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EnergyJoy typewriter script with High End Succes Medium & High End Frequency Business Coach Lisette Lucas

7th december 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 149. Master Your Inner CEO, The Secret Of Powerful, Consistent Entrepreneurship! + Listen To My Elite Mastermind Member's Surprise 


  • Are you your own boss but looking for direction?


  • Discover my CEO secret in this podcast - with which you can powerfully shift your business and therefore your life.


  • So that you can run your business with ease: steady, stable, innovative and with powerful high-frequency boss vibes.


 (The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


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Welcome to Podcast #149!


Yes! It’s great to have you here! And are you listening for the first time today? It’s lovely to meet you through this route and wavelength. If you’re in my EnergyJoy World for the first time do send me a DM, because I'd love to hear where your wishes and desires are in the energetic and business field. 


And are you returning? Then I want to say: brilliant and thank you for your trust! Last week I received so many beautiful, precious messages and responses.


The transformation, growth and breakthroughs experienced by my students at my EnergyJoy Mastery Academy are truly mind blowing. And no, this isn’t just coming from me …  they share this themselves via messages, emails and also on social media. Recently one of my Elite Shift Mastermind Members even made a Podcast about it. What a surprise that was! And it brought tears of gratitude to my eyes so I will share the link to her podcast and also put it in the shownotes. ‘Wow’, I thought when I heard it, ‘This is exactly what I do it for!’ To contribute to the growth, transformation & development of another, so that they too can do what they are destined to do. How beautiful and valuable is that?!


This student’s (Samira Broer) podcast episode about her trajectory in the Elite Mastermind inspired me so powerfully. I felt, this was a beautiful energetic moment to make a podcast about the power of Mastering your Inner CEO! For this is the necessary foundation if you are or wish to become an entrepreneur. 


And to clear up that name right away, CEO stands for director, but CEO is also an acronym for:



Owner (entrepreneur)


And the other part of the name, the ‘Master Your Inner …’, is included because all of this 

comes from within, from your soul power, from your soulful self!


This is what I teach you as soon as you step into one of my EnergyJoy Mastery programmes with me: To go back to who you really are!


Who you REALLY are: Beyond all those layers of old patterns and outdated beliefs. 

Leaving you free to radiate fully from your stardust power, the frequency from which you can create and manifest anything you want. The frequency and energy of abundance, infinite inspiration and creation. When you’re in this frequency then you no longer have to look outside yourself or anywhere else …  Then it's who you are! 


And what is that stardust? 

It always reminds me of the magic seen in Disney: like Cinderella's fairy Godmother or Tinkerbell's magic dust from the Peter Pan movies. That playful and infinite world of magic is wonderful. Who doesn’t like it?! 


But of course this magic comes from somewhere. It stems from the fact that everything is energy. And so you are also energy, inside and around yourself. In fact, the energy of your heart and soul is so powerful, you can make connections with it to other energy sources. Both to other souls and frequencies beyond time, space and distance. That's how I can also be a Success Medium, simply by mastering the making of those powerful energetic connections. And I teach how to do that to everyone who is also open to it. Because at the core we are all the same, so everyone can learn this and everyone can master it successfully.


So that stardust is actually the magical energy from which you originated before you arrived here on earth in your earthly body. You have always been stardust at the core and always will be. 


But if this is so, why do you get removed from your stardust potential with all the infinite possibilities of creation and abundance?


Well, simply put: Because the earthly dust makes your stardust dusty!


In other words: your radiant shine can be somewhat dulled during your life due to situations, circumstances and simply due to the earthly conditioning.


Isn't it really strange, that I have to explain to you where you come from, when you have all the tools, compasses and navigation systems on board already? You can simply tune in to them yourself, well, provided you have removed that earthy layer of dust so that the haze disappears.


Then when you understand how to dust …  hahah … I don't like cleaning and dusting at all …  but when I mastered this cleaning and dusting, my life and business changed as if by magic! I ended up in a flow of inspiration and creation in which I am unstoppable! And yes, that feels great! It doesn't feel like work, it feels like being in tune with my full stardust potential. So that I can make it flow and swirl through and around me, like a vortex of star magic. 


(By the way, do you have or know of my EnergyJoy podcard deck based on the EnergyJoy Podcast series? Well, this podcard deck has the stardust with the soul frequencies and energetic connections on the back of the cards. I once saw this image in a deep meditation on an energetic level. Those connections are really like that, and it was really beautiful to perceive it through clairvoyant abilities.)


But why is your stardust so important in combination with successfully mastering your Inner CEO?


Well very simply, as I already said: CEO stands for consistent, energetic, owner (entrepreneur). 


And you will learn to master consistency by embracing and applying the new patterns, strategies and systems that I offer you in my Elite Shift Mastermind. Until they seamlessly become your new normal.


And what feeds that consistency and that entrepreneurial strength & power? 

Right, the energy and frequency of your stardust.


The more you know how to step into your authentic energetic soul power, the more powerfully you can share your message with the world. (Just as it is predestined.)


So no - there is no trickery or imitation as others do! 

No, because that doesn't work! Certainly not in the long run.

You will light your own soul aligned stardust sprinkled path. As soon as you embrace and master the energy and frequency of those parts within yourself, you will also be 'on fire' and 'unstoppable'! 


And that's where I can help you with the help of my Master Your Inner-CEO trajectory.


The end result is impact, abundance, freedom and EnergyJoy in both your life and business.


The way we activate it powerfully is through the energetic stardust trajectory. 

We're going to clear, delete and remove everything that no longer serves you. We're going to clean up, dust it off and then we're going to polish your stardust again. Let it shine from you as you were always meant to. So that you can present your business as a real high-frequency boss from the consistent energetic frequency - with ease!


How does that sound!?!


I advise you to listen to podcast #39 of 'Subvision de Podcast', from my Elite Shift Mastermind member Samira Broer. A year ago she stepped in … and well, she herself shares what the mastermind trajectory has done for her and her business. 

Should you doubt whether it works to invest strongly in yourself?

Samira and many others are proof that it works. 


It seems like magic but in the end it's just learning to master what you really are by nature! 

And that is: Energy! 

When you’ve mastered your Energy? 

Then you automatically become a master in manifesting whatever you want and wish for in your life and business! 


Are you ready to also activate and accelerate your stardust potential and power? 

Then my Master Your Inner-Medium Academy is an absolute must for your personal growth, development and transformation! You can also combine and integrate this into your future or existing business, thanks to the hugely powerful tools and expertise that you learn to master over the course.


Are you ready to work with stardust gold in your business at a high-end & high-frequency level?

Then my exclusive Elite Shift Mastermind is the right step for you. 

Want to know more about this or if you meet the criteria to be admitted to the Elite Shift Mastermind?

Then click on the link in the shownotes for more information or send me a DM or email to:  and use the reference: ‘CEO’ or ‘podcast 149’. 


The time and momentum we live in is phenomenally powerful to step into. Your moment is NOW! 

And extra tip: Check out my Instagram this month for magical momentum promotions!

Don't let dusty old layers keep you from shining from your birthright! 


You are worth it! 


Go for it!


Thank you for listening and for your time, energy and enthusiasm! It’s great that you are here. In the shownotes you will find the information I’ve mentioned in this podcast: the podcast of my Elite member Samira Broer, who touched and moved me so deeply, and the EnergyJoy Mastery Academy!


Lots of love and I hope to see you soon! 

X Lisette


EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 149. Master Your Inner-CEO

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