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23rd december 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast #47: Loved Ones Connection Meditation, Especially For Times When You Miss Your Loved Ones And Need Connection + Free Extended Version Meditation Download 


  • At certain times it can be difficult, painful and even sad to miss your loved ones. 


  • Embrace the energy and frequency of possibilities beyond earthly awareness.


  • On an energetic level (almost) everything is possible, and that is what this podcast and special meditation edition is for. 


  • So that you can experience the connection with the higher dimensions from a higher consciousness. Experience the healing and enjoy the moment for you and your Loved Ones.


Tip: This podcast includes a free meditation. 

In the shownotes on: you can download the extended version or the extra long version of this meditation for free. 


Welcome to Podcast 47!


The inspiration for this loving connection meditation arose from the separation in which we are forced to live in the present time. Away from family, friends and colleagues. 


Also, because many have had to let their loved ones move to the energetic world of Spirit. The place where life continues liberated from the earthly physical body.


The Soul continues, and from your Soul you can connect with anyone who touches or has touched your heart, love and essence.


Even during earthly life or beyond these limits.


Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change form and will always exist. Therefore, from an earthly perspective, miracles are possible.

Miracles far beyond the awareness of what society generally accepts.

Magical frequencies that introduce us to levels that cannot be experienced with the ratio vibration, the brain wave frequency of the beta brain, the analytical mind.


Shifting to a relaxed Alpha brainwave is where there is more coherence (more coherency as Dr. Joe Dispenza calls this), between all the parts in and around your body. Connecting is possible from this place, from this state of being. 


It was from this place that this meditation was created and to which it will take you.


A calm, quiet, safe, loving way to connect with other realms. The realms, beyond our earthly awareness. This meditation combines the healing frequency of my voice and words, with powerful, calming Alpha frequency brainwave music. Music that lets you experience a wonderful state of 'bliss', reduces stress and allows you to naturally and completely relax. 


From this place you can connect from love with loved ones. Loved ones in earthly existence or loved ones who have left their physical coat, so to speak, in order to be free and move on.


Anything is possible as long as your mind is open to it.


Relaxation and confidence is key.


In times when everyone yearns for connection, togetherness, loving hugs and touches, this meditation warms from within; and makes connections far beyond the limits of earthly awareness.


Let yourself be taken on this journey, this wonderful outing as if you were letting your loved ones come to visit.


You can meet them in the house of your heart, in the temple of your being, the loving essence that you are by nature. The essence originates from the place when you were stardust. (The stardust I talk about in podcast #46.)


Stardust can connect because it's where you come from.


We will never be able to explain everything and that's okay.

However, you can experience these things we can’t explain.

Free from judgement, free from control. Filled with confidence that there is so much more than the control and power-hungry society can recognise.


You are you, in all your beautiful glory. Illuminated from your essence and warmed from the power of your energetic charge that you always carry with you. In fact ... the light that you are.

Let it shine, let it shine especially in these days of need and above all let yourself be healed with the miracles that are possible.


Truly a gift for yourself and far beyond our earthly awareness. A gift from pure essence and love because you are so worth it


Embrace it, live it and experience it, let it become one with you. You will experience that the connection is always there and that separation is only a 3D illusion. And this awareness will allow you to handle anything that crosses your path. Because you are you and you are loved, powerful, beautiful and rich.


Rich in the flow of energy you allow yourself to give and receive.


So take it within you. 

Open your gates, open your natural portal and let it flow. You are safe and protected, especially in these days when we are so tested with each other on a level we have never experienced before.


Right now it is essential to connect and discover and learn that there is so much more.

For yourself and for the other, that you can and may touch it lovingly from energetic frequency and essence.


A gift that cannot be wrapped but will be lovingly accepted, unwrapped and embraced.


Follow my voice in the next unique ‘Loved Ones Connection Meditation’, which came to me especially for this moment and therefore for you.


You hear, listen and experience this for a reason. You will feel what that reason is.

Please accept my gift to you, a gift received from love and passed on!


‘Loved Ones Connection Meditation’.


Important, because of its relaxing effect, listen to this meditation only if you are not driving a vehicle or working with machines. 

So if you have some time and space to enjoy this journey undisturbed, I wish you a lot of fun. 



Download the Meditation at:




Thank you for listening and doing the meditation. I wish you wonderful connections and connections from Soul level, the level where the pure essence of EnergyJoy, love and gratitude resides.


Tip: Go to the shownotes at  where you can download the extended version, the extra long version of this meditation for free. 


Love Lisette


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47. Loved Ones Connection Meditation

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