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21st october 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 38. Ask & Receive Help: But Take Note - You Can Only Receive If You Give It Permission! + Discover The Universal Rules For Energetic Aid. 


Imagine this scenario: You run into a problem or challenge, which leaves you feeling anxious and weary, you feel stuck and can't figure it out.


Today you will discover how: 'wanting to do everything yourself and wanting to solve everything yourself' slows you down and can even block you. 


Also in this podcast, you will learn what you can do to receive help in a way that you might not have first thought of. Leaving you able to handle problems and challenges much more easily. Meaning you can transform these hurdles into positive solutions and outcomes. Because yes really! Miracles are possible!


Welcome to Podcast 38! 


It’s great that you are listening! And now I'm going to get straight to the point:


Do you do everything by yourself? Or do you regularly ask for help?


Do you consider yourself a pain when you bother someone with your problem or challenge?


Do you have trouble letting go of control or relinquishing control completely?


Yes? Recognisable? Well, I can say now that we understand each other. Because I suffered from all these traits: wanting to solve everything myself, not wanting to bother others with my problem and certainly not relinquishing control (read: not daring). 


And then I entered the spiritual path and a world opened up to me. Actually an invisible world. 


Because did you know that there are invisible helplines that want and can help you 24/7?


But, there’s one but. And this ‘but’ is where things usually go wrong. The but: Your helplines respect your free will and are only allowed to help, support and guide you when you give your permission.


In other words, if you don't ask for it, you won't receive it. So are you stubborn, not a believer in energy and would prefer to solve everything by yourself? Then I'm going to be honest, this is not the podcast for you. And yes, that's okay too. Because everyone has free will and of course I respect that. 


But this podcast requires a mind open to realms outside the earthly existence.  

So are you open to insights from beyond the boundaries of the earthly realm? Then you've come to the right place and this is the podcast for you.


First, there is something I need to make very clear. If you have problems or challenges where you need help from your fellow humans, then please contact your doctor or whomever can best help you. In these cases I 100% recommend you reach out for help in person. 


Call telephone helplines such as 112 for emergencies such as the police, ambulance and fire brigade, 113 is the suicide prevention line and 0800-2000 is the national telephone number for domestic violence. This podcast is not an exclusive tool for help, it should be considered as an addition to your regular tools for care. The advice I give is complementary, additional, an extra to your regular routine. That is why I am also a complementary therapist, let that be clear.


And know, if you really can't talk to anyone else or if it’s difficult for you in some way, I'm also here to listen to you. Especially in today's world, many people (young and old) are having a hard time, are struggling and feel alone and lonely. Send a Whatsapp via the mobile phone number on my website. Then I’ll see and feel what I can do for you. Together we always find a suitable solution. Know that you are not alone. 


But the numbers mentioned are in my view the most essential direct terrestrial helplines. And precisely because you are most likely also very sensitive and empathetic, I would like to ask you to keep an eye on the people around you. Because it is when you are sensitive and empathetic that you pick up more and feel more. Listen to these feelings. How beautiful it would be if we could be there for each other and help someone else. Pay special attention to non-verbal communication, what you hear and especially feel between words.  


I recently heard the story of Joseph McClendon III during Tony Robbins' Leadership Academy training. He worked for a time at a suicide prevention line before his medical studies, and told the story of a young woman who called the helpline herself. She told him that she was about to take pills to overdose, or commit suicide. She couldn't care less about life. Joseph listened to her and talked with her for a while. At the end of the conversation, the woman knew that she still wanted to live and that taking her life was not the solution. 


So what did he say? I personally found it very impressive to hear from him - as a  neuropsychologist who had heard and read a lot about people who have had a near-death experience, what had he learnt? Well when people have died, they came out of their bodies, saw the other side and then returned to their earthly bodies. These people often experience the same and comparable phenomena, according to studies. 


Joseph had also heard several near-death stories and experiences of people who had attempted suicide. Their stories and near-death experiences are also almost all the same. They found out that the pain and heaviness they experience on earth (which is often the cause of their contemplating suicide), intensifed during suicide. In fact it felt 10 times worse and more intense in the afterlife. 10 x more intense! So if it is already unbearable here … let alone there … 


In other words, if you think that taking your own life is the solution, then you will be disappointed. Several experiences confirm this. In other words, suicide is not the answer. Which is exactly what Joseph said that day, explaining that to the young women. This knowledge was what stopped her in the end. 


Years later Joseph received a call from a woman who turned out to be this young lady he’d saved. She said that day, that phone call, had changed her life and that she now works on the suicide prevention helpline herself. 


Wow … I thought when I heard this story. How amazing that the right insight and a listening ear can change and even save a life. 


And that's why I felt I had to make this podcast right now: because so many people are having a hard time. Also, during a meditation this week, out of knowhere I had an idea about suicide. So I know and believe that this is dictated by my energetic helpline. Thus this podcast and this story. 


It is precisely when you are having a hard time that you close yourself off faster and withdraw. And this is a very logical response. I went through it myself. Experiencing those moments when I had a really hard time, and wondered how on Earth everything would ever be okay.  


Then I learned how to ask for help beyond the limits of earthly existence, and the confidence and insights I gained helped me immensely. 


It’s like this: We all have free will.


And we have all heard of angels, guardian angels, helpers, guides, deceased loved ones, companions and so on. All names for in my view: Energetic auxiliary lines beyond the limits of earthly existence.


And I think everyone has experienced something and afterwards thought: Well, I think I had a guardian angel on my shoulder there ...


Yes, right? 


But now I hear you thinking, “Yes that’s all well and good Lisette, but where are those helplines when I need them?”.


Good question. And to show you the answer I want to ask you a question: Did you ask for help? Did you say or ask out loud or in your mind “Please help me?”.


For that's where the key lies. The energetic guides always respect your free will. 


And there is only 1 exception to the rule and that is: If you were to die prematurely, in other words if you were to die earlier than is intended for your soul. Only then can they intervene outside of your free will.


Yes, this is very deep and is something I learned from my mentor, the medium Mavis Pittilla.


But scour your memory. You've probably heard that someone was doomed but then miraculously healed. Something no doctor has an explanation for. Or that someone is involved in a serious accident and miraculously comes out unscathed. 


In these cases we speak of miracles, but is that really the case? Or are those the energetic helplines intervening, as they are allowed to when someone’s life is in danger but it is not yet their time?  


Interesting to consider, isn’t it? 


So when you are stuck, have an insurmountable problem, dilemma or issue, what do you do? Why, then you ask for help. And you don’t have to make a complicated plea, a simple “Please help me.” is enough. 


Then, most importantly, feel what happens to your energy. If you are quite emotionally aware then you will notice a shift in your energy fairly quickly. 


Just wait and see. You will feel that something has changed. As well as this it’s important that you pay attention to coincidences that come your way, thoughts that suddenly pop into your head out of nowhere. Or perhaps your eye suddenly falls on something you haven't even seen before. Maybe you hear a song on the radio, or come across a super friendly passerby, or a helping hand from out of nowhere. Or a windfall that you could just use or a phone call or message from someone you really needed.


Be open to it and open yourself up. Feel, experience, look, smell, listen - help can come in all kinds of ways. And also let go of all expectations, because otherwise you are projecting your will onto it. Leave it to the intelligence beyond the limits of earthly existence. They see the big picture, we only see a fragment. 

Later, you will see why situations and circumstances had to shift and change in a certain way. Something you could not have imagined beforehand.


And the best thing is, after you feel and experience that your helplines support and help you, you don't have to do anything further. No that's not true, you only have to do 1 thing and do you know what that is?


To show some gratitude! So say: Thank you! Thank you helpers, guides, spirit, loved ones, angels, guides, God or whoever was there for you. It doesn't matter what name you give it. But above all, do it in a way that feels good to you and that suits you. 


Then you shift your energy and vibe and you are open to help, insights and support beyond the boundaries of earthly existence.


And yes, expect miracles! Because miracles are absolutely possible! In both small forms such as a smile, to gigantic forms like miraculous cures beyond traditional medicine. 


Step into that Vibe of Ask & Receive because believe me, your life will shift and transform. You will more easily get over challenges and problems, and issues will have less of a long term impact. Really, I speak from experience. 


The most important lesson I want to give you today: Ask for help, ask it in your mind, silently or shout it out. Do it in a way that suits you and then: feel, experience, live and receive. Let go of any expectation of a particular outcome. Know that there will be a suitable solution, that relief will come, help will come. Because your energetic helplines with the infinite intelligence of the universe are there for you 24/7… if you only want them and if you give permission! 


You never have to stand alone: choose help and support and above all do it with joy, Energyjoy and gratitude. Then you can handle anything!


I would now like to thank you for your listening ear, and your support. Perhaps you can help not only yourself with this, but also others who may not yet have access to such information. So share what you have been given and what you have learned with others. Really, you can never imagine how powerful and important it is, in fact, you can save lives, heal hearts and give support in places you didn't even know you needed.


So thank you! A big EnergyJoy hug from me just because you are who you are! 

On  you will find the show notes of this episode. You can also send someone who needs support and help here. And remember: I and many others are here for you. 


See you soon! 

xxx Lisette 

All rights reserved EnergyJoy 2020

38. Ask and Receive Help

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