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13th october 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 89. Grounded or not? A Light On Who Is Which And The Real Difference Between The Two. Plus Discover The 4 Steps To Grounding In The Most Powerful, Energetic Conscious Way.


Earthly, ethereal, spiritual or energetically unconscious … all terms with which people use to try to pigeonhole each other. Have you experienced this? And if so, where would you place yourself?


  • Discover in this podcast how energetically conscious people are best grounded! 


  • Plus I'll give you the 4 steps on how you can use your energy more consciously. 


  • So you can be more powerful, stable and firmer in the earthly state based on clarifying energetic insights.


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Welcome to Podcast 89!


Crazy that you're here!


This week I heard something on television about a famous person. Someone who, in my view, does wonderful work and sheds light on and connects many earthly, social, energetic and spiritual matters. The person was then portrayed as having their head in the clouds. 


Wooow, I thought then! Wait a minute, there is clearly a lack of knowledge and understanding here. 

Because to someone who dares to highlight, touch and discover many facets and layers of existence as much as possible. 

To simply put the stamp: 'airy' on it. 

Then I know: This is purely out of ignorance and underlying fear of those sending judgement.

And yes, you can and may call that a judgement. 


But I personally have a problem with injustice. And if someone is unfairly portrayed in a certain way, without digging deeper and looking at the actual underlying reasons, without exposing all sides. Yes, then you get me … 


So from there this podcast was born. Basically just to create clarity. 


But also because simply, people are still quickly classified into: category 1: earthy or category 2: ethereal. And from within that box they engage with the world.


I myself grew up in category 1: In a very, say, earthly family. A very large, earthly, wealthy family.

In other words, material things, money and prestige were paramount.

Energetic awareness, let alone spirituality, well, that just didn't exist.


I also talk about this in previous podcasts. 

So yes, me as a highly sensitive girl, who reacted intensely to energetic changes in her environment and in people. I had to learn to swim in that soup of energy that, according to my environment, did not exist at all. 


For a long time I tried to believe that there was nothing more than the earthly.

But still I felt from an early age, deep down, that this was not right.

And so it has come through coincidence, or call it synchronicity, that I have started to deepen and develop on the energetic and spiritual plane.

Simply because I felt there was more than the earthly. Too much was revealed to me that was not actually possible according to earthly concepts. 


There was no other way, I just had to do something with it. I felt it from within and also around and through me it became more and more visible.

So all by myself, I broke away from what I had been taught and started exploring on my own. I went in search of the truth. 

And so it went.

By now I know that I will not be able to find out the truth of everything.

But I do know that I can find my personal truth in the moment.


And that feels good and nice. That feels pure and real. And I always recommend that to my students and clients: Look for your truth!

Be curious and very importantly - don't simply take everything as the truth! Not even what I'm telling you! Go find your truth in my truth and the truths of others.

Then your truth arises by itself. And that's beautiful!


One truth I have discovered along the way is the following.


From earthly society come spiritually conscious people i.e. people who do or believe something, or who delve further into matter beyond the socially desired or known. Also beyond what is scientifically proven at the moment. Everything beyond that is dismissed as: airy. With the strong undertone: Not to be taken seriously.


I now know better than that myself. And I must also say that fantastic, groundbreaking work from the likes of Dr. Joe Dispenza absolutely contributes to it. Dr. Dispenza’s work connects science with energetic consciousness, and that's beautiful!


But the most important thing is the truth that has become clear to me. 

And that is: Energetically and spiritually aware, educated and evolved persons are the most grounded people on earth. 


In other words, people who describe themselves as ‘earthly’, often float in consciousness from an energetic perspective much more than spiritual people.


A simple example: 

Who’s often stressed?

Who often has a lot of anxiety?

Who often has a lot on their mind?

Who has a burnout?

Who gets overloaded?


Well, what do you think?

People who do not know where to put the surplus of energy. Energy created by one's own thought power and that of the incoming energy of others.


Because that's it!

It is an overload of thought power or an overload of energy!

And that then becomes an overload of the physical system through energetic overload. 


So what is essential?

Energetic Consciousness!

For both the earthly physical and the energetically ethereal are inextricably linked. 


So you want to be able to regulate stress, burnout, overload, headaches and/or unrest. What are you doing then? 

Answer: Learning to work with energy! Learning to convert, transform and regulate energy.


Yes, this is the absolutely basic, step #1 that I teach all my students.


Because this is, you can say: vital!

And because I'm super happy that you clearly feel the need to increase your energetic awareness and shift, I'm going to give you 4 essential steps.


Because learning to ground your energy is not only about connecting with the earth.

You need to be well grounded if you are looking to grow and transform powerfully energetically too and have mastered the following advanced techniques and insights. 


And that's why I'm going to give you more information with 1 step for each of the 4 parts of grounding now. I teach this technique more in depth in my Master Your Intuition Academy. 


But now, are you ready for them? 

Here they come:


Step 1: Ground your physical body

Most people are familiar with this and think this is the only step. Then wonder why they still feel stressed and absent. Well, that's because there's more to it.


Step 2: Ground your base energy centre

Your energetic body consists of many energetic power stations. At the very bottom you will find the base. This is essential for survival on Earth. They are all essential but this one specifically. And it must also be really well connected energetically to the energy of the earth. This takes more practice. 


Step 3: Ground your energetic body

Okay, sounds nice but how do you do that? As soon as you increase your energetic awareness, you also learn more about your energy field, your aura. You're going to learn to control this as a kind of energetic vehicle. You will then learn to park your energetic vehicle. I like to put it that way because you can kind of see it in front of you. So you can park it and then there will be peace and quiet. You can see this as grounding your energetic body. Super powerful and simple as you are fully in control. Truly a world will open up for you. 


Step 4: Ground your consciousness 

Grounding your consciousness I hear you think. How? 

I always bring up the film Aladdin in my mind. Almost everyone knows what the blue genie looks like coming out of that copper oil lamp, right? 

You can see your consciousness like this too. With your mind being the genie that always wants to get out, wants to travel, wants to wander, maybe feeling more comfortable, feeling safer outside of the physical body. It can indeed be wonderful, letting your consciousness float … but it’s essential to ground it back again too. 


But we mainly leave that part that is going to travel well for the night. Then your mind, your Spirit, your soul essence may take nice trips, astral travel through dimensions. Because yes, you do that too! You know that feeling of waking up tired? Well, curious where you were that night haha. Yes? Do you understand it now? 


But you will also learn to ground that part in your physical body. For most this is really an eye opener. 


So these are the 4 parts that will boost your overall powerful grounding, so to speak!

It literally lets you be powerful in the here and now.

And also, if you master this grounding well, if you master this. Then you are ready to start your energetic development. Then you can safely learn to work psychic and mediumistic. Learning to play with energy, learn to heal and so much more. 

And the best part is: Anyone can do this! Because everyone is basically the same 

It's up to you whether or not you want to get the best out of it.


Working with energy sometimes seems like a miracle, but in fact it is the most normal thing in the world. As simple as learning a new language!


If you feel a curiosity bubbling up or do you need to leave that stress, energy or burnout behind you for good?


Then you now know which steps will definitely help you!


Good luck and thank you for listening!

And please, do you know someone who suffers from stress, anxiety, burnout, overload? Or someone who has trouble being in the here and now?

Please share this podcast. And let them experience for themselves whether it resonates. 

You can see it like this. Suppose: You live in a house with a ground floor, 1st floor and attic.

Where are you going to live? 

Constantly in the attic?

Because often when you're stressed, you do!

You only live in your attic, in other words in your head! 

All energy is in the attic or in and around your head! Well, I know one thing for sure, then you feel floating, absent, out of balance and not yourself, not in your strength. 


Time to shift and let your 4 parts use the entire house including the powerful foundation that stands firmly in the earth! 


Then you are rock solid and you can handle all dimensions, levels and challenges of life!


Thanks again and a big hug from me!


And super handy tip: the Lisette Lucas App can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. There you can find lots of free meditations, visualisations and tools just for you.


I wish you a lot of EnergyJoy!

Big hug again and see you soon! X

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

89. Grounded or not?

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