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EnergyJoy typewriter script with High End Succes Medium Lisette Lucas

14th december 2022 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 150. Activate Your Stardust Power: Discover Your Infinite Potential Beyond Limiting 3D Boundaries And Discover What Blocks Your Inner-Genius + (Re)Activate Yourself In The Master Your Inner-Medium Trajectory 


A question for you: Do you want to get more out of your life but you’re not sure whether you can? Or that it is for you?


  • STOP! I say right away! You are made of stardust!


  • As soon as you can tune in to that frequency, that magical potential can start living.


  • Then you can activate your Inner-Genius and believe me: you will be Unstoppable! 


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


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Welcome to Podcast #150!


Great to have you here!


This podcast could be life-changing! So make sure you can't be disturbed for a while. Because if you know how energy works, you also understand that focus is essential for ultimate success and huge shifts in any area of ​​your life.


Because … ‘Where focus goes energy flows …’


So in this short podcast I'm going to send your focus to … yourself.


Not just to the earthly version of you, but to that part of you where all the possibilities and all the potential are stored. The place where an overflow of abundance already pulsates through you.


Do you want to know what that part of you is?


Great! I want you to go with me using your focus and attention (and therefore your energy) to your stardust. 


‘Stardust?!’ I hear you thinking now.


Yes, your stardust: that powerful, loving, flaming, brilliant part in you that always has been and always will be!


Just feel in and around and through you. Where is that part? Trust that 1st feeling which comes within 3 seconds. And believe me, it's there because otherwise you wouldn't be able to listen to this podcast right now …  haha.


This stardust is who you really are. Beyond all the earthly conditioning: those limiting beliefs, all those learned patterns that keep you small and seemingly safe.


Because you know what you really discover when you can easily tune in to your stardust?


Then you discover that there is a 'genius' in you, a genius and wise part. I call that: your ‘Inner-Genius’! 


The part of you that can connect with ease and travel through times, dimensions, spaces and realities. And all that while your physical body remains well grounded in the here and now.


In fact, through the activation of your beautiful stardust essence, your Inner-Genius can access information that you didn't even know and realise was possible!


Really… sounds magical and almost feels magical when you master it. But it actually makes a lot of sense … 


As you know from my many podcasts: It is a scientific fact that everything is energy. 


And I can help you to (re)activate your Inner-Genius through your stardust acceleration. Unfortunately, most of your stardust has become dull under layers of earthly worries, stresses, expectations, disappointments, pain, fears, sadness and challenges. And yes, your Inner-Genius has also been pushed into the background …  and that can feel damn lonely and difficult. 


But good news! 


Seeing as you are basically stardust (this is what you were before you came here on Earth), and your Inner-Genius always travels with you through lifetimes: you can simply reactivate this part! 


And okay, now I hear you thinking: 

‘Sounds nice Lisette, but once I’ve reactivated my Inner-Genius, what can I do?’


Very good question I say! 


This is what you can expect:


When you live fully from your stardust power, your Inner-Genius gets the plenty of fuel and energy which it needs to function optimally.


Now you came to this Earth with a plan - your ‘architect’s plan of the soul’ or the ‘blueprint of your soul’. The fact you are listening to this or happen to be drawn to my work and podcast indicates that something in your blueprint resonates with what I’m promoting. 


So our frequencies match. 

And no, coincidence does not exist! 

So whether or not it’s synchronicity, I leave to you. 


But the point is: We as souls on Earth help each other in all kinds of ways because that is the way to ultimate satisfaction. 


And my way of helping, my mission, is to put people back in their full stardust power from where they can become their soulful self. From that soulful self they can easily tune in and attune to their Inner-Genius, so that they can then do what they are destined to do here on Earth. In other words: Live their life according to the 'architect's plan of the soul', (as my mentor Mavis Pittilla used to say so beautifully). 


All from the wisdom they receive through their inner genius.


Do you know that fairy tale of Aladdin with the magic lamp and the blue genie?


Well, very simply put using the frequency of EnergyJoy below: 

You are that magic lamp and your inner genius is that blue ghost. In other words, you can see your consciousness as your genius. 


With this awareness you can perform miracles. 'Your wish is my command' … Provided you know how to control and then master this powerful part of your being. 

If you can't do this, it can even be catastrophic. Especially if you are highly sensitive and empathetic. Then playing with energy is like playing with fire. 


Why am I telling you all this? Simply to make you aware of:

1. Your infinite stardust potential.

2. To point out your Inner-Genius with which you can set and live your own mission in a genius and unique way.


Over the years I have learned many tools and techniques to discover this, first of course with myself. (Yes, believe me, a lot came from trial and error.)


Then I started mastering it or at least, mastered it to where I am now because I also learn every day. But I'm learning better and better how to make my stardust work for me, and through me, and how to activate and accelerate my Inner-Genius in clever and creative ways.


And yes, I want that for you too! 

If this appeals to you, I would like to invite you for a Soul Connection Call. 


Because the powerful trajectory with which I help you activate and master all these parts is called: The Master Your Inner-Medium Academy.


Through this you learn to work powerfully with all parts of your being, soul and consciousness.


It is a beautiful journey of intuitive development, personal transformation and mediumship success. By which you learn to successfully attune to the stardust of other souls both alive and beyond the limits of earthly existence.


You will surprise yourself. I can already tell you that!


Last week 3 beautiful groups completed levels 1,2 and 3. 

And what finally stood out the most: The enormous happiness, gratitude and joy on the faces of the Inner-Medium students! I call that the EnergyJoy frequency, one of the highest manifestation frequencies possible! 


It was so fantastic to see their phenomenal transformation and personal growth! I’m really super proud of the students!


I also share this because I hope that part of you feels a desire to discover and (re) activate this too. 


Purely because I know it's so important for your personal growth. Plus we need more beautiful souls on earth who fully activate this!


I can not do it alone - I need you so we can spread stardust together! That's why I set up this journey in 3 parts! So you can first experience what it feels like for 1 year and then you can even move on to the professional trajectory.


So now I sense a universal question: Who is this for?


Good question:


  • This is for anyone who is empathetic. 

  • For anyone who feels a deep inexplicable desire.

  • For all who feel a soul pull towards this unseen field. 

  • For everyone who is done with the old and wants to embrace the new and real.

  • For anyone who wants to break old patterns for good.

  • For anyone willing to become the best version of themselves.

  • For anyone who wants to start their own business in the alternative aid sector. 

  • And for everyone who already has their own empathic business, but wants to enrich it with bizarrely powerful tools with which you can really make a difference.


I'll put everything in the shownotes at:

And yes, much more but what matters is: enthusiasm, desire, curiosity and empathy. 


Basically we are all the same so everyone can learn. But if you are not willing to put your ego aside and leave it behind, then this is not for you. 

The Master Your Inner-Medium Academy is groundbreaking in the broadest sense of the word and works down to a deep soul level. It shifts you energetically to the cellular, DNA level. 

The powerful shift effect can be felt across family lines and beyond borders. 

So I hope you are aware that you are becoming a pioneer in this field. 

This is the future, believe me! 

And this is not foretelling, this is a knowing, from my stardust. I wonder if we share that vision … 


So get in with an open mind. Be open to the new, let go of what you have learned so far.


Your background does not matter, whether you are like many students of my academy and are: a lawyer, psychologist, coach, technically trained, a therapist, physiotherapist, doctor, nurse, administrative assistant or whatever. 

This process requires a completely open mind. The starting point is stardust and from there everyone is equal! 

That way you get the furthest and you can shine from your own beautiful stardust potential. While letting your Inner-Genius work wonders so that you can help the world in your own unique way.


Does this feel good!

Do you feel a ‘Yes’?

My intuition tip: Listen to your intuitive voice which appears within 3 seconds. Not to that fear voice that tries to sabotage you afterwards with all sorts of excuses. Believe me, those are excuses to keep you small. And that's not why you're here on earth!

So a very important difference, but you will of course also learn that!


I hope you'll be there in January, when the new groups will start! 

Please note: There is only limited space available and the full Inner-Medium trajectory only starts once a year. 

I would say: Step into the golden flow and the energy of this momentum: Your time is NOW!


Send me a DM or email to: or book a non-binding Soul Connection call via the link in the shownotes to get acquainted or meet again.


See you soon and I wish you lots of radiant stardust!


Go for it!

X Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 150. Activate Your Stardust Power

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