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23rd november 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 147. Your Infinite Manifestation Loop: How To Bend Reality By Upgrading Your Programming + Download Infinite Manifestation Loop Method®  


Do you find that you want to manifest your dreams yet, you keep getting more and more of what you do NOT want to receive?  


  • Find out why you keep yourself in this never-ending negative loop and vicious cycle 


  • Also in this podcast I'll explain how you can break this for good 


  • So you can powerfully shift and step into the positive infinite manifestation loop using my method! 


+ Exclusive Launch of my newest Experience!  


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


+ Download the free Lisette Lucas App 


Welcome to Podcast #147! 


Once you master what I'm about to tell you in this podcast, once you understand and apply it on a daily basis - your life will never be the same again! 


I myself did this completely unconsciously 23 years ago. 


But when I think back now, I had intuitively applied what I only now really understand. 


I'll take you back in time.  

I was 26 years old and had just been proposed to on the beach of St. Tropez.  

I was going to get married at 27. 

And actually I only had 1 wish. 1 massive wish and dream. 

And that was: to become a mother! 


I felt in every cell and fibre of my being: ‘I'm going to be a mother’. 


And no, not only mother, but this knowing also went further and deeper into the details.  

I knew and received crystal clear knowledge (which I actually saw in front of me): ‘I am going to be the mother of 3 children.’ Which I also said out loud.  

I also got further details and knew: ‘I'm going to be a mother of first a boy, then a girl and then a boy again.’ 


Not a hair on my head doubted that, I knew that's how it would go.  

I could see it in front of me, I already felt myself as a proud mother walking behind the beautiful pram. I already felt myself driving a large family car with child seats in the back. I already saw myself buying the most beautiful children's clothes and yes … now many years later I can look back and say: ‘All this has come to pass, has become true.’  


For me at the time this knowing was the most normal thing in the world, precisely because I felt it so powerfully. But when I look around now, I realise that that was not so normal at all. And only now, with the knowledge I have gained over time, do I see that I have unconsciously gone through all the good, positive steps to manifest.  


This is what I based my special 'Infinite Manifestation Loop Method®' on. 


What is the Infinite Manifestation Loop Method®? 

It’s the 5-step method which you go through during the process of manifesting.   


But what exactly is manifesting? 

Manifesting is creating your own reality, both positive and negative.  

Because good news: You always manifest!  


What and how you manifest is entirely dependent on your programming. 


And this programming is the 1st Step of my Infinite Manifestation Loop Method®. 


I will put the link to the free download of the cheat sheet in the shownotes at: Then you can download and print it.  


So, step 1: PROGRAMMING: Which sounds very computer-like I know. But in the end, you as a human being are the most advanced computer there is. You run on software that you have been given throughout your life. Mainly in your 1st 10 years of life, that's where your software is installed on a subconscious level. At this stage you were a kind of sponge, very open and absorbent, and everything you collected then is stored on your hard disk.  

You can see your software as your beliefs and your patterns which make up your programming.   


In other words: In life you view everything through your own unique filter of beliefs and patterns. These are your personal beliefs and patterns, and they can be very different to someone else’s. They are not facts, and this is important to remember! 


If we look at this and compare it with my motherhood manifestation example: I come from a family with 3 children, so in my reality having a family with 3 kids was normal.  

Therefore, my conviction was: ‘I can have 3 children because my parents could do this, so I know this is normal. I know this is available to me. I know this is for me too.’  


And no, I didn't consciously think this, but it did play on a subconscious level.  

So in terms of having children and becoming a mother, my programming was good. I was lucky with that!  


Which brings me to Step 2 of the loop: THOUGHTS: 

In other words, the words you say to yourself and the pictures you make in your head. Throughout the course of a day, you have between 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts. 


You also have a pattern in your mind because that's just how we are as human beings. So, we often run our entire lives on the same programming with the same thoughts and the same patterns. Provided we don’t change this and break through. The only way to get out of a negative manifestation loop is to start working on your programming.  


The thoughts we have come from the beliefs we hold, and we believe them because they run through our programming. Then these thoughts determine how you feel and what emotions you experience.  


For example, seeing the picture in my head, of myself behind that pram, really made me super happy. An 'on top of the world' feeling. Do you know that feeling? Have you ever experienced that with something?   

This thought made me feel super happy before I even got married and pregnant! 


So I felt very happy which had a huge effect on my state of being, how I felt in my body. Because I already felt like a proud mother before I was, I started moving and walking like a woman who was almost a mother. 


I felt great!  

And this leads straight to Step 3 of the Manifestation Loop. 


Step 3: STATE: Your state of being is determined by your emotions and feelings. My state was really great! So you can imagine what this did to my energy and frequency right?  


I was hopping through life, so to speak. I already hugged my children in my mind.  

My energy was On Fire!  

And I don't need to tell you what ACTION was taken next.  

Right, because once your standing and energy are at a certain level, you take ACTION to make it a reality. 

So step 4 is: ACTION! 


Which is what happened next for me - the Pill went overboard on the cruise ship during our honeymoon in the Caribbean in September (imaginary overboard, I didn't go that far ;-) and 9 months later in June our 1st son was born! 


Whaaaa … I couldn't believe my luck! 


The Action that followed my state of being combined with my unlimited energy and frequency then determined my reality. 


And that's the last step in the loop: 

Step 5: REALITY! It hit when I held my first son in my arms which I had unconsciously manifested according to the 5 steps of the infinite manifestation loop. 


And that's how it went with my business when I switched from live coaching to successful online training, coaching and mentoring. 


Step 1: Programming. My belief was: I want to take my business to the Next Level - to have more reach, more impact, more income and more freedom.  

Step 2: Thoughts. I then made the pictures and words in my head. How will this look? How's it going? (If you’re an entrepreneur then think and feel with me what your answers are!) What does the successful version of myself look like? How does she talk? How does she move? How's it going? Will it be completely online? Or partly live and partly online? Are you going to coach 1:1 or work more with groups? The answers to these questions showed me that I saw myself working with groups online, which allowed me to reach more people. So then I pictured what that would be like. I heard how I spoke and saw how I moved. And then I got in there.  

Step 3: State (Your physical state and energy). Having already stepped into that successful version of myself (through visualising), I already became her, as it were. This immediately shifted my feelings and emotions, which shifted my energy. Then I moved on to step 4: Action! I took strong action, I really engaged! Bringing in huge action. 

As a result, it was going to reveal itself through Step 5: REALITY! My business has shifted hugely since I made that decision to go Next Level!  


All my pictures are becoming my reality more and more. It continues to unfold. If I want more, if I want to go further, I’ll keep working on my programming! For this moves the barrel powerfully and makes everything shift!  


And yes, I can do this so you can do this too! 


For actually I have just revealed the secret to being able to powerfully manifest what you DO want in your life. 


However, everyone manifests all day long but mostly what they do NOT want in their life. How come?! 

This is because as humans we have learned from primal programming to focus on what is not going well. That’s because if something goes wrong, it can jeopardise your survival, and your primal programming’s only goal is for you to survive. So that's why you're mainly focused on what's not going well, it’s your primal programming. 


We usually only see what is not going well and that is what our thoughts are about 95% of the time.  

Well, then you now also know what this does to you and therefore what the end result is. 


So the secret is in Step 1: Your programming, your beliefs, your patterns and therefore your filters.  


Change your programming and your life will change.  

Change your beliefs and your life will shift forever! 


Therein lies the key, this is the secret to breaking the infinite manifestation loop for good. 


So you can start bending your reality with this.  

Bend to what you really want to receive in your life, even before you receive it! 


Does this happen overnight?  

Is it fast? 

How does it work?  

Honestly I can say: No, this isn’t quick work. This is hard work on yourself! I don't want to sell castles in the air, I want to be fair. (I also still work hard at this.) 

Especially at the beginning it is commitment and being consistent towards yourself. 

First with willpower and then it becomes your new programming and pattern.  


But above all, perseverance is a MUST! Because otherwise you will fall into old patterns and beliefs. And so old programming … Trust me, been there, done that! I know how it works and I also know how it doesn't work. 

Everything changed for me when I was coached and mentored. So, for big shifts and huge breakthroughs; for those Next-Level results it is so important to work with a coach and mentor who helps, supports, guides and adjusts you, where necessary. And yes, sometimes also tackles and gives you a kick below the …  you know what.  


I myself was lucky that my programming was positive in terms of my desire to have children, so that happened smoothly.  

But on a business level I had to break through a lot of beliefs, and I work on my own programming every day. This also under the guidance of my business coach.  

Purely because I know this is the only way to continuously reach a new Next-Level and break through subsequent ceilings. Because as you continue to grow, you keep coming across new ceilings. 

That’s why enlisting help, asking for help is a strength! The best in the world work with coaches! But it's up to you to decide whether you want to push on independently and waste time or shift and accelerate super fast under professional guidance. Because that's where the difference is - time savings!  

And that's really the one thing we all have the same amount of: TIME! 


And if you are a smart entrepreneur then you know that investing in yourself and in time is the best investment you can make!  


By the way, if you wish to have children, I’d love to refer you to one of my Elite members. I work with wonderfully talented, ambitious coaches, therapists and empathetic entrepreneurs in my high-end Elite Shift Mastermind programme. And this lady has a trajectory that is specifically aimed at Manifesting your Baby. So, send me a DM or email: and let me know of your wish and I would love to put you in touch with her.  


I myself focus my business and coaching mainly on energetic development, transformation and the Soul Aligned business aspects of my clients and students. I help those who are ambitious, empathetic and want to shift to the Next Level of Impact, Income and Freedom in their lives and businesses.  


Do you want to become a master in manifesting using my Infinite Manifestation Loop Method®?  

Do you want to learn to master your own energy and frequency and all this at the highest possible level? 

Send me a DM or email and together we'll see what the next step is for you! All information from this podcast can also be found in the shownotes. 


And now I want to close with my very latest 21 days: Ultimate Energy Shift Experience®! 


This is a powerful transformation and energy shift process. 

Every day you get insights, tools, lessons and steps from me. With the help of powerful hypno-tations, that is a combination of hypnosis & meditation, you will start shifting your programming. As you now know that’s the most important step towards mega manifestation! 


And because of the festive launch, I have an exclusive mind-blowing offer for you!  


Please note: This offer is only valid for a very limited time! After that, the Experience goes to the normal investment and price - so grab your chance! 

You can read more about this in the show notes at: 


Well, I hope you took in these huge insights.  

Extra Tip: Download and print the cheat sheet. Hang it on your fridge, for this knowledge is life-changing once you understand and apply it.  


I’m always happy to help you with this and look forward to meeting or seeing you again! 


Wishing you lots of manifestation success! 


Love Lisette x 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 147. Your infinite Manifestation Loop  

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