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26th october 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 143. Energetic Leadership: How To Powerfully (Re)Activate Your Natural Leadership Skills From The Highest Loving Frequency


Do you want to share so much with the world - insights, ideas and inspiration, but you feel in your gut that you are not made for doing that?  


  • Stop: Your loving (perhaps presently latent) leadership skills are so necessary!


  • As soon as you understand, embrace, activate and apply energetic leadership … 


  • … you will absolutely, and easily, become the soulful leader the world so, so needs! 


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 Welcome to Podcast #143! 


Leadership: what are your thoughts on it? 


Do you think you have to be born a leader?

Do you feel that you either are or are not a leader?

Or maybe, you feel and experience the desire to activate your leadership power?


If you’re looking to embrace your leadership power, so that you can propagate your unique message from your own SoulPower then great! This is the podcast for you!! 


Do you want to discover your own leadership skills? 

Then, from my own experience, I can say it’s important that you look for a mentor or coach, one who expresses their leadership in a way that resonates with you; so you feel good and comfortable with it. 


This mentor or coach could be your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, but also someone who has that edge. By edge I mean the mentor or coach you seek can trigger, activate and accelerate your growth in a way that feels exciting, sometimes maybe scary, but who fits with you as a person. 


The name I personally give to this sort of leadership is: Energetic Leadership. 

Leading from the soul with the pure, real and powerful best intention for the student at the very core.  


Now, you can probably think of an example where leadership does not come from the soul, but purely from the ego.


This fear-driven leadership in which self-interest and profit come first and where the energy takes dangerous forms because the person feels superior to the rest. 


Just think of examples around you. 


And that's the kind of leadership I don't want to talk about. 

Because I embrace and propagate leadership that is diametrically opposite to this ego-driven leadership.


And yes, you can also activate energetic leadership within you too, if you want to.


The best thing about activating the energetic leader in you is that, with the right circumstances, it comes naturally.

So it doesn't cost you any energy because it flows naturally through you.


Okay, I'll be honest: Is the road to powerful soul aligned energetic leadership easy? 



Why not?

Because you have to break through the roadblocks put in place by your own ego and limited mind from their survival programming. So you must allow blocks to be cleared and limiting beliefs, old habits and fears have to be left behind for good.


With the emphasis on allowed, because of course you have choice from your free will.


But know that if you don't make that choice, nothing will change.


So for perhaps inexplicable reasons do you long for change? Do you long for developing your natural energetic leadership skills?!


Then I say: Yes! Fantastic! 

Because that drive is the energy and frequency we need to move and shift from the deepest layers of your own energy.


It will liberate you and (even better) as soon as you experience it yourself, apply it and live it, you can also recognise, clear, activate and accelerate it in others.


Because that's just how it works.


You can see energy as contagious. What you deal with you will be affected by.

And you can see that negatively, but also you can use it very positively to your advantage!


So take a look around you?

Which people pull you down energetically, are the well-known energy guzzlers? 

With whom do you feel extremely tired after a conversation or a cup of tea? 


And then the other way around: With whom do you feel great, happy, enthusiastic and afterwards even charged, motivated and inspired to take powerful steps yourself?


Who makes you feel like they’ve really seen you? 

Not just from the outside but really soul deep: eye to eye, soul to soul, can see you for who you really are? 

Who sees your potential and who helps you activate and accelerate it? 


You’ll immediately feel the answer to those questions intuitively. Then you’ll know and feel very well who you should be close to with your energy, right?


Now imagine the following scene with me for a second: 

You are in a room full of people.

You know them and you look around at everyone.

You don't say it but you instinctively know - you are the person with the most skills and wisdom at that moment in that space.


What can you say about this space?



I can tell you: you are in the wrong room!!


Do you want to fuel your fire, passion, drive and soulful leadership? Let it ignite?


Then connect with people who have more skills and expertise than you currently have. You want to be the one in the room with the least knowledge. Yes … it can be a bit uncomfortable, but really this is your space!


Surround yourself with people who are steps ahead of you right now. 

So not better but further.


And make sure that you are energetically close to that person, mentor, coach, group or community on a regular basis.




Well, remember what I just said: Energy is contagious! 


So my advice and insights from my own experience: Fly under the energetic wings of a soulful leader. Then it will awaken and accelerate the soulful leadership in you too.


That's just how energy works!!


So from now on, promise me that you're going to be mindful of who you're interacting with from an energetic standpoint. Don’t make a choice out of habit or because you’ve known someone so long. No, think and feel: ‘Does this raise or lower my energy? Does this shift me beyond the borders of EnergyJoy or does it pull me down towards the frequency of pain, sadness, guilt and shame?’. Think for example of people who are always sharing their problems with you, who seem permanently stuck in vicious cycles they can’t break free from - what frequency are they in?!


Remember: who you spend time with can make or break you!



And now I’m going to share 2 ways of leadership, so you can find out for yourself what suits you: 


  1. Ego leadership. 

A low vibe, low frequency display of power. There is a cold, dominant energy surrounding it which compulsively sets wheels in motion based on power and underlying fear. 


  1. Soulful Leadership, energetic leadership. 

This is a high-vibe loving & powerful energy! Leading with love for what you do and love for those to whom you can transfer it. Leaders who use this style allow you to feel a driving force and find a flow that feels like a warm, safe blanket, so you can explore new areas in surprising ways. Meaning you can, may and dare to be your pure self. As a result, step by step you will put yourself more and more into the light. So you shine magnetically from within for everyone who is ready to receive it. 


Now, I turn to you: 

Are you already taking steps to activate your leadership?

Have you already embraced parts of your leadership but want to get more out of it?

Or is leadership brand new and exciting and you feel that inexplicable desire to activate it?

Does energetic leadership appeal to you? 


Then I say fantastic!

Because I believe that you will feel unerringly -  this form of energetic leadership is the new way with which you can set the greatest transformation and shifts in motion.


Would you like to know more about the options available to you? 

Then DM me the word: Energetic Leadership or send me an email with that as a title. You can also mention this podcast number 143. 


I look forward to meeting or seeing you again to discover the possibilities for your energetic leadership. 


Now more than ever, the world needs a beautiful, powerful Soul Aligned Leader!


Don't wait for the right moment because it will never come. Your moment is Now! 

A true natural leader senses this like no other and takes action!


Yes! I already want to say: Welcome aboard! 


Thank you for listening, thank you for your precious time, and thank you for sharing this moment with me. Because that is so, so important!

I hope to meet or see you soon.


Yes! On to shifting the frequency to EnergyJoy and Beyond!

Love x Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 143. Energetic Leadership

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