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28th september 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 139. Trauma RESET: How To Powerfully Reset And Free Yourself On A Multidimensional Level, So You Can Finally Do What You're Really Destined To Do!


Do you suffer from nightmares, self-sabotage, endless vicious cycles or keeping yourself small …  Yes? 


  • Discover the powerful life-changing Trauma RESET System in this podcast


  • Using the system you can decipher the real trigger and clear it from your subconscious mind and your multidimensional energy body for good 


  • Leaving you freed from old parts, outdated patterns and energetic blockages, so you can powerfully unfold and express your potential


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


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Welcome to Podcast #139.


Today a podcast with a heavy but also powerful title: TRAUMA RESET.


In order to move forward in life and not be held back by the pain, disappointments, sadness, traumas and therefore the old stories from the past; it is essential to find a suitable way that works for you. 


Of course you don't know in advance what works. But I always say: listen to your inner knowing. When something feels good, resonates on a perhaps inexplicable level, listen to it - it's there for a reason!


I remember well that I myself came to a point in my life where I ran into old parts and traumas.


I found out because I had recurring nightmares and scary dreams. Over and over, week in, week out, year in, year out, the same dream kept coming back …  Yet the root cause happened so many years ago I thought I’d figured all that out already. 


But my dreams or rather, the repeating nightmares showed me another reality. On a subconscious level I was clearly not yet completely freed from old traumas.


And that was also reflected in how I presented myself to the outside world. 

For example, when I was still carrying a lot of old parts with me, consciously and unconsciously, I always felt the 'safest' by mainly keeping a little in the background.


And so a kind of internal conflict arose in me: My survival-programmed ego mind and trauma part wanted to keep me small and seemingly safe.

And my Soul, my SoulSelf part felt a deep, powerful desire to develop, grow, transform, evolve and step into the light. 


For years this became a kind of 'Start-Stop' dynamic in myself with huge self-sabotage behaviour.


I wanted so badly to achieve or do something, but when push came to shove, I managed to sabotage myself very deftly (and unconsciously). Then I didn't have to go somewhere, finish the task, do the thing I felt so conflicted over - I could just avoid certain things. Which kept me away from all those ‘What if …’ and ‘Imagine that …’ scenarios and feelings which came up. 


Until the moment came when I strongly felt: ‘Enough is enough! Something has to change!’. I was also mad about my own 'full throttle and then pull the handbrake up again' behaviour. 


My behaviour didn't help me and made me sad and unhappy deep down. I carried that feeling with me, while I seemed to have everything in my life.


So when I look back now, that 'enough is enough' moment was actually my salvation.


For it was then that I started looking for a solution that really worked for me. 

And oh my …  I found a combination of solutions that is really hugely powerful. Then I started to apply them to myself and make it my own. I have bundled those forces into my own system called: The TRAUMA RESET System©


T Trigger: Discover your trigger 

R Result: Visualise your result

A Attention: Bring attention to the trauma trigger and then away from it

(You) Unleash: Unleash Through Insight

M Merge: Blend and merge with the new inflow for which space is now created

A Align: Step into your authentic soul alignment


R Release

E Energy


S Subconscious

E Events


T Transformation


With the system you release and transform energy while also breaking through and transforming subconscious events. This combination allows you to experience complete transformation, in and around your system. Then you can take giant steps back to your authentic, pure soulful self. 


The point is, I found in myself that by bundling systems, my trauma faded, was transformed, and even disappeared. 

Nightmares disappeared and self-sabotage patterns also evaporated like snow under the sun.


This was a real breakthrough for me.


And I can tell you, simply from my own experience: If you reach the moment you want to develop further and grow, then find yourself stuck. Stuck and not even sure why you’re stuck (no matter what stage you are in your life and/or business). The reason is trauma! 

Trauma on a subconscious and energetic level. 


So do you feel that you are ready for a RESET? Do you feel that: Enough is enough!



Then I say: Great!


Because then it's time for a huge breakthrough!

Time to stop keeping yourself small!

Time to put yourself in the spotlight!

And it's definitely high time to finally do what you're destined to do!


My Trauma RESET System© helps you with that very powerfully. 

Because I now know: 

Without this method which allows you to discover and break through blocks on an energetic and subconscious level. Well, if I hadn’t found these powerful tools then you wouldn’t be listening to this podcast right now, I also couldn’t have created my EnergyJoy Mastery Academy or even made my own App. 


Why not? Because I had absolutely subtly and deftly unconsciously sabotaged myself out of it.


So I can say from experience: The Trauma RESET is absolutely life-changing!


So are you ready for a RESET?


DM me the word: RESET or send an email to:


Then we look together at what your challenge is, what your triggers are and how we can break through, clear and transform the blockages at both a subconscious and an energetic multidimensional level. 


And another little fact about me: I like ease and simplicity. 

If something takes too long, is too complicated and takes too much energy … 

Then I check out.


So my Trauma RESET system is easy, fast and hugely powerful!


Allowing you to free yourself from old parts, blocks and layers that don't even belong to you, that are outdated, that are almost laughable, at least if you discover where they really come from. Sounds weird but trauma in the eyes of a small child is very different to the eyes of the grown person you are now. 

So time for a RESET & a powerful upgrade!

Because you are so, so worth it!


So give yourself that love and transformation because you know: The world needs you so very much!


Love, big hug and see you soon!

X Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 139. TRAUMA R.E.S.E.T. System

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