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17th august 2022 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 133. Weather In Tune Strategy: How To Get Instant Insights From Your Future Self Through A Mindset And Energy Shift + Powerful Future Vision Exercise


Is this situation recognisable: because of some challenges in your life you feel despondent, like you are running in circles and don't know which steps to take?


  • Discover in this podcast the: 'Weather In Tune' Strategy that immediately breaks through this.


  • So that you can receive powerful insights completely independently.


  • Plus this strategy helps you immediately shift your mindset and energy so you can immediately switch to being Soul aligned and in full ‘In Tune’ Action mode.  


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


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Welcome to Podcast #133!


You know that feeling when you lose heart?

I think, in fact, I'm sure we all know that. 

That feeling where you are suddenly attacked by fearful thoughts and doubt which pluck out all possible doomsday scenarios and put them in your head. Do you know this feeling?


In this podcast I'll let you know how I pick myself up as soon as this happens to me and clearly to everyone. 


But what’s important is how (and how quickly) you pick yourself up again.


I actually have 2 ways that I apply and merge.


The first is the: Mindset way.

And the second is the: Energetic way.


I make a conscious distinction between these 2. 

Because yes, if you listen to my podcast more often, you know that mindset and energy are completely intertwined and therefore also inseparable.


But for this exercise I think it's important that you make a distinction. 


Imagine you are faced with a challenge. 

(Note: For those in Phase 2 or 3 of Awakening in my Transition system, does my example fit into your own soul mission and purpose in life? If you don’t know which Phase you are currently in, then listen to podcast #104 Powerful Awakening, do the test I include there and discover which Phase you are in of my EnergyJoy Transition System.)


In this example the challenge is: you really want to start your own Soul Aligned Business, but you’re facing a challenge in your life which makes you doubt whether you should or not. Even though this is something you have dreamed of for years. But now situations and circumstances are all against it. So suddenly you think from your fear of even more scarcity and shortages: ‘No, let me postpone it for a while’.


Right now I say: ‘Stop!’


This is the time when you need to apply the '1-3-3 Weather In Tune Strategy'. (Yes, indeed: Podcast #133 featuring the 1-3-3 Weather In Tune Strategy.) Anyway, I will put the strategy in the show notes at:


And together now we will immediately go through the 1-3-3 Weather In Tune Strategy.


The 1 in the 1-3-3, represents 1 challenge. So now think of 1 challenge that you are struggling with right now. In this example, I use that you have lost heart regarding your own business and fear of shortages and scarcity. 


Yes, so the 1 represents your challenge right now.


Then we go to the 3. We have one 3 for Mindset and one 3 for Energy.


We start with the Mindset:


We are now going to look at your mindset in terms of the challenge. So in this case. You are stuck in fear which has literally made you take a step back. It traps you, it stagnates you, it makes you small. 

But …  a challenge, a problem usually does that with your mindset, with your thoughts - it makes you small.

Okay, we can both think that this is not a convenient mindset place to be.


So how do you get out of here as quickly as possible?


Very simple: Via 3 x Vision Visualisations.


So join me right away and think of the challenge I’ve used in my example or your own personal challenge. Then see yourself in the here and now with this present challenge. See yourself small, stuck, stagnant because of the problem or challenge. 

Now we will take a deep breath in and out and on the exhale we will travel through time to 1 year from now. See yourself only 1 year from now. 

Using your imagination picture: What is your life like? What do you want it to look like? How do you feel? Has anything changed? Have you taken steps? Or have you been stuck in that despondent phase or problem? Just look around you 1 year from now.

And I now want you to notice 3 things in your life 1 year from now that you can take back to this present moment. So look around you for the 3 most important things that have helped you (or not). 


  1. What have you learned 1 year from now that you can use? 

  2. What have you done or not done? 

  3. What do you want to tell yourself as the 1 year older version of you? What do you absolutely have to let yourself know with the insights from this journey through time? 


Very well and come back to the here and now. 

If necessary, write down the 3 insights. 


Okay are you ready for the next 3?


Because we're going to the future one more time. 

This time we are going for the 3 x Energy Visualisations.


We are going to make another time travel to 1 year in the future. But now on an energetic level. Previously we went back on a mindset level and your mindset is mainly in your brain, thoughts and physical layers. Your energy includes the omniscient from soul level.


So this experience is going to be many times more powerful, wiser and richer. You're going to experience the future from your all-knowing energetic dimension that is connected to the greater whole. From a soul level, your energy knows exactly what the right step and decision is for you right now, and up to 1 year from now. 


So now I want you to put a hand or both hands on your heart and breathe in and out deeply and calmly. Call upon all parts and layers of your being. All the wisdom that resides in and around you. Feel the energy in your body tingle and vibrate around you. You are in a powerful energy field which we are now going to use for your highest good. 


Okay, there you go. And feel in and around you as you move forward 1 year in time on one breath. And yes, you are there. 1 year on so look around you. How do you feel? How do you feel the energy? What do you experience and observe? Who do you see around you? Where are you? What are you wearing? How do you move? How does your body feel? How do you experience the energy in, around and through you? 


You’ll feel so much more than the 1st time because you are experiencing on a multi-dimensional level. Let it happen, it's safe. Feel with your energy and intuition, with your omniscient mind what is important to you right now. Trust the 1st hunch, no matter how crazy or unexpected. Trust, let it come to you. This is your higher wisdom that gives you insights through intuition and energy and which is fully in tune with your Soul Aligned Purpose, with your mission. This higher wisdom is completely free of fears, feeling small, and any limitations, self-sabotage and procrastination tactics of the mind. Meaning you are completely free in your power, dancing with joy, bubbling with happiness and free as your authentic self. 


And I now want you to perceive 3 things, feelings, sensations, insights from 1 year in the future, that you can take back with you to the present moment. So look around you for the 3 most important things that helped you move forward in the year, completely in tune for your highest good. 


  1. What have you learned 1 year from now that you can use, apply and implement? 

  2. What have you done or not done? What have you changed? What or who have you let go of? 

  3. What does your 1 year older version of you wish to say to present you? What insights do they absolutely have to let you know as you journey through time? Let the words and insights come to you and trust with a smile from EnergyJoy on your face. 


Very good and come back to the here and now!


Welcome back!

I am very curious what insights you have received.

Write them down for yourself right away and get started. And yes, if you listen more often to my podcasts you’ll know the next step: Take action immediately! Utilise the energy of this momentum. Think of the energy as a steam locomotive: Once it goes, you can set everything in motion with it. Getting moving, taking action, that's the biggest step. And you just did that, you got the insights. Now you can get started right away. In the energy of this momentum. 


You can still feel the energy of your future self pulsing through you. This is the energy you can use right away. 

Do you want help and support?

Then book a Soul Connection Call and together we will see what the right next step is for you. Completely in tune with your vision of where you want to go.


I am very curious and would like to hear what insights you have received.


DM me via Instagram or Facebook or just by email at:


I look forward to meeting you.


And did you enjoy listening to my podcast? Have you gained insights from it? Then it would be great if you click on the stars at Spotify or via Apple iTunes Podcast and possibly leave a review. Then you help bring the podcast to the attention of many more beautiful souls who need to shift.


Thank you and it’s so good that you participated. 

You can do this as often as you want. 

My advice: Make sure you have a clear image of your vision and know where you're going. And remember: anything is possible! As long as you believe in yourself. Mindset & Energy is everything! 


Thanks for listening and see you soon! Love Lisette


EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 133. 1-3-3 IN TUNE Strategy

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