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12th August 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast # 28. Psychic Skills, how to develop and train your 6th sense in 3 easy steps. 


- Is this a familiar situation: you feel and experience a lot but don’t know what to do with it and you do not understand what is yours or someone else's? 


- Today you will learn and discover how developing and training your 6th sense can give you and others insights & clarity. 


- In this podcast I share 3 steps which you can use to directly train your psychic skills and thus your 6th sense. 


- Why? Because knowledge provides insight and strength! So after this podcast you can immediately get started with the exclusive tools that I give you and further develop your psychic skills. So that you gain insight into yourself and the person or object you are working with. 


Welcome to Podcast # 28!


It's great that you are listening. 


Psychic skills, well, if this title appeals to you, I am sure that you have already had special experiences in the spiritual field yourself. 


It could have been something beautiful, something scary, something special, something confusing or something painful. 


Whatever it was, and I speak from my own experience, it has aroused your curiosity. And that’s understandable. You may even be at a point where you can no longer ignore it - as was the case with me. 


In previous podcasts I have already spoken a lot about my own spiritual growth and development, but I’ll summarise some major points here before we move on.


As a young girl and young woman, I was regularly confronted with all kinds of phenomena that initially scared me. I was afraid of everything in this area. It also caused unrest and many questions. Partly because it contradicted everything I had learned from my upbringing and also what I had learned at school. 


How do you explain as a child that you have dreamed that someone in your family will die? Or how is it possible that you feel someone else’s pain in your own body?


How is it possible that you feel that someone is looking at you, yet when you look you see nothing? How can you dream things that then come true? How is it possible that you perceive colours around someone or see someone who others can’t see? How is it possible that you hear a voice that awakens you or how is it possible that you know where someone is in pain? How is it possible that your happy state of mind can suddenly change when someone enters the room and how is it possible that you feel uncomfortable in a certain room? 


Many, many questions, and yes, I had all of them. At one point I was so done with it, so many things that I dreamed, I then encountered in the following days. I felt so much pain in my body which later manifested itself in the people around me. I had reached my limit. 


However, I didn’t want to just get rid of these skills, I wanted to understand them. I had read about The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. I wanted to go there. But I had 3 kids under 10 and didn’t know how it would be possible to study there. In addition, I found the idea of travelling to England alone to a kind of Harry Potter school super exciting and scary. And then by coincidence I ended up with Jose Gosschalk in Naarden. Via the 3-year academy for mediumship I was able to go to The Arthur Findlay college for 1 week every year, with other Dutch mediums to be. Well, when I discovered that I immediately felt a strong YES! I had to do this! It just called out to me, I just bounce with enthusiasm again when I think back to that moment. I signed up thinking I gotta go to that college, the most renowned place in the world for psychic and mediumistic development. I had set my sights on that and so it happened. I knew I had these skills, and I wanted to understand them more and be able to apply them. However, I was certain I would never stand in front of a room of people or anything like that, no, way too scary ... well, you will understand that it all went slightly differently hahah ...


This was what I called a really strong soul pull. I just had to go there. It was an inexplicable desire from within, that overcame all my fears of travelling alone, leaving my children with their father and my parents for a week. My soul craved growth and development. In 2011 I consciously switched on my skills with intention, having had them unconsciously working away for the last 3 years. Developing on a psychic and medium level was my first step in college, oh my … it was magical and … it felt like coming home. 


From that moment on I devoted myself fully to my psychic and mediumistic development. Really, every month, every week, every day. I took every moment to get better and stronger. 


I was recently approached via Instagram by someone who asked how I had developed. Well with practice: you’ve got to train, train, train. And I did this with the best teachers and mentors, who crossed my path. So I got on a plane dozens of times to fly back to Stansted or to Ashford or to Manchester or to Stafford. Training for hours, days, weeks, years. Building up my psychic muscle, my mediumistic muscle, just like a top athlete who wants to be the best in his field of expertise. I've gone all the way and yes I'm still exercising. Your development will go on for a lifetime. You work with Spirit, and they know how to push your boundaries, to challenge you every time. As well as offering new things that go far beyond the boundaries of earthly existence. I am always amazed by the immense intelligence of Spirit. I always feel deeply grateful and humble when I have been able to give consultations, do demonstrations of mediumship. To be able to pass on my knowledge to students through the training I give at the level of English mediumship - the highest standard in the world, the highest level there is in this field. 


And that's what I want to talk to you about today. I want to give you 3 basic principles for developing your psychic qualities. 


Before you can become a medium or develop into a high end medium, you must first be a powerful psychic. In my podcast # 6 Spiri-what? I explain more about these differences. 


This is the first stepping stone, and a key one: understanding the differences in terminology. Because you can immediately recognise a qualitatively well-trained psychic and medium. 


I use the English word: psychic, in Dutch this is a paragnost.

So when I talk about psychic contact or a psychic reading, as a psychic I read the energy of the person in front of me, the person at a distance or the energy of a photo or object.


A medium is always a very good psychic. But a psychic is not always a medium. A medium can make contact with Souls beyond the boundaries of earthly existence. With Spirit, with the spiritual world. So a medium goes one step further than a psychic. 


So I start at the beginning and today I am really only talking about working with psychic energy.


Do you want to learn to work with energy and understand more about how it works and how you can control it? Then it is essential to first develop, train and refine your psychic qualities skilfully and powerfully.


This is because if you can work well with the 'earthly' energy, with people, objects, photos and energies that are tangible to you or around you. Then the step to mediumship is not that big. 


But I am now going to explain step 1 for psychic work. And oh yes, in case you were wondering? Can I do this? Or is this something for me? Then I can say with conviction: YES! Basically we are all the same. Everyone has intuition, everyone has a sixth sense, everyone has an energy field and everyone has a nervous system with which information from the surrounding force field can be received. Think of it as a radio. A radio works on frequencies, on waves that pass through the ether. You tune the button to the channel you want and you receive the correct channel.


It is exactly the same with psychic work. The frequencies hang in the ether, you learn to tune your own, say 'antenna', your own 'feelers' to those frequencies, to those energetic wavelengths to receive the information.


And if you still think I can't do this, then I can now tell you here: you don't do anything else all day long! However, this is often on a subconscious level. So yes, I can do it and so you can too. The only difference between you and me? I have made some more flying hours in the name of training. 


But now I'm going to explain step 1, you can also read the steps and information in the shownotes at


Step 1: Scan & Ground

In step 1 you will first focus your attention on yourself, your body and your own energy. You are going to oak yourself, as it were. 


So you're going to create a starting point that you know- yourself. So you recognise how your body feels and that's how you experience your energy at the moment. 


You do this as follows: breathe in and out slowly and bring your attention to your feet. Feel your feet on the ground, move your toes and notice how that feels, feel them grounding you to the earth. Then slowly draw your attention upwards and scan your body as if you were going through some kind of x-ray. You perceive every pain, every sensation of heat or cold, tingling, pressing or itchy feeling. 

Once your attention has reached your crown and you’re aware of your whole body, start working back down from your crown to your toes. Then you scan the energy around you, you feel and become this energy. Be aware of any warm, cold, oppressive, heavy or light sensations around you, both in front of you, behind you, above you, below you, and either side of you. 

Now you have done a kind of 3D x-ray scan on yourself. This is you. Then you become aware of your emotions and state of mind. Do you feel happy, tired, somewhat heavy, cheerful, enthusiastic or sad? Observe it. You do not need to pass judgment on it. Observe it and let it be. This is you right now. Once you have done this, you can proceed to step 2. This process will of course accelerate as you practice it. But don't skip it, it's essential! Otherwise you will blend yourself with someone else and boundaries will blur and you will not know where you end and the other begins.


Step 2: Blending

When you're confident and adept at psychically reading yourself, you can progress to reading the energy of a living person, a photo or an object. 


In order to do this you are going to blend your own energy with the energy of what you want to read. I call it reading but it is actually feeling energetically with your clairsentient capacity. To put it very simply. You have an aura and what or who you want to read, also has an aura, an energy field. You can see this as an energetic balloon. The moment you start working you start blending your energy, mixing it with the energy of the object or person in front of you. You do this by sending your energy forward. 


You throw your dome, as it were, your balloon of energy over the energy of what you want to read. We call this blending - when the energies mix and a shift occurs.


Step 3: Sense & Interpret

If you blend your energy with what is in front of you, you will immediately notice that a shift, a change will take place in and around your body. Note: working with energy is very subtle, so you will become more sensitive with practice. You will be able to notice that you start to feel heavier, or lighter, that you can feel happier or more sad. 

Every change that you observe after a good scan is from the other person, of the photo, the piece of jewellery or the object. It really is that simple. 

For example, if you suddenly get the giggles, then you know and feel that, it is a very happy person with a good sense of humour. Or do you suddenly get pain in your knee, then you name it. Maybe you suddenly feel an enormous love for animals or you suddenly get really hungry for sauerkraut, something you don't even like. Immediately say this out loud, interpret what you are experiencing and pronounce it. Describing feelings, emotions and states of being is not that easy at all, a useful tip: do not think about it too long, because then the doubt will strike and your own mind will run away with it. So give into it, say it as you receive it.

Practice this with a photo of someone who has given permission or with a person who is open to it. Always ask for permission. And if you practice with someone, that person can immediately answer yes, no or I don't know. That way you can practice perfectly. 


When you have completed this exercise then you can progress on to the grounding exercise from podcast #4. Podcast # 7 is about the aura, also very interesting to know more about this. Then you will understand it better and better and you can apply the techniques perfectly.


This is my mini-course in Psychic reading, these are the first steps you can take to develop and train your psychic skills. 


I also provide online training, courses and a year-long course in psychic reading and mediumship. So if you are interested in developing yourself further, send me an email and I'll put your name on the waiting list. Soon there will be new training courses, so keep an eye on my website. If you want to sign up for my mailing list, then you will always be informed of the latest news.


What have you learned today: 

3 steps to develop your psychic skills.

Step 1: Scan & Ground

Step 2: Blending

Step 3: Sense & Interpret


I hope you can get started with this. If you have any questions, let me know at


Thank you so much for listening! I love to share mountains of information, tips and tools all of which have enriched my life enormously. And the best part is: now you can help, support and assist someone else. That gives satisfaction and fulfillment to your life like nothing else can. 


It's great that you get started with it, do you like this? Then share it with friends, family or acquaintances who can also benefit from it. How nice to be able to help each other in this way.


Hope to see you next podcast!

Lots of EnergyJoy and I wish you wonderful shifts and transformation!

All rights reserved EnergyJoy 2020

28. Psychic Skills - Your 6th sense

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