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3rd february 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 53. Intuitive Inspiration, Get Into The Flow And Be Open To The Infinite Creative Possibilities. Discover How To Make It Flow + Free Masterclass


Perhaps you feel like this: some people seem to find solutions for everything and always have good ideas. Whereas you … well you seem to be stagnating. 


Good news: You can do the same as those apparently 'Lucky Few'!


After this podcast you will understand what you can shift to get into that same flow. So that the intuitive inspiration flows through you in a special way, and becomes part of who you are.


Welcome to Podcast 53!


Elon Musk, Steve Jobs - both ultimate examples of visionaries. People who are and were 'in tune' with the intuitive flow of infinite inspiration and creation. 


They’re not limited by the confined powers of the mind. They know that there is a greater strength and power. Something they managed to tune into flawlessly and then set in motion with a powerful 'Yes' mindset.


In my view, it is that combination of being open to the potential, downloading it and taking the plunge to make it a reality.


Sounds easy, but why isn't everyone doing it?


The reason why not is: limiting beliefs and old outdated patterns, which rear their heads after you’ve had a good idea. Your mind is a lightning fast highway which has dozens of bears at the side of the road, waiting to get in the way. When a good idea is presented, these bears step out of the shadows and get bigger and bigger, roaring louder and louder. Meaning your good idea (filled with passion, intuitive inspiration and creation) disappears in no time into a heavy gut feeling within that deep bear pit.


Ironically, it's not those bears that disappear …  but your brilliantly inspired ideas that have been handed to you from something bigger than yourself. 


Ideas that the 'Elon Musks' and 'Steve Jobs' out there didn't let disappear into that bear pit.


And the impact of these ideas, from Teslas to Apple technology, is felt and seen around us, day in and day out. 


And yes, it all started from intuitive and creative inspiration. A hunch, a moment in which an image, a feeling, a vision appeared through the Soul's eye, reflected before the eye of the mind. And that's where the magic happens, which is why that moment is so important to embrace and train.


Which is what we're going to do in this podcast.


In my intuitive, energetic, mediumistic and spiritual development I myself experienced (for me at that moment in time), a wonderful phenomenon.


From one day to the next I started writing poems.


You might be thinking … poems …  boring. Well, that was my first thought too. I thought it was old-fashioned and dowdy. (Yeah, a limiting mind thingy, a belief that immediately tried to stop me writing again).


But something special was going on.

I didn't come up with those poems. The poems arose, through me. It flowed through me. I wrote it down and later when I read it back I thought: wow …  how beautiful! Where did that come from?


So you understand. My curiosity was aroused.

And something special happened, I noticed that writing these poems had a healing effect on me. It gave me space and air and it moved me in a way that I had never experienced before.


So yes, that's how at the most strange moments, sentences suddenly sprang up out of nowhere in my head that I had to write down. During the day or in the middle of the night - I just wrote them in my notes on my iPhone. (Yes, Steve Jobs's vision). And then went back to sleep with a warm glow of wonder and gratitude.


I have to admit, many poems are written from a depth that is almost incomprehensible. And some were real deep soul concoctions that literally exposed my higher soul levels.


But I also shared many of these poems during my demonstrations of mediumship, in front of all those guests in a hall. And that has touched and inspired many people. What my mind thought was petty really found its way through the paths of the soul.


And I now want to stir up, touch, motivate and stimulate that part in you.


Because yes, you can do this too! Whether you want it is another thing haha …  and then you may wonder. Which part of me is open to it and which part is not?


I had a part of me that thought poetry was old-fashioned. I definitely didn't want to associate myself with that …  I call it a typical mind thing now.


See it as a gift from your soul that the intuitive inspiration, creation and healing for yourself and others may flow through you.


What a gift it is then?!


I will now recite a poem which I have also shared previously during a beautiful evening with John Johnson (a Scottish medium that I trained with for years). He gave this to me and it has been one of my most cherished poems ever since.

Precisely because it reaches so many parts and in a subtle way so that you have to think about what it means to you personally.  


I hope you are open to it. Yes, it's in English, but I think that's so beautiful.


It was published in 1902, was written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox and is from the Poems of Power collection. 


I will put it in the show notes on and also the video recording of my 2015 lecture in The Treehouse.



Do you wish the world were better? 

Let me tell you what to do. 


Set a watch upon your actions, 

Keep them always straight and true. 


Rid your mind of selfish motives, 

Let your thoughts be clean and high. 


You can make a little Eden 

Of the sphere you occupy.


Do you wish the world were wiser? 

Well, suppose you make a start, 


By accumulating wisdom 

In the scrapbook of your heart; 


do not waste one page on folly; 

Live to learn, and learn to live. 


If you want to give men knowledge 

You must get it, ere you give.


Do you wish the world were happy? 

Then remember day by day 


Just to scatter seeds of kindness 

As you pass along the way, 


For the pleasures of the many 

May be ofttimes traced to one, 


As the hand that plants an acorn 

Shelters armies from the sun.


Poems of Power by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 

Chicago: W. B. Conkey, 1902.



I will also post links to some of my poems in the show notes. Poems that I have recited at events and which I want to bundle together someday when the time is right. 


Now you may be thinking, okay Lisette, nice, but what am I supposed to do with this?!


I have shared this with you as an exercise which I really hope will open your mind - open it to the infinite inflow of intuitive and creative inspiration.


For really it is very simple: If you can receive this and let it flow through you, then you can receive anything.


Your future blog, your future book, your future podcast, your future company, your future hit song, your future success series, your future invention, everything.


So this is kind of a workout for your intuitive incoming and receiving muscles. 


You make a kind of super-fast highway for incoming inspiration and creation from the universe.

How cool is that!!


And if you can do it once? Then you can always do it! Just practice and practice until you master it!! Yes?!?!


Sounds less dull than just writing a poem, right? 


The thought, philosophy and depth behind it is infinite and brings you into connection and in sync with a wisdom that has most likely remained untouched until now.


In podcast 26: Ask and receive insight from your higher self, I teach you the steps to connect. From there you just let it flow through you. It can be that simple.


Good luck and I look forward to seeing your inspired poems appear!


Do you want more depth in this area? Does it appeal to you and do you want to discover the potential of your Soul? 

Sign up for my free Masterclass via


See you soon! Love and thanks for your attention and enthusiasm! Crazy!

x Lisette


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53. Intuitive Inspiration

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