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23rd march 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 112. Call For Help To: The Ambitious, Empathetic Entrepreneur Who Chooses To Combine High-End & High-Value With The Most Powerful Multi-Level Breakthroughs For Your Clients And Yourself. 


Is this recognisable: Your own business is leaving you with little energy and freedom and financially is not showing the results you had initially hoped for? 


  • Discover in this podcast where you can immediately create a powerful breakthrough


  • Shifting the impact of your business to not only change the lives of your clients, but also yours forever


  • The result: More energy, more freedom both in time and finances, mega breakthroughs and deep satisfaction from living your passion, mission & EnergyJoy! 


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


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Welcome to Podcast #112!


112! This is a call for help to all empathetic entrepreneurs and all ambitious, talented entrepreneurs-to-be who work in the healing sector! (Or want to start.)


So today the podcast is especially for the empathic coaches, therapists, hypnotherapists, mediums, spiritual life coaches, consultants, psychologists, empathic entrepreneurs, i.e. those who are ready to: 


• Launch their business powerfully and with a flying start with the high-end vibe




• for the empathetic, ambitious entrepreneur, who already has a business with great client results, but is done working with the underpaid, energy-guzzling middle bracket. Instead wanting to place themselves permanently at the top of the market, the top of his or her niche! Because deep down you know and feel that this is your place!


Is this you? Then this is really a call to you personally!



Because I see way too much potential, talent and possibilities in beautiful powerful women and men, which unfortunately often doesn't come out! All this hidden under limiting layers and beliefs. 


And that is such a crying shame, I really can't stand it any longer!


Does this speak to you, trigger something? Does this call for help on a soul level resonate in your deeper layers? 

Then listen to the end because I'm going to invest time and energy in you.


I see it as my mission to activate this potential in you too! 

To get through to you that things can and should be done differently! 

Trust me: This is not your terminal. No! This is just the beginning! 


And it’s no coincidence that you’re here now for this episode #112 (the emergency number across Europe), for this is an urgent call to help all of those who help others so much already. I don’t believe coincidence exists so this aligning of topic and podcast number shows this is your time, your moment - grab it NOW! 


As an empathetic entrepreneur, I searched for a while for what worked for me. 

Trying both 1:1 sessions with clients and teaching groups. I liked and loved doing this, but my biggest mistake afterwards: I stuck for far too long in the constraints of what society deemed desirable! In other words, I got stuck in the way of doing business that everyone did, including charging the standard rates that the almost invisible middle class also charged. 


And what do you attract with average rates and almost invisible services? Simply a therapist hopping client with average expectations. For that client has the same ‘start/stop’ dynamic and doubtful energy you do in your business. The result is a tiresome routine that doesn’t really have a soulful, powerful effect on your client. (And you have to have many clients like this to balance the sheets.)


In fact, this (often subconscious) start/stop dynamics and energy is absolutely not a fair empowering Soulful boost for and towards yourself either! 

And that is what you deserve if you help people from the deepest of your being! When you change people's lives forever, make people better, help, heal and even save people's lives! 

Because let's be honest: That's invaluable, isn't it? 

And I know that if you're listening to this right now, you're doing this too or absolutely have it in you. 


So when I found that I gave so much more on all levels than I received in return, in both satisfaction & financial energy exchange; I felt it was time to change it and change my entire business strategy.


Yes, definitely super exciting! All my fears, old beliefs and limiting patterns came to the surface. (Who do you think you are? What will they think of you? What if I immediately run out of clients?! Am I good enough?! Am I worth it and can I do it?... Yes really, these all cropped up.)


But, I looked straight at those fears, I persevered, I went full on! Why? Because deep down I felt that I came here on earth for so much more than the invisible middle ground. 

Which meant something had to change. 'Enough is enough!' was the predominant feeling and also 'My time is NOW'! I felt these deep inside. I was also like: ‘I have to keep going now because otherwise it will be too late, and yes, then I will look back on my life and I will regret it forever!’


Then it started and I began working hard on myself, discovering the challenge was not my expertise, but something from within me. For yes: the key lies within the inner world! 

Working with this inner world provided me with a huge package of giga effective tools and strategies. Speaking from both my own experience and now after applying these with many successful clients and students: I can say these tools really work. And I am now in the place where I work with a wonderful small, intimate group of students and clients who are as driven as I am. It feels phenomenal! Each and every one of them feels like a soulmate … What else do you want? 


But now in retrospect I can tell you: Changing this and turning it around was the best choice ever!


I have more freedom and free time, I feel more fulfilled in helping my clients with high-end and high-value services, because I can make an even more powerful impact on the lives of those who really want and aspire to the same. Those who want to make a huge impact, who want to create a legacy and who only go for the best and highest level. 


And yes, I now regularly convert in one month, that which took me one year before taking this step! Yes really! What was an annual turnover is now a monthly turnover! All while working less hours, having more time with family, coaching people online, supporting, helping and feeling so free. All the while I get so much satisfaction through changing people’s lives in the most positive ways forever. 


Mind Blowing if I do say so myself! I'm so glad I followed that feeling and (to say it from the male energy): had the balls to just go for it! Because yes, entrepreneurship contains both the feminine and masculine aspects and energy. 

Do you embrace both? Then you're going to pop! 1000% sure, completely in your pure, authentic way! How cool is that!


So now I have some questions for you: 


• Currently are you in a place which allows you to use your full potential and talent?


• Or do you feel that this is just the beginning? That you have only just started touching your palette of possibilities and potential?


• Do the people around you think that you are already doing very well, yet you feel that this is only the tip of the iceberg? You know you’ve only just begun and others have only seen a fraction of who you really are and what you really have to offer to the world? 


• Now if I ask you: Would you rather help 40 middle-class, low-energy people per month, leaving you with a stressful, overly full schedule. Along with the feeling you hardly have time for yourself, your family, let alone your social life. And with a routine which regularly sees you responding to messages and emails, and tackling an endless to-do list from early morning to late at night?  


• Or, would you rather help 4 people a month at a world-class, high-end, high-value level? Where you can put that person in their ultimate strength, with your full attention, love, passion & EnergyJoy. Helping, supporting and guiding from a space of peace, so that they can then do the same with others. Leaving you free time to enjoy the things you love. Having time for fun with family and friends.  


Which do you choose?


Or even better: How do you do it now?


Are you in that endless stress of getting new clients, do you have to pull out circus acrobatics and gruelling rollercoaster tricks to get interest?


Or do you step into your place of infinite power and leadership skills which automatically attracts the ideal client? 


Do you know that with your skillset, your package of tools and techniques that you have learned over the years, with your bucket of life experience from your own story, you can make a difference in the life of someone else?


Do you feel you are ready for the next step?

Yes? Yes!

Do you feel bubbly inside?

That your energy opens up? I always call that the 'bubbly champagne feeling' inside. If you hear, feel and perceive this: Trust that. That's your internal: Yes!


And then I invite you with all my love!


For the coming month I am looking for 5 people who want to shift their business to High-End & High-Value level in 3 months. So that they have more time and energy to exclusively serve an intimate group of clients at the highest level. So entrepreneurs, who are really motivated, want to make a commitment with themselves and go for results & quality. Leaving you with more EnergyJoy, more time for yourself and receiving a high-end financial energy exchange! 


Are you the one? Do you feel that internal drive, that soul pull for more? 


Although you may find it a bit exciting and scary … don’t worry about it! I did too and now I laugh about it. And yes, of course I’ll help you to that place too!  


So here comes my call to you: 112 you are so needed! 

You can gain access to my exclusive inner circle when I feel and see energetically the potential, drive and passion in you.


Are you ready? 

Feeling a: ‘Heck Yes! Go for it!’? 

Then go to the show notes at:

There you’ll find a questionnaire with a few questions. Once I’ve received your answers, I will personally invite you for a 1:1 Zoom call, where we will look at your personal situation together. 

We’ll also make a strategic and energetic plan of approach. So that you get a clear picture of what is possible for you within 3 months and where you can even be in 1 year. 


I look forward to seeing and speaking with you. The world needs your unleashed version of yourSelf! Your ultimate Soulful Power self that has so much to offer. Do you feel a: ‘Go For it!’? My advice: act immediately! This is your inner knowing that shows you the way. (That little voice that comes up after that, after those first 3 seconds, is that old fear programming. So the time has come to break that for good!)


Fill in the questions via the link in the show notes and I hope to speak and see you soon. And you know what I like best? The people I get to work with all feel like soul mates to me. That is so special and it’s an absolute privilege to work with them and something I feel deeply grateful for. Each and every one of them is a beautiful pearl that contributes to the world in their unique way! 

And yes: All of this is available to you too! 

And the best news: You are only 1 choice away from changing your life forever! 


And this is what 1 of my high-end members wrote recently: ”Working with Lisette has been one of my best decisions so far … I couldn't ask for a better mentor than Lisette. She is involved and really wants to help you further. She has the right knowledge and tools at her disposal. A real all-rounder in several areas. So for any entrepreneur who wants to shift, but is still unsure – do it!”


So it’s very important if you hear this and are still listening now: Trust the voice of your inner knowing. Coincidence does not exist: Your time is NOW! Take action now that can and may change your life forever! You are so, so worth it! 


Thank you for listening, I look forward to speaking and seeing you very soon!

Love and a hug from me,

X Lisette 


EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 112. Help For The Empathetic Entrepreneur

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