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6th july 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 127. Burning Desire: How An Intense Desire For A Specific Result Can Be Your Ultimate Acceleration Energy + Discover The 6 Steps Of My DESIRE System

Is this situation recognisable: your ultimate wish and most burning desire just won't become reality, no matter how hard you try?


  • Discover in this podcast what blocks your manifestation.


  • As soon as you see this, you can immediately break it.


  • So that your burning desire rapidly accelerates into reality!


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Welcome to Podcast #127!


You have probably experienced a time where you wanted something really badly. You had such an intense, deep, burning desire for it inside. There wasn't a single hair on your head that doubted whether it was going to happen or not. You were totally convinced, knowing: ‘I want this so, so badly, I'm going to make it happen’. As a result: it turned out exactly as you’d wished. 


On the other hand, you have probably also experienced the opposite happening. Where you wanted something so, so badly, but still …  it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to.




And it doesn’t matter whether we are talking about a desire, in the personal or business area, because in principle it works the same.


Think back to the time when what you simply thought of and believed worked out and it became reality. Yes? Can you see it?


How did you feel then? (Especially when it wasn't reality yet.)

What words did you say to yourself?

What pictures did you make in your head?

How did your physical body feel? 

How did your energetic body feel?

How were your emotions? 

How did you envision the end result?


And these ones are the most important: 

How did it feel to live in that yet unmanifested burning desire? 

How did it feel to experience as if your burning desire was already reality NOW in this moment? 


Just go back to that moment (or those moments), and notice how if the desire is strong and deep enough, it won’t let go of you. It will almost become who you are and what you are doing in this moment. You will live, move, breathe and act with absolute conviction and certainty as if it is and will be the absolute irreversible reality. 

And this is also the greatest secret to realise and manifest what you want and desire. In other words, without a single hair on your head doubting. Absolute certainty and conviction are firmly in the foreground. It is an inevitable consequence and you know, feel and experience that in every cell of your being.


But on the other hand: what about when your desire has not gone the way you’d hoped beforehand? Then I can tell you, a key ingredient was missing to make it a reality. 

One of the biggest reasons you can't get what you want is:

Conflicting beliefs. In other words: Internal, subconscious beliefs in conflict with  external, conscious beliefs.


An example of this, say that I want to manifest my dream house. I can totally see what it's going to be like: beautifully large, modern, detached, spacious, with space for freedom and water all around. That is your burning desire on a conscious level. 


But …  then at the subconscious level, the beliefs are, for example: people who live in a large detached house often face burglaries and people with a lot of money are stingy. And that’s something you hate, you don't want to be that way.


This is where the damage happens - conflicting beliefs that leave you confused as to why you can’t manifest your desire, whilst simultaneously subconsciously sabotaging your own desire. Consciously you aren’t aware of any of this but somehow you keep finding excuses to put off doing what needs to be done. Or finding reasons not to take those steps just yet. Perhaps you’re simply too tired and somewhat overworked which means you’re not ready for your dream house. It all seems to be explained very rationally, right? 

But now you know that these self-sabotage behaviours are your conflicting beliefs. 


Your internal defence system, which is linked to your emotions, says: ‘Don't do it. If you do, something bad will happen and soon people will think that you are stingy and unkind … it is better to avoid that pain and sadness …’ 


And then days, weeks, months and years pass. Your dream home remains a dream that seems far away. That is until that moment comes when you listen to a podcast, for example, and you see what you have been unconsciously doing all this time.


‘Wow’, you think, ‘I always thought the problem was external … that it was due to circumstances … but it turns out that it resides internally in the deeper layers of my own programming - in my own subconscious.’


Yes! What a very powerful insight! 

And there’s good news: you can upgrade and update your internal programming (as you regularly hear in my previous podcasts). In fact it is the absolute key to success!


This is the mindset shift and internal transformation that you must undergo in order for your burning desire to become a reality. Disarm that internal saboteur. Remove it from your system for good and your burning desire will become reality in no time with the right steps.


I go through those steps with you in my own DESIRE system - the system to make your desire a reality. The system goes through some key ingredients that are needed to set your desires powerfully in motion. I also cover these in my Energetic Entrepreneurship Accelerator Pathway and High-End Elite Shift Mastermind programmes. And if you choose to master these steps it’s super powerful! 


So now I will give you the 6 basic steps from my DESIRE System©:


  1. D - DRIVE : In other words, that burning desire. That must be present. 

  2. E - ENERGY: Your energy merged with your burning desire, makes you a Force of Nature. So that the laws of nature will actually work for you. 

  3. S - SYSTEMS: It is essential to follow proven systems and steps, for it not only saves time, but also ensures that you do not make unnecessary mistakes. Go for systems and models that are proven and you can utilise the energy of momentum at an accelerated pace.   

  4. I - INTUITION: Your intuition, your inner knowing and the ability to connect with that which is more. Call it the cosmos, the universe, God, Allah, whatever feels right to you, it doesn't matter. But it makes you and what you do and put down unique. Learn to apply your intuition in what you want to manifest. And everything will arise in a natural, beautiful, powerful flow. 

  5. R - RESULTS: Knowing exactly where you are going, what you are working towards and why is essential. Keep your result in mind. Step into that energy of your desired outcome and let it unfold.

  6. E - EVOLVE: You have infinite potential and to be able to grow and evolve successfully, it is important that you keep moving. So continue to grow, develop and invest in yourself, to reach your highest possible potential from who you are by nature. For your highest good and that of those who embark on the adventure with you. 


These 6 steps form the basis of my DESIRE System©. In my business programmes this is explored in depth in subcategories that combined make your powerful Burning Desire a reality.


I am very curious about what you want for yourself, your family, relationships, your growth, transformation and of course your business, your legacy. What do you wish for? What do you want? What are you going for?


Know that I'm here for you with proven systems and pathways to help accelerate your path. 


I can guide you to identify and break through your conflicting beliefs, so that you can step powerfully into the flow of your burning desire. Allowing you to break free and clear the feeling forever that there is something blocking you from your desires. 


Are you ready to step into that powerful flow and make your desires a reality?

DM or email me the word: DESIRE


Then we can chat further via DM or email and can find out what the best next steps are for you. 


Feel a big ‘YES! I want more and to get more with that burning desire’? Then it’s best to immediately schedule a no-obligation Soul Connection call, so we can work with that momentum and put energy in motion. 


Remember, nothing can hold you back but yourself! You are only 1 choice away from realising and manifesting your ultimate, Burning Desires! 

And yes: the choice is always yours!

Good luck and I hope to see you soon!

X and love Lisette 

X Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 127. Burning Desire

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