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EnergyJoy typewriter script with High End Succes Medium & High End Frequency Business Coach Lisette Lucas

14th september 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 137. Master Your Feminine & Masculine Energy For Ultimate Success In Your Life & Business; The Power Of Allowing Both Your Empathy & Leadership Skills


Do you find yourself full of ideas and wanting to take powerful steps, but in the end nothing really comes of it? 


  • In this podcast find out which part of your energy is dominating and in control of your life


  • As soon as you see this, shift and master it, you will be able to set everything in motion with a smile


  • So that you can create and manifest whatever you want and wish to receive in your life and business


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


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Welcome to Podcast #137!


In my view, to find success in life and business you need the right balance and dance, between your feminine and masculine energy. 


When you master that in a natural way, you can let in your emotions and intuitive powers and also fully embrace your natural strength, your power. 


And with these you have all the ingredients you need to be super successful. 


We all have that feminine and that masculine side. One person is more in touch with their feminine side and the other more with the masculine side. 


There is no good or bad in this.


But what is really important is that you can switch between these 2 beautiful parts and energies, both in and around you.


To give an example of this in action:


When I create this podcast, do you think I step into my feminine or masculine energy?  


I create this podcast entirely in my feminine energy and power.

I open up on an energetic level and let the inspiration and creation come in as a download. In a subtle, loving and elegant way that gracefully shapes the words.


And after that I need my masculine energy with the practical side. 

Because the podcast then needs to be recorded, edited, with music layered underneath and the intro and outro added.


Then for the launch, the feminine and masculine energy actually come together.

The creative feminine vibe comes together with the masculine more business-like, down-to-earth side.


Okay: Placing the podcast on the podcast platform is masculine, but then text needs to be added, and once again this carries an overflow of feminine and essence energy.


Next, I share the podcast on social media channels where the posting itself is masculine in my view, but the interpretation and creative touch is feminine again.  


In other words: It is a beautiful blend, mix and dance of both energies and frequencies that are prominent in all of us.


Usually one side is more dominant than the other.


But how do you know the difference? 

How do you know what is most prominent in you?

Because of course it can be a blend … 


I remember being at a Tony Robbins event and he (being super manly), offered a very earthy way to discover which side is more dominant and prominent.  


Okay, are you ready? I'm warning you now, it's an intimate way to find out shall we say. And don't worry, you don't have to share the answer - it is really for insight into yourself, and your dominant internal driving energies. 


Here comes the question that should immediately provide clarity:


When you are intimate with your partner do you take the lead or do you receive?  


Haha … Yes, I said it’s an earthy example, but you probably now know instantly which energy dominates you. 


Taking charge means the masculine energy is more dominant. 

Receiving means more feminine energy is prominent. 


Although it can vary, there is always a preferred way of being. 


So great! 

Because that's important to know. 


Why? Quite simply: to be successful both privately and in your business or career, it is really useful to be a master of your energy, to master your frequencies and your feminine and masculine side.


Why? Because then you are multi-functional and can take a lot of powerful steps.


You have the creative power to turn ideas and thoughts into reality.


Then you have the internal power to take strong action and take steps towards your ultimate dreams and wishes.


So you can literally make your desires become reality with that blend of energies.


But too much feminine energy leaves you stuck in daydreaming, overthinking or full of ideas that don't come into fruition.


Too much masculine energy and you want to go into action quickly, but without inspired creative power coming from the feminine side, little of your own ideas will really arise.


So see being successful in your life and your business, as the beautiful, powerful dance between both parts of you.


Sometimes one part is a bit dormant and it is necessary to shake it awake.


For example, I had a beautiful female client who wanted to start her own business.

At first glance she looked beautifully feminine, but I noticed during sessions that her energy was curt, closed, stiff and not very graceful and flowing. It also struck me that she barely smiled. We started working on this and guess what transpired? She used to have to stand her ground a lot and until now she worked in a world mainly with men.


So she had unconsciously given herself an overload of masculine energy. 


But when working with energy it is good to be able to connect with the energy of others, and to do this you have to be able to open up energetically on a female level. 


I told her about feminine and masculine energy and gave a small tip that worked wonders for her (something I also apply myself, even now while I'm recording the podcast). 


The tip? 

Smile while you speak! 

You don’t have to beam, but even just raise the corners of your mouth 2 millimetres. Practice for a while and you’ll absolutely feel a world of difference. This is for everyone who wants to allow softness and open themselves energetically.


Just think of the frequency of EnergyJoy!


Laugh, be happy. Even if you don't feel that way the moment you shift the corners of your mouth slightly, a 2 mm shift, you will notice that first your body and then your energy will react to it. And even better, the energy of the person you work with as a client or who is your potential client. But it is of course not only business related, it works everywhere: go practice on the street, smile lightly at a wild stranger. From that loving kindness and softness and just look at what takes place on an energetic level.


Seems so simple, but oh my … super powerful!


So for successful creation and inspiration, your empathic power, your feminine side is phenomenal. While the masculine side allows you to take powerful steps in your leadership and then take action.


Combine the two and you are a powerful, driven, inventive, empathetic leader. One who moves powerfully into action and who can set in motion anything you want.


Use it as your leverage, your leverage effect, that tipping point to huge shifts in your life and business!


Well I'm curious! Do you still have that smile on your face?!? Those mouth corners 2 mm in the air? 


If this is feeling good, do you want to go further and learn to master both sides, so that you too can flourish in your life and business? 


DM me or email me at: with the words: empathetic leadership or even just the podcast number 137.


Then we can look together at which steps you can take in your feminine or masculine energy.


Good luck!


I look forward to meeting or seeing you again (if we’ve already met)!

Together we can set huge shifts in motion. Although usually it is just a small push and an insight that literally turns you 'on' in all layers of your being.


I cannot wait!


Thanks for listening!

A big, loving hug for your feminine side and a high-five for your masculine side!


Haha see you soon!


Love Lisette x

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 137. Master Your Feminine & Masculine Energy

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