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7th October 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 36. Authenticity, Successful Living and Entrepreneurship From Your Authentic Essence. Becoming Freed From Limiting Beliefs + Free Authenticity = Power Test!


Suppose you feel and know that you have so much potential, but you still keep yourself small and seemingly safe. You are a champion of unconsciously sabotaging yourself so that you don't have to take any action. 


In this podcast you will discover how not living from your authentic self can sabotage you enormously. You’ll also learn how you can end up living like this, without even realising it. So that you understand where and how it arises, how you can transform it and then be your super successful real self in both your private life and your business!


Welcome to Podcast 36!


It's great that you take the time for yourself! It’s really so, so essential and right on today’s topic!

I have also specially made a free test that you can download later via  A test that indicates exactly where you are at this moment in terms of authenticity. 


For that's what the podcast is about today: authenticity! Sounds nice but what is it actually? In my view, authenticity is the following: you are born as a blank page, so to speak, also called a tabula rasa in psychology. You are then raised by your parents, family or people who care for you.


And then what happens? You learn to talk, walk and behave in a certain way. Then habits, beliefs and patterns are literally written on your blank sheet or better yet, programmed, programmed on a subconscious level. 


As I've said before in a previous podcast, in the first 7 years of your life you are in a kind of 'hypnosis mode'. In other words, everything you are taught, good or bad, is stored on your tabula rasa, your blank page or to speak in computer terms: on your internal hard drive. 


And whether you like it or not, this will then become the programming you will run on for the rest of your life. 


At least, that is if you don't change it. But that basic programming is laid during the first 7 years of your life and is stored in your subconscious. Your subconscious mind is 95% of who you are and what you do. What you learn from it, what you do by willpower and what you do with your thinking mind, is your conscious mind and that's only 5%! 


So if you don't change your old programming along the way, you can see why a 39-year-old can still react as a child of 4, in certain situations where an old pattern is triggered. Simply because that is the learned way to go with something.


So now if I ask you the question: Is someone who has not developed themselves on a personal level, who has not changed old patterns and beliefs and has not updated their internal software, is that person their authentic self?


Or is that person a composite of patterns, beliefs and habits that are purely learned?


I will give an example.


I was born and raised in an entrepreneurial family. Entrepreneurship was literally taught to me at a young age. It's instinctively in my system.


But what I also learned is the belief that having a lot of money (being rich), brings a lot of problems, worries, quarrels and jealousy. 


In other words: I am an entrepreneur and for years I had the subconscious belief that money caused conflict. 


So what did I do on a subconscious level: I sabotaged myself. I have given several examples of this in previous podcasts. It was very interesting to find out what I was really doing. I just unconsciously made sure that when money came in, it was gone as quickly as possible … because I imagined … money causes a fight, and that's the last thing I want. At least, that was my belief. 


Fortunately, I started working hard on myself. I upgraded my subconscious software and now know that receiving and earning money is just a form of energy exchange. Something that you can also do very nice things with. Like helping others, donating money, giving away to charities. Money can flow, money is energy.


It really works for me and I have now also learned that I am more than worthy to receive what I consider to be a very good and realistic rate for the energy exchange. In other words, for the work I do- for helping, supporting, guiding and educating others. A rate that feels good and that works for me and which also balances the energy exchange. And really, that is the most important thing, if there is no balance in exchange, you will become out of balance as will your life. 


And that recently led to an interesting conversation with a fellow entrepreneur.


My practice is located in a large office building in Leidschendam, where more than 100 entrepreneurs rent commercial space.


During the Open House last week, I came into conversation with a friend and colleague. She also works in the alternative care and naturopathic sector. She was very honest and open during the conversation. She sees all kinds of my work on social media, and said honestly: I'm really jealous of you, how you do it all. 


I was actually shocked because she is a beautiful woman herself. So my first reaction was: No dude, you never have to be jealous of someone else! You can do this too! All in your own way. 


But she didn't agree. So I started answering her questions and giving her insights about my way of working and my entrepreneurship.


Through this we came to the 'energy exchange' or tariffs for providing services. Here we immediately encountered a blockage, which is far from unusual- I’ve had blocks on this in the past and I think many of us have. 


Her block was clearly based on the belief that it is not appropriate, not proper to charge a high financial fee for energy exchange. She was really stuck on this, really felt completely blocked just thinking about it. 


Now, a quick question for you: did that financial, money blockage arise from her authentic self or is it a learned belief?


Well, guess what?I can tell you now, all beliefs about money are learned.


Think about what used to be said to you when you wanted something:

'Money doesn't grow on my back'.

'Hello, there's no money tree in the yard'.

'You have to work hard to earn money'. 

'Rich people are stingy'.

'Money doesn't buy you happiness'.


Or as with me, my belief was: 'Having a lot of money causes quarrels in the family'.


You know, I’ve also learned by now that you cannot receive a good energy exchange (i.e receiving money) if you don’t think you are good enough. 


For if you believe that you are not worthy, not good enough, then you will always live in shortages. Then there will never be enough. Then there will always be more days in a month than income in the bank. 


That is why it is so essential to know that you are worthy, that you are enough and that everything is available to you, now and always! And it is. 

But it's just what you believe. And when you believe something, those thoughts, words and pictures eventually become your reality.


When you are born as a baby you have just come out of the womb where everything was abundant. It was always the most wonderful temperature, there was always enough food and drink, everything was available for you.


But a few years later you were allowed to make your first Sinterklaas, birthday or Christmas wish list. Maybe you were looked at strangely if, for example, you asked for a swimming pool. Or no, actually 2 swimming pools, 1 for you and 1 for your best friend. How cool would that be! 


Well, did you get them? As a child it was the most natural thing in the world that everything was available. Father Christmas has money, right? 


But what if you were then called greedy because you asked for 2 swimming pools? Even if you had good intentions and wanted to do something nice for someone else. Well, of course you're not going to ask again. You don't want to feel and experience that sadness and disappointment twice, right?


I remember when my youngest son wanted something very badly. He was about 4 years old. I said to him: No, honey, I can't, Mama's spent her money. 


His first reaction was: But mum, then you go to the wall!


This surprised me and I asked him: To the wall? Yes, he said with his authentic, innocence: Money comes out of that.


Then I burst out laughing. So smart and so pure. A child does not know better than everything is available. 


We all have to go there again. A place where there is abundance and the knowledge that there is enough for everyone, now and always.


How much more beautiful the world would look then.


But what is especially important to understand after these examples:


If you live in other people's old beliefs and outdated patterns, you can't possibly be your authentic self. Meaning you cannot possibly be completely happy.


You will be able to see snatches of your authentic self at times. But usually that is quickly overshadowed and sabotaged by subconscious parts that keep you small and seemingly safe.


Once you figure that out and as soon as you transform that, you can make huge breakthroughs. Both privately and professionally!


Authenticity is naturally given to you. That's who you really are.


Years ago when I was trained by my mentor (the medium Mavis Pittilla), I knew she always looked at my energy field. I had gone through a difficult period and my energy field had been described as 'a bit dull' before. In other words, the colours of my aura were less sparkling, a bit lighter, faded pastel. 


But that particular afternoon in England (Manchester if I remember correctly), Mavis looked at me, then said something that moved and touched me so much. She said, "You're stepping into your birthright".


I was completely blown away by that comment at the time. I remember it well. ‘Yes’, I thought! ‘I am becoming my authentic self again’. My birthright, the right we all have, you, me, everyone! 


We have the right to be ourselves. You to be yourself, your authentic self, the person you are destined to be here on Earth!


I was deeply moved that so much pain, sorrow and heaviness had brought me to that point. It really felt like it had all been for nothing. It had to be that way, which is why it was. We are here to grow, develop, fall and get back up again. We all go through hard times, but the challenge is: How do you deal with them?


Do you live in the story, the story of the past or do you choose to step out of it? Instead living from your true authenticity, your pure essence, to write the story that you have chosen day in day out?


Again, the choice is yours! 


Step into your birthright too! A right you were given at birth, well actually before you were born. You're here for a reason, you're destined to be here. Let go of all those layers, those patterns, those beliefs that no longer fit you. For they don't even belong to you, so let them go, transform them and step into that power! That sheer power called your "authentic self."


From there you can flourish both privately and professionally in a way that only you can.


Then you don't have to be jealous of others, anxiously watching what others are doing. No, because there is only one as beautiful and as unique as you. Then you sail your own course, freed from what friends, family and colleagues think. You are liberated from that and you follow the direction that your heart and soul indicate.

Only you can sense what that direction is, no one else-well, unless someone can sense your energy and sense what you feel. But you know what's most beautiful? Along the way you're going to meet people who follow the same course in their own way, who understand it and do the same. In other words, people who are also pure, real and authentic. Because you attract what you radiate. 


Today, authenticity is more essential than ever! Especially if you really want to show yourself to the world. People are more sensitive than ever and can thus see through a 'fake exterior'. 

To be honest, that's also why I share a lot about myself. I can pretend that everything is always rosy (something I learned from home, especially to not talk of problems), but that won’t work forever, it even made me sick. And sensitive, real people can see through that in no time. 

So yes, you may already know, but I'm just a human being with a lot of issues that you can experience in a lifetime. I have an autoimmune disease that I deal with on a daily basis, I've had melanoma cancer, I was assaulted when I was 17 and was all alone in America by someone who actually worked with the then American president, I went through a divorce situation and yes, I experienced what it is like to lose everything, everything, everything I thought was me…and that, that has made me more powerful, stronger and more real than I ever was! It has made me discover who I really am, who I am in essence. If everything had been roses and moons, I could never have gone so deep and experienced this depth. 


I am, dare to and may now be my authentic self and I want to ask you, after all you are not listening to this for nothing, you are here for a reason … I would like to ask you to step into the power of your authentic self again.


Because Authenticity is Power! And if you want to discover how far you are in your trajectory, you can do that with my special Authenticity = Power - test. You can download the test completely free of charge via my shownotes at .  


Let me know where you stand and what you want to work on. I would also love to hear your story, please share it with me! I always read them and do my best to answer as soon as possible. Together we are strong!


Thank you so much for sharing this podcast with me. Because that's how it feels to me, like a journey, one that we experience together. I wish you the best of luck and let me know your test results! On the basis of 18 questions you will discover your Authenticity progress!


Thanks for listening and see you soon!

All rights reserved EnergyJoy 2020

36. Authenticity

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