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22nd june 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 125. Shift Your Perspective As A Coach, Therapist, Consultant Or Empathetic, Ambitious Entrepreneur, So You Can Shift Your Life And Business To The Next Level Of Impact, Income, Freedom And EnergyJoy; Simply By Breaking Free From The Old School Way Of Working - For Good. 


Are you stuck at a point in your life and business where you can't really move forward? 


  • Good News: the perspective shift I share today can change everything for you too! 


  • So you have more impact, more income and more freedom at the end of the month.


  • And thereby live with respect for your soulful self and embrace your authentic leadership skills.


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Welcome to Podcast #125!


It’s time to turn things around, if you are an empathetic entrepreneur, coach, therapist, consultant or counsellor in the alternative sector! Or even if you’re just starting out and want to become an entrepreneur, this podcast can help you straight away if you take advantage of the hugely powerful information within! 


These insights arose from my years of experience as an empathetic entrepreneur, in which I mainly coach and train people from my expertise as a spiritual medium, intuitive transformation hypnotherapist and high-frequency coach and energy healer.


And yes, I have to be honest … they were discovered through trial and error.

Because as an empathetic entrepreneur you are especially sensitive, which is a beautiful quality if you know how to apply it properly. Otherwise, yes, it can be a burden.  


And that's where it first went wrong for me.

I had way too much on my plate, wanted to help the whole world and with that I went hugely beyond my own limits.


I found out that I can't do the ‘old school’ way of working 1:1 for days on end. Doing so left me feeling drained and empty which of course, I wanted to prevent. So I had to 

limit the number of appointments in my practice so that I could fully give myself to my clients and also have time and energy left for my family, relatives, loved ones and yes, time for myself!


But that also has a disadvantage.

Scheduling fewer appointments has direct consequences on your turnover.

And as an ambitious entrepreneur you want to grow and scale your business, right?!

I certainly do!


And then I got a hunch and instead of adapting my business to my clients, (because if you do, you'll be busy until late at night), I thought: ‘Why am I not adapting my business to me?’. And me on all levels: my blueprint, my energy and especially what I want, what I wish and what feels good to me energetically. 


So, what happens when you choose to adapt your business to you over adapting your business to your clients?

You get a huge perspective shift! 


For me I let go of the 'old school' way of working, the '13 in a dozen' way and went my own way!


I broke free, disconnected from how other coaches, mediums and therapists do it.


And I can tell you: this was the best choice ever!

I now have the best turnover I’ve ever had, work the fewest hours I’ve ever worked and have the most freedom ever! 

Yes, you heard me right! And the best part is: This is also available for you!


Haha …  ‘How then?’, I hear you thinking!


Right, good question!


Very simple: By not working harder but working smarter. And I’ve discovered there’s only one thing you need to change to do this … your perspective! Really, that’s all you need to shift in order to step into the mindset and energy that it is okay (and even essential), to distinguish yourself from the average.

That with all your expertise and life experience you have a wealth of information to share from who you really are.

And that you automatically attract the right clients from that soul aligned energy and mindset!


As soon as you have clear what is good for you and what you do (and especially don't) allow in your business and life. You have a sheer, clear energy that will shift your perspective causing everything around it to shift too.  

The most important thing you can do now, when you are ready to shift is (in the words of Tony Robbins): Ask better questions! 


So, let's do that. You are going to ask yourself some powerful questions.

And my tip for shifting to the next business level is: find the answers to these questions! (Of course, only if you are feeling that drive, that passion, that need to shift.) Write down the answers to start the shift in your life, business and frequency. 


Right, are you ready for them?

Here come the 3 questions.

And press pause for a moment after each question to find out your answers. 


First it’s important to ground yourself. So feel your feet on the ground, be aware of your breath, fully in the here and now.


Feel your feet on the ground. Feel yourself standing firm, or sitting, like a tree.


Breathe in, and out … 

And now see a beautiful ray of white golden light flow through you.

Like a kind of sunbeam that comes straight from above and puts you completely in the light.


And as you feel this light pulsing through you and you feel yourself well-grounded, ask yourself the following questions:


1. Where am I now? (In your life and business.)

(Press pause and write the answer down, don't think just write and let it flow. Writing mistakes don't matter now. Just trust what comes to you.)


2. Where do I want to go? (In my life and business.) 

Where do I see myself 1 year from now?


3. What needs to shift now to make this a reality?

(Again listen to what comes, work it out for yourself and write it down.)


Very good. And out of the insights you received one is very important: the difference between where you are now and where you want to go. 

Do you feel that something has to change drastically now to achieve different results within 1 year?


Yes? Or do you think you'll get to those results if you just ripple along on the same course? 


Think we all know the answer to that right?!


But do you feel: ‘Yes, something drastically needs to change within this next year and I even have on paper now what that is.’  

Great, because then you are at the right place. (I don't believe in coincidence …)

In my process, I help empathetic entrepreneurs to shift to their next level of impact, income and freedom.


If you don't feel this, that's fine of course, it’s not for everyone. You have to feel that energy and that sometimes inexplicable desire, that drive, that attraction to more from within. 


It’s so important:

You have to be ready to shift your perspective.

You have to be ready for change.

You must be ready to step into your SoulFul power.

I'm not saying it doesn't have to be exciting, I'm just saying it's important that you feel like: ‘Yes! My time is Now!’


Because from that energy and frequency magic is possible! Then everything is possible!


Do you want to know more about my proven Master Your Inner-CEO system?

Or about the path it takes you down? Maybe you’d like to know more about how you can bridge the distance to your goals within a year?  


Send me a DM so we can connect or make an appointment via the link in the show notes at: for a no-obligation Soul Connection call.

Then we can look at how we can bridge that gap from where you are now, to where you want to be in a year. 


Do you feel: 

‘My time is NOW?!’

‘Something really has to change now, I'm ready?’

‘Yes! This is for me?’


Then I absolutely want to congratulate you because this feeling is great! And from this feeling you will be able to shift everything!


So do you feel that? 

Then take action and I'd love to hear and see you soon!


Shifting from 'old school' to 'new life' is absolutely life and business changing!!


Time to embrace your soulful leadership skills and bring your authentic expertise to the world and to those who want to fly under your wings! 


Remember: Work smarter, not harder! 


Will you fly with me under my wings to achieve this?

Take immediate action now: DM me or book a Soul connection call! I look forward to it and see you soon! 

Love Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 125. Shift Your Perspective

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