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25th november 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 43. Dealing With Negativity: Transmute Heavy Energy In 3 Simple Steps And Experience The Effect Immediately!


Do you recognise this? Sometimes you get hit by someone else's negativity out of nowhere and get swept up in it ... 


  • In this podcast you’ll discover how you can avoid falling into this trap. 


  • Learn 3 simple tips and tools that I will share with you from Eastern energy theory.


  • So that from now on no one can bring you down energetically, and you regain control over your energy and therefore also your life! 


Welcome to Podcast #43!

Great that you're listening again and are you here for the first time today? Welcome! It’s very special that our paths cross in this way. You will discover the reason for this yourself in this and previous podcasts. Welcome to the EnergyJoy Family, it’s great that you are ready to discover how to shift to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond!


Today the podcast is about dealing on an energetic level, with outside influences.


In this short, practical 'snippet' episode you will receive tips and tools that you can start applying in your daily life straight away. The summary of this can be found in the show notes on:


As a sensitive and empathetic person, I, and most likely you too, am sensitive to outside influences. I (and probably you too), wish everyone the best but unfortunately … that is not always mutual. 


Suddenly out of nowhere, something can happen and you get words, looks or negativity hurled at you. 


Whether in traffic, in the supermarket, at work or at home.

We all know it and yes, let's be honest, it's part of life. So it’s less a possibility, more an inevitability - but one which we can control our reaction to. 

My question to you: How do you deal with someone who suddenly sends negativity towards you out of nowhere? Do you suddenly get swear words in your head while you are not aware of any harm?


Well, are you going to scold? In your head, in your mind or literally verbally?

Do you get emotional and cry because you can't deal with the injustice?

Do you get angry and let yourself be completely drained by something someone else does or says?

Are you stunned and can't think of anything else all day?

Do you immediately call a friend or partner to tell them what happened to you?

Or do you shrug and smile kindly and wish that person the best, aloud or in your mind?


I'm curious! 


And I'm also curious what you think is the best option for your well-being. So which is the best option for you? 


I will tell you, and give you insight from an energetic perspective. After all, you are at EnergyJoy and gaining insight into that is the most important thing. We all have a physical body that is surrounded by an energy field (an aura), your energetic bubble that can be very large and open or small and closed.


Whatever your aura, these are the best responses when someone fires negativity at you out of nowhere. 


The best response from an energetic perspective is:



In other words, Non-Reaction: which is the first tip & tool.


Okay you will think: You perceive the incoming negativity and you let it be. You do nothing with it. What happens then is the following. The angry, heavy or negative energy bounces off your energy field and immediately returns to the sender - whoever sent the response.


Then that person will become even more angry and frustrated because they receive the energy back. You remain calm and just keep breathing in and out calmly. As a result, you notice while I am talking that my energy is already changing, I become calmer by just thinking about it, then you step into that energy, as it were. As a result, it has no effect on you. And that's exactly the point! Yes?! I hope it's clear. 


So go practice this! Stay calm, don't react and breathe in and out slowly. Know that by this reaction you immediately reject the incoming energy and it has no effect on you. How wonderful is that?!


Only the sender is affected by it. So this is tip 1. Seems easy but to be honest, everyone will have an initial reaction. If it is not verbal, then it is in body language or negative thoughts - you have to watch your thoughts too because thoughts are energy as well. So go train yourself on this the rule of Non-Reaction.


And then there is another way to deal with incoming negativity, heavy energy, arguments or other awkward situations.


Suppose you are somewhere and you can’t simply leave immediately, or maybe you’re sitting somewhere so that you have to listen to it. What are you doing then?

Very simple and actually most people already do this intuitively: You close your energy field so that incoming energy has no influence and impact on you.


So this is tip & tool 2:



Cross your legs and arms to take a closed stance. By closing your physical body, you also close your energy field. Your legs close off your lower energy centers and your arms close off your higher energy centers. You can learn more about this in my annual course.

Your energy field is literally and noticeably smaller, so incoming heavy energy no longer has the chance to influence you. In doing so, you remain calm in the non-reaction state of being. Free from negative thoughts towards the other. Completely focus on yourself and your breathing. You will notice that the other person is left with the frustration and anger whilst you are not bothered by it.


In this way you choose not to let it in. And so it will be. Free from the heaviness of others.


The next tip is something you should do whenever you can, and it’s something I always do, so that it has become a kind of habit. 


My 3rd tip and tool:



Yes, this one also takes some practice but if you master it, it will change your life forever! You will feel so much better, more light-hearted and also more powerful. Suppose someone sends negativity by saying or doing something that is really not okay. You can go along with it and ruin your own day later from the impact or influence of the other person; or you can apply the above tools with this 3rd extra tool: Blessing. You want to immediately send something back to the person who sends you negativity. This something is really important and can change your life too, so do I have your attention? Yes? Okay, send that person: love. Sincere, pure love filled with what is right for that person at that moment. You’re probably thinking WHAT?? But yes, send that person who acts so ugly, unkind or mean, send that person love. Focus on your heart energy and feel and see pink energy flowing from your heart to that person. In your mind you can also say to yourself: peace, may you receive peace. Bless that person with peace and tranquility. The pink energy immediately protects you and turns the negativity into positivity. 


Go try it, even if you have been dissatisfied or arguing with someone for some time. Love can always be sent from the best, purest intention. Beautiful, soft, loving pink energy. What this does is this: transmutes the heavy, negative energy into calm, understanding energy that is peaceful. It also prevents the negative energy from becoming a 'psychic boomerang' - as it is called from the Pranic Healing philosophy. You neutralise it and minimise it as much as possible.


So yes, send blessings, however hard it can be sometimes - send blessings to the attacker. And experience how the energy transforms.


Here are the 3 tips and tools at a glance:

  1. Non-Reaction

  2. Close Your Aura

  3. Blessing


Feel free to print out this script underlining and highlighting the most important tips so that you can let it become completely one with you.


Also practice these tips, apply them and above all, experience and feel what they do to you! Discover the power of these tools based on Eastern wisdom and energy healing techniques. 


Good luck and I'd love to hear what positive shifts you experience and what it brings you!


Thanks for listening and please share this with someone who you feel would benefit too. Helping and supporting others is super positive for your energy and allows your heart energy to flow. In that way you help yourself by helping someone else, which completes the energetic circle so beautifully.


See you soon and yes, I send you all the love with a beautiful pink cast from my heart to your heart! 

xxx Lisette 


All rights reserved EnergyJoy © 2020

43. Dealing with Negativity

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