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8th september 2021


Lisette Lucas


84. Interactive Tuning + Intuitive Message For You Through Frequencies And Energetic Layers


Question: Can you intuitively sense what is right for you?


  • In this podcast we're going to do a test and you'll find out right away


  • So that you feel and experience how quickly it works


  • And you receive insights that you can use to move forward


(Shownotes can be found at:


Welcome to Podcast #84!


Today I have a new kind of podcast.

It is an interactive tuning podcast with an intuitive, energetic message that you intuitively choose. It's a nice test for yourself. 


All I ask of you is to follow me: calmly with an exhale and then immediately answer my question.


So I will pose a question with several answers in a moment.

The challenge for you is to not think about the answer, but to feel it. 

Yes, you heard right. Feel the answer come to you without thinking about it.


And now I hear you think: ‘Okay, sounds nice Lisette. But how do I know I feel the answer?’. Well, you’ll know it because it comes directly to you before your thinking mind has time to interfere.


Yes, just trust the intelligence and wisdom that is in and around you.


Are you ready for it? Let’s go there.


Breathe in and out slowly.


I'll give you a message in a moment. Remember: No thinking, just feel! 


The question is: 

‘Which message is the one that is in tune with what you can use right now: 1, 2 or 3?’


You know the answer right now! You either got the 1, 2 or 3 to you. 


What came into your mind 1st, what you felt 1st is the right thing for you, right now.


So what was your number? Was it 1, 2 or 3. Write it down if necessary. But don't go and change it now. 


As soon as you start thinking about it you’ll go: ‘Uhhh … I had 1, but maybe it should be 3 …’, No, no stick with 1. 


Or maybe the other way around. Perhaps you got 2 and you think: ‘Yes, but actually I also thought 3.’ 

And then you’ll recognise, Oh, 'thought'. No: don't think!


I drew 3 cards in a specific order.


Your answer, i.e. your 1, 2 or 3, indicates which card is yours.


I have tuned myself energetically, intuitively to the cards beforehand, especially for this podcast and you listeners, so I have read and interpreted them with you in mind.


Are you ready for it? 

So if you chose 1 then this is your card, this is your message right now. 

Here comes card 1:

The 1st card is also the 1st card of the series that has everything to do with earthly matters. A beautiful, positive card. It has everything to do with the financial and material. The 1st feeling I get is that the plans and ideas you have, and which go through your head, you can trust that they will unfold. Stay true to yourself and don't be distracted by other earthly concerns or the opinions of others. This is your moment to put down what you are good at. Something only you can do as you can. Just by staying close to yourself and finally doing what you really want, will bring you so much joy, happiness and passion. Then the rewards will come. Take the step, go for it, follow your heart and soul and listen to your inner knowing. You've always known it, but you've tucked it away. Somewhere far away. Now it's your time! Go for it! I'm already proud of you! 



Card 2:

The 2nd card is also a beautiful card. This is an important time in your life: it is up to you to take steps in a new direction or to dwell in the old. You already know the answer, but it's still exciting. This card is the boost. Now is the time to go all out. With perseverance, putting your shoulders to the wheel and that bit of stubbornness that makes you so beautiful, you will succeed. Come out of your shell. Take the reins and head straight for your target. Watch out for looking back. You can leave situations and stories from the past behind - they have taught you and brought you to where you are now. Knowing this can help you step into your power and move forward boldly. Trust that you are guided by unseen forces. There is so much more. The Universe has your back. If necessary, ask for help beyond the limits of earthly existence. Then you’ll feel less alone. You are more powerful and stronger than you think!


Card 3: 

This card envelops me in loving, warm, caring and nurturing vibes.

The heat that is released from this energetic frequency is mainly aimed at you! You are always there for others: standing up for them, helping, supporting and yes …  now it's time for you! Podcast 13: Self-love emerges. Go listen to that hypno meditation - it will reset what you already know deep down inside: that you are so worth shining, to shine doing what you are so good at. But sometimes you lack energy. I want to see your eyes shine and sparkle again, with that sparkle that comes from within. And yes, indeed, life presents us with challenges on our path. But it's not up to you to solve these for everyone. It's up to you to let go and leave it to the Divine, to DivineTiming. Then you can better relax and enjoy all the beauty around you. For which you have a great affinity with, but sometimes it passes you by. Time for you. Your job is to put yourself first. Saying ‘No’ out of love for yourself! You are so, so loved. Through all layers of existence! Big hug to you! You are doing well, you really are!


And? I am very curious if your intuitive message, including the sensed card number, resonated with you.


You may recognise or feel everything coming in. 

Maybe you can work with parts of it.

You might think: ‘Oh … that other card is much more useful to me’, then perhaps you tuned into the wrong number. If this is you, then learn from it, take it in!


Also it’s important that you intuitively pick out keywords from the message and give them your own interpretation based on feeling. 


You, your Soul, your inner wisdom knows what is right for you right now. This, in combination with the message provided, gives you tools, tips and insights to take great steps in the coming period.


If you liked this I can do this card session in podcast form more often. 

I’d like to hear your thoughts!


The cards I used are the digital Angel Tarot cards from Radleigh Valentine - just an app on my phone. 

It’s one of my favourite decks, and for this podcast I didn’t read them following their instructions. I really intuitively interpreted them on the frequency for the podcast, so that a multidimensional message comes out especially for you. 


In the shownotes on: I will post the images of the cards. 


Good luck and thank you for listening and participating!

This week my own Lisette Lucas App was launched in the Apple App Store. You can download it directly for free by clicking on the link in the show notes. Soon it will also be available in the Google Play Store!


Once again good luck, big hugs and lots of love to you!

X Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

84. Interactive Tuning + Intuitive Message For You

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