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8th june 2022


Lisette Lucas:


Podcast 123. Enough Is Enough! How Reaching Breaking Point Can Shift Your Life And Business To The Highest Levels Of Impact, Income And Freedom. Plus My Secret 2 Step Power Strategy. 


Do you really want to achieve something in your life and/or your own business, but don't know where to start and how you can make that breakthrough?


  • Discover the painful truth in this podcast.


  •  As well as my secret 2 Step Power Strategy that is super potent.


  • So that you’ll immediately know which steps you need to take for your absolute 'Must Have' end result!


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Welcome to Podcast #123!


Today I’m going to share my incredibly potent and secret power strategy with you. 

And I can already tell you: When you apply this, you can't help but be successful! 


For years I just followed my gut feeling in my own business, not really knowing where I was going. And that worked fine in itself. But maybe you already hear the difference: an 'excellent' business is different from a phenomenal, excellent and successful business.


Of course I also needed huge success with the accompanying end result.


For why else do you become an entrepreneur? 


By the way, if you don't feel that need of wanting to be successful, distinguishing yourself and going beyond the average, then maybe you should just return or stay in paid employment, don't you think? Fair is fair. 


So to be successful in your own business you obviously need passion, drive and ambition. As well as the need to be excellent at what you do (so that you can distinguish yourself). 


But I can tell you: That's not all!

(And I made a mistake there myself.)


I always thought: ‘Just keep going and then I'll see where I end up’. A bit of 'cruising and chilling' with your business, so to speak, going wherever the wind blew. And that in itself worked well. 




Until the moment came that something in my life changed so that I no longer had a choice. 

I was awakened by a situation in my life. 


Which got me into the mindset of: ‘Okay, the cruising and chilling is now over’. This was my breaking point. I got to the point of: ‘Enough is enough and now I have to do all I can to get everything out of my business.’ 


And yes, that's where it happened. My 'nice to have' end result in my business turned into the hard and powerful 'Non-negotiable' result. The desired outcome was not only wanted, it was a non-negotiable need. 


In other words, an end result that is an absolute high-frequency 'must have' and not such a low-vibe, low frequency, 'nice to have' energy. Because you will understand: Nice to Have means absolutely nothing. 


Tony Robbins calls those difficult, painful situations or circumstances, which usually give you insights (albeit in a hard way): Leverage. (And when I say that I immediately put my forearm down. Like a kind of lever.)


Leverage stands for the leverage effect. The leverage you need to eventually set that all-shifting lever energy in motion. The lever, which closes the doors of all less successful possibilities, so that you move in the direction of just one door - the door leading to your ultimate and most desired end result.


This leverage is found in the moment that you feel, experience and know in the deepest of your being: Enough is enough! Until here and no further! Something really has to change because otherwise …  (fill in for yourself). 


Do you recognise that feeling? Just check with yourself. 


When have you experienced that "enough is enough" feeling in an area of your life?

Did you then change course and successfully embark on a new path?


For example, think of situations in the field of health or relationships. Or the moment of setting boundaries. You often only set limits when someone has gone past your limit, right? 


Actually this feeling only comes at the moment when the pain of not taking steps becomes greater and more painful than taking steps.


And that's when you can create the biggest breakthroughs of your life! 




I speak from my own experience of course, but also from the results I see with my high-end business mastermind members.


Each and every one of my Elite programme members has stepped into the mastermind at the tipping point of leverage in their lives. And each and every one of them took powerful action straightaway from which immediate life and business-changing results are visible!


And yes, that's fantastic! And of course it makes me very proud!


So now you know step 1 of my secret Power Strategy. 

And that is: Leverage! 


In other words, you need that leverage to create drastic and powerful changes in your life. That is the energy, the drive that sets it in motion. 


And if you don't feel that? Then the need to really change is usually more painful than the pleasure you experience in staying where you are in the moment. So you’ll prefer to stay where you are and end up doing nothing … because everyone, and this is just a given from your primordial programming, everyone prefers to experience pleasure over pain. In podcast #122 I also speak more about this, it's really very interesting to understand. 


But do you feel more pain at this moment - more pain from taking no action?

Does this moment in your life bring you more pain than pleasure? 

Then you will always reach a point of: Enough is enough!


In fact: Are you that empathetic, ambitious entrepreneur or entrepreneur in the making who really wants to break through?


Then some of my first questions are always: 


  • Why do you want to change? 

  • What pain are you experiencing right now?

  • What will your life look like in a year if you don't address that? 

  • And in 5 years from now? 

  • And how do you feel then? 

  • How big is that pain? 


Very important questions. And you can now ask them to yourself. 


Because if the need is not there, then no matter what tools and techniques are given to someone, they won’t take strong action. 


So that's why Step 1: Leverage

Is absolutely essential for life-changing shifts in your life and business.


And then comes Step 2: Your Non-Negotiable End Result.


When talking with my children about if something was allowed I would always say: ‘There is no discussion about this. So it is and so it will be.’ i.e I was always very clear and to the point. 

And so it will be for you too! If you were to join me in my high-end mastermind. I help you to powerfully put down your end result before we start anything else. 


Why? Because we start at the finish line.


In other words: The finish line is the end result. And from that end result we will reverse engineer i.e work backwards. A super cool and powerful strategy that makes everything very clear at a glance. 


I’ll share a simple example of this: 

Perhaps your desired end result is that you want to convert at least € 100k per year in your business.


To start reverse engineering we will divide this by 12 months. 


(I'll round it up a bit.) So that equates to €10,000 in turnover per month.


Then we can divide this even further: 


You could create a coaching programme for 10 people who pay € 1000 per month. Then you’ll reach that  € 10K turnover.


But even easier than that: You can also start a high-end group coaching mastermind in which the investment is € 10,000 per member. 


And then? Then you only need 1 customer per month to achieve your turnover. 


1 customer per month! If you don't succeed as an empathetic, ambitious entrepreneur with all your life experience, skills and expertise, then perhaps it’s time to stop, right? 


Anyone can attract 1 customer per month. And if you also receive high-end, high-value and high-frequency coaching yourself. Then you will experience unlimited success in no time!


But of course you have to invest in yourself first. Because then you set the energy of commitment and self-love powerfully in motion. 


And in doing so, you give your own students and members the right signal and frequency. You embody that belief that investing in yourself is an absolute non-negotiable for ultimate success! Every successful entrepreneur, whoever, worldwide, has a coach! 


And even better: When you show how consistent and committed and therefore successful you are. Then your students and members will automatically follow your energy blueprint. 


Beautiful right?!


So those are my 2 secret Power Strategies! 


And are you the one who now listens and thinks: ‘Geez: This is me! I feel enough is enough! 

And I want to create a specific end result in my life! And there is no discussion about that - it has to be done!’


Then I say: Fantastic!


Because then you are exactly the person I can help like no other, to shift to the next level of impact, income and freedom! And of course with EnergyJoy!


So do you feel a: ‘Heck yes! go for it! I'm all in! This is for me?! Coincidence does not exist?!!’


Then proceed immediately! This is the energy of momentum that can accelerate your life and business to the next level forever!


Book a Soul Connection call or just send me a DM.


Hope to see and speak to you soon!


Thanks for listening and please forward this podcast to those who are ready for powerful breakthroughs in their life and business! This podcast can be life and business changing!


Big hug from me and see you soon!


X Lisette

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Podcast 123. Enough is enough

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