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22nd september 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 86. 6 Steps From My Masterclass + How Grateful I Am For You!


To start, a question: when life throws a challenge your way, what do you do?


  • In this podcast I share my personal method and 6 steps from the masterclass


  • So that you can immediately apply it yourself 


  • And know how to shift when some old primal programming takes over


(Shownotes can be found at:


Welcome to Podcast #86!


I just gave my live online masterclass and I am still reminiscing about the enthusiastic response and the wonderful vibe we ended up with in the group.


Were you there? Then I would like to thank you very much for your enthusiasm and for participating. It’s heartwarming and I’m deeply grateful! 


Now, I’d like to share something very private and personal. We all know that part of life is dealing with challenges on our path. It’s just 'Life being life' as my mentor Mavis Pittilla would say.


I myself am working through a challenge within my family. Such a huge challenge, involving the illness of someone very dear to me. 

It’s an exciting and vulnerable time, in which it is so important to feel and acknowledge what is going on, what it does to you and let it be. 

But also to continue with what is important.


And I now feel even more strongly how wonderful it is to be working with energy, clients and students. Simply because it levels me and feels good. To let myself and others feel what energy can do and mean for you. Especially when things don't go well. Exactly as I am now experiencing and living through. 


Yes, I have had to vigorously apply many of my own techniques lately. 


And it is precisely because of this, that I also experience its power and how important it is to control it well. For it helps and supports me to keep going, to be strong for those who really need it.


In my masterclass which I am running a few more times in the coming days: ‘3 Powerful Steps to Intuition and Energy Mastery’, I will take you on an introductory journey of seeing, feeling, experiencing and applying energy. In this masterclass we start with a powerful exercise to visualise and manifest with.


We also do a test with which you immediately experience the power of your intuition. Super fun, powerful and it gives you a lot of insight straightaway. 


Of course I also took the test today. The result of the test was different from usual, but it especially gave me strength. The strength I need to get through this phase.

Clearly my inner knowing is in tune.

So very beautiful! 


Sometimes we go through parts of our lives that when you look back on them, you think: ‘Wow …  I am more powerful than I initially thought’. I’m sure you can think of some already? 


I myself always think: If you have experienced something once, have endured and survived - then you can absolutely do it again.


And that's how it feels now.


What also helps a lot is: truly being in the moment, living in the NOW. Be aware and above all be grateful for those little things.


Yeah right …  sounds cliché when it feels your world is collapsing. But being in that place right now, I can say it works. And it really helps! 


So yes, as I make this podcast I am thankful for you! That you take the time and space to listen to this. You’re opening up and taking it in, regardless of what is going on in your life right now.


The great thing about gratitude is that it's the antidote to fear. Fear that makes the mind spin with scenarios that may never happen.


And that reminds me of Tony Robbins. He puts it so beautifully: We often imagine all kinds of scenarios in our heads, only to find out in the end that it won't even happen like that at all. That you've been worrying about nothing! Recognisable? 


When you really focus on and feel what exactly is going on within that fear, you’ll really notice a shift in your energy straight away when you shift your energy to gratitude. 

It makes a world of difference! 


And yes, I'm only human and sometimes ask myself: ‘Am I kidding myself with that gratitude?’ Especially when facing a huge challenge. 


Which for me is also an old sabotaging thought that rears its head. And it’s good to recognise what happens in your head when certain thoughts appear, so you know: ‘I’m not falling for this again’. 


Because no, really! I am now 100% sure! Feeling and experiencing gratitude is real! It is tangible and measurable. Your energy field immediately expands and you feel calmer. Which is the opposite of fear, where your energy field contracts completely, like a balloon that deflates. Something we all know - that feeling that you can't breathe anymore.


I recognised this feeling, saw I was in that place of fear and knew I had to shift to gratitude. Even if only for the smallest moments. 


This morning in the masterclass I let the group experience the energy in a powerful visualisation. And it was really beautiful! Reactions such as: goosebumps, emotions, a tear, peace, joy, ‘wow’ and 'beautiful' came up in the chat.


The most beautiful thing about these classes is that during the masterclass you can see me but I can't see you. So you can participate from your own safe environment in peace and space. Which is a nice way to get used to the atmosphere and me. 


Also you can participate interactively by responding and saying what you experience in the chat box. Then I see your feedback and that helps to shift the energy of the whole group. Just as it did today.


I noticed at one point while I was saying something that emotions were coming in. I felt at that moment that they were not mine. I said so to the group and it was immediately agreed by several as theirs. So whether I see you or not. Energy flows through everything. 


And good news: you can learn this too. Or maybe you are already doing it unconsciously, picking up energy and taking it over from others. If so it is very important that you learn to open and close yourself. Otherwise you will run out of energy, which is such a shame … Many sensitive people, HSPs and empaths know exactly what I'm talking about. However, I assume if you are here then you definitely have experience with it. Even if only through helping others with it - if you are a coach, a therapist or healer, it’s an essential thing. Fortunately, there is a solution for everything! I always emphasise this in my academy. My students can attest to that.


Of course I hope you manage to attend a live masterclass. As it is a very nice introduction to me (if I do say so myself hahaha) and I do these with all my love, and my love for working with energy and intuition. And don't forget to let the power of the mind work for you. Very, very important!


You can register via:


If you’d like to learn and discover more about what I share in the masterclass, then I have a great opportunity for you to train, transform and develop with me. All online and from your safe environment. 

For the live masterclass followers there is always a great bonus! 

So my tip: Make sure you're there live!  


And good news: In my online Master Your Intuition Academy you can train together with the group or at your own pace. Everything is possible.


And also super handy: I ​​have launched my own 'Lisette Lucas app'. And there you can follow all the podcast episodes. You can sign up for free and enjoy the meditations. You can follow the course programme and videos through your computer, tablet or from your mobile phone, wherever you are.


To summarise in the 6 stages we cover in the masterclass:  

1: You’ll experience what it is like to see energy

2: You’ll experience what it is like to feel energy

3: You’ll do an intuition test 

4: You’ll amaze yourself with the power and speed of your inner knowing

5: You’ll immediately do an exercise with the knowledge you gain so you can manifest powerfully

6: You’ll experience whether you are ready to shift to the frequency of EnergyJoy and Beyond. Purely by listening to your own, natural, authentic intuition


All in all a great introduction to the world of Energy & Intuition Mastery.


I hope to meet you online. 


If you have any questions, I'd love to hear them. You can always send me a message through the link on my website or at:


I will also post the details in the show notes at:


I want to thank you for your attention, love, warmth and passion. And I hope you will take great steps towards your ultimate wishes and dreams.


If I have been allowed to touch something in you that activates a very small part of your dreams, then I have achieved my goal! And that makes me super grateful and happy!


Thanks again, see you soon and a big hug from me! 

Love Lisette xxx 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

86. 6 Steps From My Masterclass
+ Gratitude

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