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4th may 2022  


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 118. Discover The 80/20 Rule For Unlimited Success At All Levels + How To Shift Your Paradigm


Do you find that even though you want to be successful you keep getting stuck? 


  • This 80/20 rule is going to be the key to your success.


  • When you apply it, your life will accelerate and shift forever.


  • So that you can experience unlimited success at all levels of your life. 


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Welcome to Podcast #118!


The insight I am going to share with you today, has accelerated and shifted everything for me in the most positive sense of the word! When I understood and applied this I was really like: ‘Wow …  if only I had known this 20 years earlier!’ 

(By the way, at the end of this podcast I’ll tell you how you can take immediate action if this resonates with you.) 


But back to this insight which is:

The reason why successful people are so successful.

The reason why certain people are head and shoulders above others.

The reason why some people are happy and others are not.


I call this the 80/20 rule because it's a split of 2 elements.


Take a second to think about what makes people a success. 


For example, you might think, if someone is good in a certain profession or has a certain expertise, then they will be successful. 



If that were true, then anyone who has learned a trade or anyone who has certain skills would earn a lot and be very successful. They would never have to worry again. 


But alas, we all know… this isn't the case.


An expertise or skill is absolutely no guarantee of success and abundance.


How come? 

Because an expertise, subject or skill is only 20 percent of what brings success. (That 20, of the 80/20 rule.) 


What? 20%?

Yes, what you do, or can do, is only 20% of the reason that determines whether or not you will be successful. You can see that 20% as the strategy you apply.


Painful but true. So if you are phenomenal at what you do, that is by no means automatically a guarantee of success.


‘Okay? Then what is?’, I hear you thinking now!

Good question! I say haha … 


The biggest part, the 80% that determines whether or not you will be successful at what you do is: MINDSET! 


So you now know it's 2 elements:

1 element is: Strategy and the other element is: Mindset


I remember thinking at the time: ‘Mindset …  how boring … you’ll be bored to tears looking at this’, for it’s such a tiresome fashionable word of the moment. 

But somehow when I heard this, I also immediately thought: ‘OK, I want to achieve more, I want to belong with the successful people at the very peak. So tell me more!’


So I hope you feel and experience that now too. If you feel: ‘Tell me more.’ Then this is the podcast for you!


Because that curiosity, plus the fact that you are listening to this podcast anyway, is already part of what is driven by your mindset, so that's great! That's already 1-0 for you in the Mindset Match!


I have discovered that the word: ‘Mindset' is only the tip of the iceberg, that in fact all the programming of your entire life is hidden underneath it.


In other words: Your programming determines for 80% whether or not you will be successful and happy in this life!


This was a ‘Wow!’ moment for me when I first heard it. 


My curiosity was piqued even more and I knew I wanted to get to the bottom of it, discover it and also master it. Which is exactly what I did. 


I discovered that the internal drive of your mindset is formed in the first 7-10 years of your life. 


There your internal programming, also called your paradigm, is created and shaped. So everything you experience, absorb, hear, learn, believe and so on in those first years of life. Everything becomes your programming that you will run on for the rest of your life. 


All your beliefs are formed there. 

So if you have been taught that you have to work hard to make ends meet then it will be.

If you are taught that rich people are stingy then you will avoid being rich. After all, who wants to be stingy?

Do you tell yourself (on a subconscious level) that it is wiser and safer to keep yourself in the background, for then people will love you more? Then I can tell you now that you will sabotage yourself later in life. When you try to be successful in your own business and reach the point when you should put yourself in the limelight, to show yourself to the world. Well, believe me, your internal programming, your inner paradigm is going to set everything in motion to prevent that. 

It will make you doubt, it will distract you, it will even make you feel sick at the very thought of sharing your face and voice with the world. 

You know that feeling of: ‘No, I'll do the dishes or clean out the wardrobe or weed the garden’ or ‘No, I'm having a bad hair day today …  I’ll do this tomorrow’. For all of these are much more important than sharing my life-changing message with the world …  haha. Recognisable?

Believe me, I speak from personal experience of course.


But for me that moment came of ‘Okay, enough is enough Lisette! Time to break all that old sh#t, (sorry for the word), all those old patterns, beliefs that no longer serve me, that block me, that keep me seemingly safe once and for all’. I was really done with all of it! I wanted to be the best version of myself! 


Then when I understood that I had to work on that 80% everything really changed! I saw that the 20% - the strategy, knowledge and skills, were all fine. So it was high time to tackle that 80%. 


I then searched for and found the easiest way to work on that 80%. 

To shift that subconscious programming, that paradigm. 

And that way is: using rapid transformation therapy. I started by applying this to myself. Then I went on to learn all about it and have added elements on top of it. 

This led to a combination which I turned into my unique transformation therapy that I call: TAT Therapy. In other words: Trinity Abundance Therapy. 

This is a combination of different therapies and powerful techniques that I personally have put together, making it one powerful package. 


This combination is literally the fast lane to success from within! The way to powerfully activate that 80% mindset. You literally free yourself from: pieces that no longer serve you, pieces that block you and don't even belong to you, pieces you borrowed from someone else. You give them back, delete them, remove them from your system for good.


Leaving you free to step into your full power, potential and ultimate soul mission. Working from your unique, authentic blueprint, from which all the noise created by life has been removed. Meaning you can shine and be who you really are. To live and share your message with the world and be successful from your beautiful, powerful, Soulful self. 


How does that sound? 

Wonderful doesn’t it?!


So, do you want to accelerate your success to the Next Level with all your expertise, skills and talents? Then now you know that it is only 20% strategy and no less than 80% mindset. 


Therefore, Shifting Your Paradigm (your internal programming), is the key to being successful! 


Now, some questions for you: does this feel good? 

Does it resonate? 

Do you know deep down: ‘Yes, this is what I need to work on?’ 

Do you want to make a flying start right away and work on that 80%? 


Then I would love to help you with that and I have 2 options for you.


You can book an exclusive VIP trajectory of 1 month. 

This is an exclusive 1:1 trajectory in which we will work intensely on Shifting your Paradigm. 


And then we have option 2:

You can join the 6-month programme of the Elite Shift Mastermind.

This is really for the empathetic, ambitious entrepreneur (or those aspiring to be), who is ready to shift to the Next Level of Impact, Abundance and Freedom.


So either 1:1 via the VIP route with me or the Elite Shift Mastermind.

Trust your inner knowing. Feel what feels right to you.


Either way, it's super powerful to activate and accelerate the 80/20 rule in your life.


Do you feel a ‘Yes! I'm so done with it and I'm ready.’ And want to make that powerful breakthrough for good?

Then you can find more information about this in the shownotes at:


Or if you want more info personally, send me an email to:  or DM the word: VIP or ELITE via Instagram or Facebook. Then we'll chat there. 


Thank you for listening! Because this alone gives you a powerful mindset shift and helps you move forward, so … take a break … give yourself a pat on the back! Because you are so, so worth it!


Hope to speak or see you soon! 

Because honestly: It's high time to break through old pieces for good, put yourself in the light and experience unlimited success!


Love and a big hug from me! 

x Lisette

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Podcast 118. The 80/20 Rule

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