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19th may 2021 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 68. Medium but Why? The powerful effect and groundbreaking utility of embracing your Inner-Medium. 


  • What exactly is a medium, what do they do and what is their use?


  • A medium is so much more than a floaty, indeterminate woollen being who communicates with the dead.


  • Loving warning: In this podcast you will gain insights that may touch your core. So that you can experience for yourself what life is like from your authentic Soul-Self, including the groundbreaking effects. 




Welcome to Podcast #68


It's crazy that you are open to something that is actually still a taboo. 

The fact it still is means it's high time to make this podcast!


The idea for this podcast actually came about yesterday.


As you may know: I am a mother of 3 beautiful teenagers; a successful medium & intuitive transformation therapist; and I have had my EnergyJoy practice since 2013, which has enabled me to introduce thousands of people to the world of energy work and mediumship.


Like many of us, I am of course also on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin. Listing it like this makes it seem like you can already have a day job simply on social media haha! But I am mainly active on instagram and of course I also follow people who inspire me.


People like Lucy Woesthoff, yes, the wife of Dutch pride, singer Dinand indeed. I personally think Lucy is a beautiful, inspiring woman. She is the author of the book: 'Woman' and I enjoy her pure, authentic appearance and way of connecting with others. 


So unsuspectingly I was watching her insta story and suddenly I saw the photo of a book passing by. I recognised the photo because one of my own students from my mediumship training had placed it in the group app. 


But Lucy had an insta live with the author of this book: medium Laura Lynne Jackson and had added a question next to the photo: ‘I'm curious …  Have you even spoken with a medium?’. 

(Note: I will post a link to both ladies in the show notes at 


Well, being a medium you will be able to understand: My heart jumped with joy and gratitude! Of course I immediately let Lucy know! Because how wonderful that she is committed to raising awareness in her own unique way. So I immediately wrote to her: 'Thank you Lucy for raising awareness!' And received a sweet message in response from her.


Laura Lynne is also in the Netflix series: ‘Surviving Death’, which again Dutch colleagues of mine contributed to, and a friend I trained with. So very proud! 


The Insta Live was a wonderful conversation between Lucy and Laura, but I think the best of all is the following: these women are committed to awareness, universal love and connection. And if I extend it to mediumship, that's exactly what it's about.


Making a connection with the spiritual world. With our loved ones who are still around us from soul level and essence.


Unfortunately for many, this world is not perceptible. Yet fortunately for more and more of us, it is tangible and visible in many beautiful ways. Thanks in part to the efforts of many who study the development of their energetic qualities. Because as I've said many times in previous podcasts: we are all basically the same. We all have (or actually are) a soul, an essence - which means everyone can develop on a spiritual, energetic, intuitive, psychic and mediumistic level. 


That's not a gift reserved for some! Please don't make it bigger than it is. 

Okay, I hear you thinking now. If not a gift, what is it? 


I'm going to try to explain it from my own personal experience: Mediumship is persevering, continuing, training, practicing and above all falling, making mistakes, getting up and going again. 


Because when I talk about developing mediumship, or as I call it: developing and training your Inner-Medium, there is an essential step before that. 


And that is learning to master and control your own energy field, your aura. Only then can you learn how to blend with the energy of another person, animal, object, photo or situation. 


We call that psychological work. In Dutch you call that a psychic. It works psychologically. So it’s not mediumship yet. 


A medium goes a step further. For a medium can raise his or her energy towards the frequency of the spiritual world. 

The spiritual world acknowledges this and likes to work together with the medium, so lowers its frequency. Which allows you to make contact somewhere in the middle. You can see it that simply.  

The comparison I always make is with a radio. Turn the knob, tune to the right frequency until you get the right signal. 


Increasing your frequency obviously takes practice and training. You build up your spiritual stamina, so to speak. You can call it Spirit gym, or spiritual fitness. Haha …  And it's like with any form of training: Practice makes perfect or at least: Practice makes Progress. Because development lasts a lifetime, you can always improve and strengthen and deepen it. 


But it is present in all of us and everyone can learn and develop it. Sure, a certain degree of sensitivity is definitely a bonus. But I now also know from experience that everyone has that soft, sensitive side in them. Just for some it is buried a little deeper under the challenges life has presented, than for the other. But it's there. 


And then you can now ask yourself: Why do you think it is so important, Lisette, that this is made clear?


Good question: one I can answer very simply. 

The answer is: Love & Healing.


You probably know better than anyone what it's like to miss a loved one who has passed away, right?


But ask yourself: How do you think it is for your loved one? 

The one who has passed into the spiritual world. 

To the place where you don't need a physical body. Where everything is energy. 


The place from which you can see, experience and observe those left behind on earth. Where you can see how sad they are, see and feel how they miss you. Know how they feel, experience how they struggle and cry in silence. 

Imagine it. Now maybe this is not fun to imagine, but it gives an interesting perspective, so join us for the feeling. 


Suppose: You have arrived in the spiritual world unexpectedly or sooner than expected for whatever reason, and you have had to leave your loved ones behind. 

Sometimes with, but sometimes also without, being able to say goodbye. Sometimes with a fight over nothing, sometimes without having spoken to them for years. But often with intense sadness from that love and connection.


Imagine that you have the opportunity - one more time - from the spiritual world, to let your loved ones know that you are doing well. Or to let them know that you're sorry about that fight over nothing. Or to let you know that you are feeling fit, vital and healthy again. 


What will that do to your loved ones there on Earth? You in the spiritual world, they left alone without you on Earth. 

How will they feel after that message from you, beyond the limits of earthly existence?


Well, I can tell you from my personal experience as a medium, as a channel and mouthpiece between the earthly and spiritual world: That is the most healing thing you can experience as a Soul. The love, the warmth, but also the humour, the memories, the connection. It is the most powerful form of healing you can experience. 


And most importantly: Not only for those here on Earth but also for the one who has passed on to the spiritual world. Healing, forgiveness, love, comfort, compassion and connection may and can take place.


Tears flow, interspersed with a smile, because don't forget: you take all your character traits and your personality with you. Your Spirit & Soul lives on indefinitely with everything you have been able to experience through lifetimes. 

So how wonderful is that. And what is even more beautiful to experience: Souls continue to grow and evolve. It is always felt that they are in connection with the greater intelligence and wisdom. Perhaps words which could not be spoken during life because of (let’s call it) ‘ego issues’. Well, these can be spoken during a mediumistic contact, and in this way healing may take place between the 2 worlds.


So if you've heard this now. Actually from the perspective of the spiritual world. How valuable (and even important) is it that you develop and train your inner medium? 


How fantastic if you can receive and can and may transfer those messages from the spiritual world yourself. Precisely to those who need it so much. 


And that's why I was so happy that Lucy Woesthoff took that step. 


Because yes, there is still a taboo on mediumship, so it can be super exciting to talk about it in public …  By the way, I also saw the interview with Queen Maxima for her 50th birthday, about Tarot. Her prince was prophesied, but that’s an aside.


Mediums, mediumship … Well, as a sober mother of 3 children, born in the Randstad into a very wealthy family, where everything was based on money, possessions and power, I thought I knew all about it. Namely, it didn't exist! 


But oh my … how grateful I am that I dared to break through that. How thrilled I am to have followed that giga soul-pull to England to train, year in, year out, with the best in the world! 


And no, not just for myself but for the greater good. To set love and healing in motion. To help, support, and guide you to shift your frequency to the vibe of EnergyJoy and beyond! 

Because on your own you can try to raise the universal frequency. And that in itself works fine. Because yes, of course it starts with you. Therein lies the core, the basis, and it is absolutely step 1. 

But then it really starts!  


Because your frequency gets higher and higher and bigger and bigger and may touch, inspire and transform others. 

Actually exactly the way I do it now. At least, that's my intention with my podcast. That I may set something in motion with you, purely from my own experiences. 

This, this message about shifting your vibe, I have to share with the world. 

My vibe is now too high to just keep it in the living room, so to speak. Then instinctively the windows open. 

And I hope you feel and experience that too. 

Because if you feel this, then it has nothing to do with me. It has all to do with that beautiful, powerful, unique, pure part in you that feels called to do the same.


Then it resonates in a way that you may not be able to put into words yet. And that's totally okay. The important thing is that you have taken this step. 

Or actually: That you are now listening and activating the Inner-Medium part of yourself. Because it is present in you and it wants nothing more than to connect, to reach out, to set loving waves in motion and to help and heal. And all this purely from your own strengths, expertise and talents. Because I also know for sure: You are a beautiful palette of talents and qualities with infinite potential. 

So time to take action or time to move it even more powerfully from who you really are! From you: your Soul-Self!

So not based on what you learned because someone else wanted you to, no! Then I would also have been a contractor and house builder haha … 

No, purely from that fire, your Spirit, that passion in you. 

And that brings me back to Lucy Woesthoff. Look at her and you will understand what I mean by pure, authentic and loving in her own unique way. Thank you Lucy for contributing in your way to the love and healing that is so needed. Together we can shift to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond! Embrace your Inner-Medium from your pure soul frequency and anything is possible! 


And do you feel the inspiration and that bubbly, happy, energetic ‘Yes’ deep inside? Then take action right away! This is your time to shift and shine like no one else can! 


Of course I am happy to help and support you and I hope you now feel and experience why! 


Thanks for listening and a big hug from me!

Love Lisette xxx

All rights reserved 2021 

68. Medium but Why?

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