious about your answers;




  • How Was Your Personal Development on a Spiritual Level?


  • How Was Your Personal Development at a  Mindset Level?


  • How Was Your Personal Development on a Transformative Level?


  • How Was Your Personal Development At An Educational Level?


What other Personal Development insights have you received? 


I am very curious about your Reflection report and whether any helpful insights have emerged. 


A moment of standing still, looking back and reflecting is so essential in your growth and evolution as a person and soul. Did you reflect? Then applaud yourself! Because one thing is certain: You have a growth mindset and you are open to embracing new things in life.


That is the step to a life full of EnergyJoy! Energy must be in motion in all areas. Man needs that to be happy. So do you experience anything other than happiness somewhere? A stagnation? A struggle? A challenge? Then it's up to you to shift it!


Next week is Podcast #100! And then comes the sequel to this Podcast. Make sure you don't miss it because that will complete your palette of insights and steps to shift! 


Thank you so much for listening! 


And are you looking to: develop, grow, transform on an energetic, spiritual, mindset and/or business level? 


Then I have a lot of tools for you to set these changes in motion powerfully.


If this feels good and you want to know more, send me an email at: and we can hopefully arrange a connection conversation via Zoom. A good place to see where you stand and what is good for you at the moment. 


Thanks again, lots of love from me!


I wish you beautiful days with all happiness, love, abundance and health!


Big hug from me! And I hope to see you soon!

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

Podcast 99. Reflection

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