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20th january 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 51. How to Be Successful in 2 Steps! How A Daily Success Meeting With Your Internal Team Can Powerfully Shift Your External World! 


Suppose: You want to be successful but you notice that you (un)consciously sabotage yourself, keep yourself small and/or suffer from procrastination. 


To be successful it is essential to keep the noses of your 'internal team' pointing in the same direction.


If you master this, using the 2 steps I share in this podcast, your internal sense of happiness and success will bring about a successful shift in your external world. 


So that you can be successful, regardless of the circumstances in the world. You will step into your natural success flow, so that being successful will be the natural, obvious consequence. 


Welcome to Podcast 51!


As a Success Medium and Intuitive Transformation Therapist I know better than anyone: being successful is a relative concept. To illustrate this I’ll start with some questions: 


What does being successful mean to you?

What does it mean on a personal and relational level? 

What does it mean in career, business and finance?

Or in terms of your physical health and your spiritual growth and development?


All areas in which being successful will have a different meaning for you.


And before we move on, if you really want to move forward, it's important to write these answers down, trust me. So please write down the answers to these question(s).

In the show notes on  I have put the list of success areas for your life. 


Because yes, really, whatever you write stays! 


Why? Because writing involves your entire system. You are literally moving. In addition, it is stored up to 80% better in your memory compared to just listening passively while you are multitasking. Yes, studies have been done on this. So take it from me, I learned it this way too. 


Well, do you have a clear idea of ​​what being successful is for you?



Then let's continue. 


Straightaway I want to split success into 2 parts: your internal and your external world. 


Maybe a no-brainer, but where should you start to be successful externally?

Right, internally.

I know, I didn't get this right myself at first.


I was creative and inventive so I could easily put new products and companies into the external world. And strangely enough, it was almost always successful quite quickly. Until something happened.  

And that was?  

Yes, until something happened internally with me.


I started to withdraw energetically. I started to think of reasons - reasons to let my attention slip. My focus disappeared and I let the power of the business slowly drain away, so to speak.


As a result, I completely changed course and started the whole ritual all over again. Yes, I've done a lot! A successful practice in skin care, successful make-up artist, successful face-painting business, successful online designer children's clothing shops, successful  jewellery collection. 


And I just named the words that were my success enemy: 

First: My FOCUS disappeared. And from podcast 22 you may remember what happens next - Where Focus Goes Energy Flows.

So when the focus is gone, where does the energy flow? To no man's land … to nowhere … then to the thoughts that make you anxious and small. 


And second: I let the POWER slowly drain out of my business! Podcast #24 is about this. 

Power is definitely a keyword!

Because without power there is no propulsion and then you stand still.


I have now discovered in myself what the reason is.  

I was afraid of my own power! My own strength! In addition, I had blocks on earning too much money. Which came from my childhood, where I carried with me the old belief that rich people are unkind, selfish and that money causes quarrels within the family.


Well, you're programmed to always move towards pleasure, that's where it's safe (from ancient survival principles). And especially to stay away from fear and pain. Because that can put your life in danger. So …  run! 


And that's what I did, the moment it got too successful: Focus drifted away, Power drained away, and then I ran for my life. So this all happened internally on a subconscious level. I thought to be honest it was all an external thing. Not so! 


This is, no, this was my pattern. I broke through this with difficulty, transformed and upgraded myself so to speak. Kind of an update for my internal software that erases, overwrites, destroys, pulverises, shreds and breaks through old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.


And that brings me here today, along with you in this podcast. 


It is the Focus, the Power and the balance in your internal world that ensures that you can be successful and above all dare to be.


That's the key. 


I am now going to give you my 2 success ingredients that have allowed me to manifest this.


In my view there are several team members on an internal level.


What I usually see in my practice is that within the internal team, the team members have a kind of battle between life and death. Leading to overwhelming exhaustion, burn-outs and even illness as a result. 


So stop! Stop what you're doing if you're multitasking. Just focus here: Because you are the team leader from now on!


The team leader of a successful powerful team! How does that sound? If this doesn't sound like something you want, then you don't have to listen any further. But if this appeals to you, then you are in the right place at the right time! Coincidence? Haha … Definitely not! You must have asked for solutions to blocks you have run into. Please listen for here they come.


The solution is: as a team leader, work with your internal team. Start training your team and listen and recognise what the wishes, and also what the fears are. 


Okay, now you're probably thinking, Whut? Internal team?


Yes, I'm talking about Your Mind & Your Spirit! 


That's your team! 


You will have a daily meeting with them.


As a team leader you will train your Mind and explain what you really want. What you are choosing. And doing so using very clear language. Believe me, your mind is extremely obedient and will do and believe anything you say. And it is also very helpful. Both positive and negative so watch what you tell your mind! 

In other words, if you say to your mind: I don't feel like taking a cold shower today. (Something I do every morning as a morning ritual). Then your mind says, (and what your mind says is very important, as it is directly connected to your physical body); ‘Oefff, no, indeed, you are right. It is cold outside, and you went to sleep a bit later and you already feel a bit cold so no, don't do it.’ It will immediately make you sick and then you can't do this and that …  and so forth. 

Yes, so your mind needs clear, super clear, direction from you as a team leader. I say before that cold shower: ‘I choose to turn my power on’. I make my power move in the shower so that my mind and body know that even if I feel resistance somewhere, we'll do it anyway! We're going for it, Yes! Does it feel cold, yes, absolutely. But I choose not to let it in to overwhelm me. So as I feel that cold stream of water I say with all my body: ‘I ​​am powerful, I am love, I am successful, I am healthy, I am …’  Just fill in yourself. Go try it yourself. It takes some getting used to but it is the ultimate way to take control of the internal team as a team leader. No discussion possible, that's how it will be. 

Stick this somewhere too: ‘If my mind says NO, then I say: GO!’ 


And your Spirit will let you speak in the sense of creative inspiration, ideas and intuitive hunches. When you run into something, get stuck, worry, worry away …  then it's up to Spirit. 

How do you connect with your Spirit as a team leader?

Very simply, by breathing, deep in … And out …  Deep in … and out … Do that 10 times in a row, 4 counts in, 4 counts out. Then you get out of that survival-based Mind mode and go to the other room that houses your Spirit. The place that is open to all possibilities. That place in you where you feel and experience the connection with all wisdom through all layers of universal existence.

How often do you sit down with this team member?

Because I can tell you, the value of this collaborator is infinite. 

But besides that, this wise collaborator is also humble, polite, in the background. So if you don't pay attention to it and make space and time for it, your Spirit will also remain present in the background. But don't underestimate how faithful your Spirit is. 


Just like your mind by the way. The difference with the mind is that your mind always obeys. Everything you say and think it takes as gospel. If you think ‘I'm overweight’, then your mind says okay, and lets you feel that way too. 


If you tell your mind ‘I am successful and can achieve anything I want’; then your mind says, ‘Ok’, and will do anything to make you successful. With the caveat of course, that you have cleared those subconscious beliefs and blockages which prevent that. Otherwise you will get stuck and end up in a repetitive cycle. Helping clear these has become my field of expertise and I can help you from my own experience with this.

Once you’ve got your mind set straight then you turn on your other team member, Spirit, and ask for help:


Make contact by shifting your breathing, or you can also do a meditation. Whichever works for you. Either way ask yourself:  

‘Spirit, what does it take to be successful in …  [and fill in the area of ​​your choice].’ Perhaps it is what you wrote down at the beginning, if that feels right.


Then comes the most important thing - the answers and insights, which can come to you in different ways. 


How come?


Because your Spirit is not body bound. In other words, your spirit is a team employee who is connected to the bigger picture, therefore it can let information come to you from that wisdom.


How great is that?!


Would you fire them or give them a promotion?


Well, if you know a little bit about what I do and how I work with energy, then you know who is at the front of my daily team meeting!


Just my Spirit! Whoohoo! So powerful! 


As an aside, I hope you realise how valuable this is! If you really feel this, deep down, if it really resonates with your essence, your Soul, your Spirit or whatever name you give it …  Act on it! Take action.


Promise me: that from now on you will have a daily team meeting.


Topics of the meeting:

1. Telling the mind what you choose, very clearly.

2. Asking Spirit what it takes to be successful in the field of your choice. And letting go to trust. 


So then you are open, you have an open mind. Open to receive! 

Let go of control therein and trust in your Spirit and the connection with the bigger picture and the universal wisdom. We cannot even reach that with our human mind …  So let go of that control, really. Then everything is possible! Feel how wonderful it feels, feel the frequency of EnergyJoy flowing through you. The ultimate manifestation frequency! So feel the joy - the joy of the information of this podcast! Feel it all over your body. Move, dance, throw your arms in the air! Say ‘Yes’ to shifting because it feels phenomenal! 


I have put the steps in my shownotes at


Would you like to discover more and shift more intuitively and energetically? 

Soon I will be giving a Free Masterclass in the form of a webinar called: 3 Powerful Steps to Intuition & Energy Mastery.


You can register for the Masterclass via 


I wish you wonderful daily meetings for huge success in all areas of your life!


Do you have any questions, do you want to book a 1 on 1 session or train with me? That's all possible. You can find more information about this on my website and you can always email me at:


Thank you so much for listening! You are fantastic and must go fully for a successful life if you have listened all the way to the end! Crazy!


Big hug and you can already be proud of yourself, at least I am! 


See you soon!


All rights reserved EnergyJoy © 2021

51. Be Successful

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