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27th october 2021 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 91 Invocation: Do you ask for help or do it all yourself. 5 Steps To Receive Insights And Support From The Universe. Plus: Experience Firsthand The Instant Invocation Shift.


A question for you: What do you do when you need help? Do you solve it yourself or do you ask for help? 


  • Energetic Assistance is available 24/7! 


  • In this podcast you will discover how and in what way you can directly activate your universal helplines. 


  • So you always have a powerful backup of your invisible team. And that feels wonderful!



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Welcome to Podcast #91!

Very nice to have you here!


This podcast is very personal in timing. Purely because it's something I'm currently making extra use of right now.


But first I'll take you back to where it all started. 


As a young, sensitive girl, I grew up in a family without a specific religion. So basically I was completely free to believe in whatever I wanted to. To be honest, that was actually really nice. 


But I can still remember a time when I was very afraid of swimming lessons. 

In primary school I always had to go to school swimming lessons once a week. 

The whole class would take a bus to the swimming pool, where you were then at the mercy of the swimming teacher.


I was terrified of these swimming lessons, specifically of the red stick with the big metal hook that pushed you under the water. This was used frequently if you didn't do what was expected of you.


So I remember every night before those swimming lessons, I would lay in bed, crying and desperate with fear. 


I had seen people pray to God. 

Something I wasn't really into at all. 

But I still remember squeezing my little 8-year-old hands together under the covers in sheer desperation. In prayer mode I would then talk to God in my mind, well actually begged for help. In the hope that the swimming lesson would be cancelled or that I would get through it well.


For little Lisette this then became a weekly way to deal with fear. And it also gave me confidence because strangely enough, the lesson was cancelled. Maybe there was a mechanical issue with the bus or the scary swimming teacher was ill …  


I always noticed that it gave me a kind of relief to call for help before going to sleep. 

Although I actually thought I was weird for talking to God or some higher power, which is why I didn’t tell anyone about this. But it did feel good that I had found a way that worked for me. That's how I got through my swimming lessons and I finally got my swimming diplomas. 


Many years later I had training in England in developing my psychic and mediumistic skills. 


The teacher gave a tip to work from soul to soul, to make an energetic 'Soul to Soul connection'.


He asked a question which I’m now going to ask you: 

‘Have you ever experienced so much pain, sadness and/or fear? 

Have you ever been so desperate that you turned all the way in. To the deepest, innermost being of you. And that you end up on a kind of primal level.

And that from that deepest level you wanted to make a kind of cry for help?

It kind of want to scream?

An internal cry for help?’


Do you recognise that feeling?  


Yes? I don’t want to say that’s a beautiful thing, but then, it is because you know what it means? That you know how to invoke from soul level. In English they say it so beautifully: 'Cry out from the Soul'. 

In other words, a call from the Soul. 


Why am I telling you this? Because once you have experienced this you can always connect soul to soul at this level. 

This is soul to soul communication without actual words. 


We use this in mediumship and psychic work, but also to do invocations.


An invocation is literally calling for help, or a plea for help.  


In other words, exactly as I did as a little girl with my swimming lessons: I made contact on a soul level with a higher source, strength, power or whatever you want to call it. For me it worked quite naturally, even if it arose out of a deep fear, it was actually quite intuitive.


So ask yourself: Do you ever use your intuitive Soul to Soul connection to connect with a higher source? And by that I mean for example: God, the universe, the cosmos, the source, source energy, Allah or whatever name you give it. The name really doesn’t matter at all.


What really matters is the intention. 

I would set the intention to ask for help with the swimming lesson going well. 


And then I trusted in a happy ending. I didn't really have a choice either, because my mother was unfortunately really not going to give me a note every week that I was sick. 


But without realising it, I had found the key. 

And from my insights, the invocation actually consists of 5 steps:


  • Step 1: Set intention


  • Step 2: Feeling at soul level


  • Step 3: Speak internally/externally


  • Step 4: 'Thanksgiving' - Saying Thanks 


  • Step 5: Trust & Let Go


So step 1 is setting an intention: You choose what or why you are going to do the invocation. You set the intention to set the energy in motion. 


Step 2 is feeling deeply at soul level. From that level you create the soul to soul connection. The connection to the person or resource you are calling on. 


Step 3 is speaking the invocation internally or out loud. By doing this you give permission to the higher power to move pieces for your highest good. This is essential to do with your free will. Otherwise, they will not intervene unnecessarily. So asking for help, insights or support is very important. Are you not doing this? Then you really will have to solve it yourself. 


Step 4 is an insight I got from my mentor Mavis Pittila. Usually a prayer or invocation consists of mainly questions for help. Which often creates a kind of plea with a desperate vibe. So it’s very important to also say thank you, to attach a word of thanks to it. Mavis called this a "prayer of thanksgiving." 

Including a prayer to give thanks for and to give recognition to what and whom you wish to thank, gives the whole invocation a beautiful loving energy, instead of it being a desperate plea. 


Step 5 Close the invocation in thanks and love. Then let it go with confidence. The energy is set in motion and you just trust in something greater than yourself. Also experience the energy around you. Your state of mind, pay attention to subtle signals and shifts. You can really feel it, provided you open your mind to it. 


Of course you can ask for help in any way and there are many traditions that do it in their own way. Which is beautiful. Go and feel for yourself what feels good and what suits you. 


So that it can flow and not block you because you don't believe in something. Just make it your own invocation recipe, as I have done. 


I've picked up pieces along the way that feel good and resonate. This has almost become my mantra. My invocation that I use daily in my work but also in personal situations of course.


The reason for this podcast today is a very personal one. And that's why I want to make an invocation with you now.  


So if you have the opportunity to relax for a while, I invite you. Otherwise you can just listen.


I never make my invocation very long. It just doesn't feel necessary as it is about the intention and moving the energy. 


So are you ready?


I now give you my personal invocation of this day. 

Does it feel good? Then learn a few phrases for yourself that work for you. 

Then you can always apply it when you feel the need for support, help, insight and/or healing. 


Sit comfortably and breathe in and out slowly. 

Relax your shoulders, your jaw, consciously feel your feet on the floor. Very good.  


‘I address the highest level of Divine light, goodness and love. Dear helpers, angels, protectors, guides and loved ones in Spirit. 

I want to thank you, thank you for your loving presence and help in the times when we need it so much. Thank you for blessing, helping and supporting my EnergyJoy podcast listeners. Thank you for the insights we receive and the growth and transformation we experience and live through together. Thank you for the love, the healing and the connection we get to experience. Just when we need it most. Thanks to the light, the warmth and the security. Thank you for the infinite source of inspiration that comes to us in many ways. Thank you for opening our consciousness to all these signals and signs that help, support and guide us. Thanks for the unconditional connection and the endless support in many ways. My thanks are great, our thanks are great. Thanks for helping those who so, so need it. Thank you for providing the inspiration for these podcasts and healing many hearts and creating beautiful shifts in many lives. Thank you for this moment of togetherness. Being together. In love, with love, through love. Thank you!’


So very beautiful and feel the energy around you and through you. Experience the calmness and humbling sensation that this connection and invocation brings. Feel grateful that everything is going as it should. All in divine timing, trust and let go. 


Breathe in and out and come back to the here and now with an EnergyJoy smile on your face.


I want to thank you and let me enjoy the shift in energy for a while.

Embrace your spiritual guidance. They are there for you whether you feel or see them or not. Out of gratitude, ask for help when you need it. They respect your free will so the 1st step is up to you. 


I wish you all love, happiness and health! A very big hug with a sparkle of Divine light, goodness and love especially for you! Enjoy it!


Love Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

Podcast 91. Invocation

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