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29th june 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 126. The Art of Mastering Your Programming + Discover the 2 Rules for the Manifestation Cross-Over


Have you recognised that you keep moving in a vicious cycle? A 'loop' that you just can't get out of … 


  • I can tell you right now: this is your programming.


  • Once you discover the Art of Mastering your Programming and apply the 2 rules I share with you in this podcast … 


  • … you will be able to create and manifest anything you want!


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Welcome to Podcast #126!


I’ll start with a couple of questions: 


  • Are you satisfied with where you are now, where you are in your life? 


  • And if you have your own business, this question is for you: Are you satisfied with where you are now and where you stand in your business? 


Is your answer to one or both questions: ‘Yes!’? Then I say: ‘Fantastic!’, because then you’re already a master of the art of mastering your programming. 


But did you answer ‘No’ once or twice? If so, then you probably already feel it coming, then you are not yet mastering the Art of your programming.


‘Okay, nice Lisette’, I hear you think now, ‘But what is the art of mastering your programming?’.


‘Good question’, I say. 

To put it more clearly: I'm talking about the art of controlling your subconscious mind. 


For if your reality now is not equal to what you desire right now, do you know what that is about? It comes down to your programming. 


Your reality is a direct reflection of the thoughts you have had and are still thinking up to this moment.


Yes … it’s painful but true.


But then I immediately hear you thinking: ‘Yes, but I'm working on myself. I am learning new things. Taking in new information and am busy with manifestation and everything’.


Then again I say: Great! 

But still: Is your reality not yet the way you want it to be? Still not what you want? 

Well then your old programming is still that reflection of what you have thought up to now.


So now I understand your next question of: ‘How can I change this?’.


Very good question again!


First, it is important to realise that we live in the slow 3D dimension and frequency. 

And everything you desire must first be created in the (high frequency) 5th dimensional, the quantum field, in 'energetic emotion & clear intention form' before it becomes visible in the 3 dimensional.

Also, don't forget that there is a timelapse. In other words, a bridge from energy to matter. If you consistently work on your 'energetic emotion & clear intention form', it starts to be created before it becomes visible in your reality.  


It has been proven in quantum physics that there is actually a crossover from the metaphysical to the physical. They call it the Quantum To Newtonian Transition Point. Yes, so from the quantum level to the physical level. That transition point has been discovered and proven.


But I want to keep things simple because in the end you don’t need to know how it works, you just need to understand what rules there are for manifestation, how to apply them and how to master it: that’s the art. 


So very simply:

Rule 1: Clear Intent

Make sure you have a clear vision of what you want to manifest. Do you have that picture clear? Enjoy your vision of your future right now. That immediately increases your frequency.

Keep those pictures and images in your mind. 

Keep seeing, feeling and experiencing them. 

And above all, don't dwell in the pain of your past memories because then you keep that frequency going. 


Rule 2: The Energetic Emotion

Start feeling and experiencing that happy feeling of your vision, your clear intention including the energetic emotion that goes with it as if you have already received it. So step into that energetic emotion.


That's the key!


And not once a day, no, preferably every 3 hours! Step into that energy and frequency: raise your frequency, feel the feeling, the emotion, the sensation. Let it pulse through you. This is super powerful and preferably every 3 hours, so around 6 times a day. 


And nice to know: My Elite Shift Mastermind members work very hard on their programming, resulting in huge mindset shifts. They also use this special powerful High-Frequency Bliss manifestation meditation. 


This is incredibly powerful! You actually see the difference. 

And no, please note, don't think after 3 days: ‘Well isn’t this a hassle?’. 

No! That's your old programming that wants to keep you in the seemingly-safe old places. Don't fall for it.


After 3 days of going to the gym you will not immediately have that six pack or killer body - you know that. 

To get what you desire requires commitment and discipline.

And so too with the Art of mastering your programming.


It doesn't happen by itself.


You automatically received your programming in your 1st 7 years of life. At that time you were a constant sponge soaking up everything in a state of hypnosis. 

That then became your programming that you've been running on until now.

And if you don’t change that? Then you may still react at the age of 79 like a 4-year-old child who didn't get his or her way. Haha … have you seen this? 


So those are those old patterns and habits that you keep repeating. Leaving you stuck in that endless loop wondering why your life hasn't changed … 


Now you know the answer: it's all in the Art of Mastering your Programming


And whether it's about your life, relationships, finances, health or business 80% - 95% comes down to programming. The rest is down to your strategy amongst a few other things. 


If you don't change that 80-95%, your life won't change.


You run on your programming on a daily basis. Are you mastering the art of upgrading your programming? What about your software?

Then your life and business will shift in a way you never thought possible.


So are you happy with where you are now?


Are you satisfied with the results you are now achieving?


If not, then you now know the answer to changing this: work on mastering your programming. Raise it to an artform and you will be able to create and manifest anything you want!


You might think this is just another nice, interesting podcast I’m sharing with you. 

But I hope you realise that this could be a life-changing podcast if you take action. 


If you feel: ‘Okay, time to master that art’. Then I say: Great! Grab that energy from this momentum. 


If you listen frequently you’ll know I love offering the opportunity for a completely non-binding Soul connection call online via Zoom. If you’re new, it would be lovely if you take me up on this offer! 


Why? Because even though we are basically all the same, we are all unique in terms of programming and experiences. So that's why I think it's important to meet you first, to get to know you so that we can see 1:1 what the best step is for you and your energy at the moment.


Does this feel good, are you ready for change, do you want more, but you don't know how yet?


Then I say: Book that Soul Connection Call via the link in the show notes at:  and you will receive high-frequency advice tailored to your energetic blueprint. Alternatively just send me a DM.


Thank you for listening!


I hope you experience powerful shifts and are ready for huge programming upgrades -  

the way to create and manifest your ideal dream life!


A big hug and love from me,


X Lisette 


X Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 126. The Art of Mastering Your Programming 

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