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EnergyJoy typewriter script met High End Succes Medium Lisette Lucas

4th january 2023


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 153. Feeling Alive! How Growth & Evolution Makes You Continuously Shift To Power And Life Energy + Huge News


Have you fallen into a routine where you live through habits and nothing stretches you? So you’re left feeling tired of the regular routine of the day? 


  • In this podcast you will discover why you’ve found yourself in this situation!


  • And how you can shift things directly in alignment with you, as a human being and soul. 


  • So that you turn yourself powerfully ON and have the strength and energy to continue. 


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Welcome to Podcast #153!


Yes! It’s great to have you here! 


In this podcast I have a special announcement about a huge change, which has everything to do with my growth and evolution - both as a person and in my business. But more on that in a moment.


Now to get straight to the point:


Do you get up in the morning with a ‘Yes!’ feeling, like: ‘Hello beautiful day, I wonder what wonderful things you have in store for me again!’


Or do you get up with the thought of: ‘Hmmmm here we go again: same day, same routines, same obligations …’. And you feel tired just thinking about what you have to do?


If you find yourself more in the second morning camp then I say great and congratulations, because at least you know that you are alive and just a human being. 


But where I want to go with this question is that: every human being has basic programming which always seeks security. Everyone has a natural tendency to stay in certain situations and circumstances that keep us safe (or at least seemingly safe). 


We also all run on habits and patterns. 


This combination ensures that we can experience the routines of the day as a grind. And yes, then you can feel tired emotionally and energetically. Simply because when you run on autopilot you put very little energy in motion. You are, as it were, energetically flat. 


Running on autopilot you're like a car on cruise control. You push yourself on and hobble along at the same pace: doing your thing, doing what is expected of you, repeating routines and cruising on from a to b. 


What is the advantage of cruise control? You get from A to B with as little unnecessary energy wastage as possible. 


Which reminds me of the ride I took with my dad in my new car this week. I said: ‘Dad, you really need to drive and get the feel of this model, it’s really cool! You just have to experience my racing car’. 


And off we went, with Dad immediately accelerating of course. I mean he was once a race car driver and avid sea sailor, so he likes a bit of power and adventure. But then, after trying all the buttons, he said: ‘Oh, here's the cruise control. Yes, I always use that when I drive long distances because it drives so much more economically’. In other words, it saves so much energy and petrol. And I have to add that he has a really nice car himself so is used to operating cars like this.


But I’m thinking back to that statement now because that’s how it is with us as people too: We are programmed to waste as little energy as possible. All from that ancient survival programming again.


Staying safe in your familiar situations and circumstances takes the least energy. 


Just think if you have to do something completely new and outside of your comfort zone, something different from the usual: perhaps a new job, a new hobby or a trip to someplace new. 


At the end of the day you're completely wrecked. I remember when I had to travel to England for my mediumship mentorship programme with Mavis Pittilla. Those first times seemed like it was to the other side of the world - I was demolished. Although it did take me 7 to 8 hours to make the crossing to Ashford in Kent. First to Schiphol and then by taxi to the hotel. At first it seemed like a trip around the world, especially if I also had to take the train (something I never do in the Netherlands). Oh my, then I would be completely demolished. 


But then having flown to the UK and taken a taxi/train for year after year, it got easier and easier. Simply because a routine and therefore a pattern emerged. 


It also became less exciting: I knew my way around, had my own taxi driver that I befriended in the UK and so the tension disappeared. 

But where do I want to go with this story? Very simple, I want to make you feel how important it is to shake yourself up! Keep activating, stimulating and challenging yourself! 


Because I know one thing for sure: when you live the same, day in and day out … Do you really feel alive or do you feel yourself becoming a plant that wilts a little more with each passing day?  


Well, I do anyway but of course it is different for everyone. I also love being home alone just resting with no one around me. As an introvert, I really enjoy that. 


But on the other hand, I strongly need that contrast. And not just me, everyone needs contrast and change to really feel alive, to keep the energy flowing and to feel the life frequency pulsating through them. It’s so important! A dear friend in England once asked me: ‘Lisette, you have a family, everything, why are you coming to England? Why are you here?’ 

Do you know what my answer was? ‘Because here I feel alive!’

It literally felt like that! 


And that actually sounds rather unkind when I had my family at home. Like I didn’t feel alive at home with them. But of course, I absolutely did! It’s just as a mother, partner and entrepreneur, I had to break free from the routine, the habits and the grind!


And my mediumship adventure in England brought me that. But what it really was (and still is), is: growth, transformation and therefore evolution for myself and my soul.


And in a nutshell, that's what life is all about -  growing, learning and evolving!


As I have often said (and it’s something I learned from Tony Robbins): We as humans are just like nature. If you don't grow …  then you die! Or at least, feel more dead than alive. With more drudgery, boredom and melancholy than feeling the joy of life pulsing through you. 


And that's why I also want to encourage you, wherever you are now in your life: go do something that triggers you, that activates you, switches you ON; do something different, do something you always wanted but emotionally didn't have the time or energy for. 


Trust me, when you step into something you really feel a Soul pull towards, you will feel a huge switch ON. You’lll feel more alive and vibrant than ever! And that life energy will lift you to greater heights than you could have imagined.


So are you getting stuck in a rut? Then I challenge you to do something different and something new! Agree to go for it? 


Great! Then here comes the challenge I gave myself. In early 2020 I made my very first Shift to EnergyJoy and Beyond podcast episode. That was hugely out of my comfort zone at the time, for as an introvert putting my voice out there to the world was pretty scary. But now, 3 years later, and many thousands of downloads later, I can say: It's time for a new step in my podcast adventure!


Have you been listening from the beginning, podcast #1? Then you will also have grown and evolved with me. Or at least you’ll have seen and felt my transformation over the years. 


One such transformation is that the intuitive development and mediumship training which I’ve been providing, has had a business dimension added.  

Simply because, in addition to being a medium of success, I am also an entrepreneur in heart and soul. And my students are also increasingly embracing entrepreneurship. 


So when I look at my business now, I have 2 signature programmes that my business revolves around. And those are: The Master Your Inner-Medium Academy for energetic awakening, transformation and ultimately the propagation of your Soulful Mission, and The ELITE Shift Mastermind, the high-end & high-frequency business trajectory. 


Both trajectories are absolutely life-changing. And both processes deserve to be in the spotlight, through separate unique podcasts dedicated to each! 


I strongly feel individual focus is essential in this, so instead of covering both aspects in 1 podcast series I made a clear choice, for myself but also for you as a listener. Because I know: The Master Your Inner-Medium Academy is not for everyone, neither is the Elite Shift Mastermind. 


And that's why I want to share fantastic news with you!


From 2023 I have started a new podcast in addition to my EnergyJoy Podcast! 


This new podcast is called: The High-Frequency Business Podcast for High End & High Value Entrepreneurship. 


So yes, if you now enter my name on Spotify, for example, then 2 different podcasts will appear. 


And even better news: From now on I will be making no less than 3 podcast episodes a week!


Yes, Consistency is Power! Therefore on Monday’s and Friday’s there’ll be the Business Podcast and just as you're used to, on Wednesdays there’s the EnergyJoy Podcast.


I'm over the moon! And yes, of course it's exciting, new and I think …  phew …  3 times is quite a lot. But after 3 years of podcasting, I've really got the hang of it and the podcast has given me so much! So it’s time for more.


Plus, through the 2 podcasts you can get acquainted with my 2 flagship signature programmes in a beautiful environment. Not only with me and my programmes, but also with everything that goes on in the world of energy and mediumship and the world of high-frequency entrepreneurship at a high-end level. 


Well, that's my growth and evolution from 3 years of making podcasts. Now I’m making more episodes with even more focus, insights and growth for every listener!


I hope to be able to inspire you and I know it may take some getting used to for you too. But know now: this feeling has to do with the resistance to change that we all experience as human beings. 

So I invite you to join me on my journey and adventure through the world of energy, intuition and mediumship and/or doing business on a high-frequency, high-end level from soul alignment. 


You can find both podcasts via my website and well-known channels such as Spotify and iTunes. So from now on there’s the EnergyJoy Podcast and the High-Frequency Business podcast. 


And as an extra invitation I want to ask you: What are your plans for your growth and evolution outside your comfort zone? What is your Soul Pull and deep desire? You can share it with me via DM or email for I really enjoy hearing about your insights. And of course, you also do me a huge favour to share the podcasts with those who are open to it. This is how we help each other and that is the most beautiful frequency to live in!


In the shownotes you will find the links, also to my signature programmes. If you want to know more about them, you can always send a DM. 


I look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!


Lots of love x Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2023© 

Podcast 153. Feeling Alive!

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