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26th january 2022 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 104. Powerful Awakening, How To Share Your Powerful Message With The World From Soul Alignment.

+ Take the 3 Phase Test And Find Out Where You Are Now.  


Do you feel you're here for a reason but haven't really been able to fine-tune to discover for what yet? Or perhaps you are well on the way of your journey, but need some direction? 


  • In this podcast you’ll discover: Where you currently stand, how you can wake up and get into your Power Mode!


  • Plus: I’m investing an opportunity in you so that you are no longer searching or wasting time. 


  • And then finally can really do what you are destined to do! 


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


Extra tip: to find all my free tools, downloads and meditations in one place, download my Lisette Lucas app for free for iOS/Android. 


Welcome to Podcast #104.


An awakened soul cannot help but carry out its mission and purpose, sharing its message to the world.


Because as soon as you have cleared many blocks at a subconscious level, you step into power mode and you can powerfully articulate your unique, authentic message.


And right away I want to add to that: You can start right now! 

Or better yet, you've already started. 

But now it's time to forcefully 'Level Up', get to the Next Level! 


And that's super exciting …  I know …  been there …  done that. 


I still remember my mother's voice in the back of my head saying: 

'Act normal then you act crazy enough … '


An old internal fear that reared its head like, 'Oh …  am I going to do that? And: ‘What will others do, think or say?!'


That, right there, you're going to waltz right through and over as soon as you get into that power mode! You’ll also know that you have to do internal work to be able to manifest and put things down externally. That's part of it. 


I hear you think: ‘Okay, sounds nice Lisette, that “waking up” and that “power mode”, but how do you get there?’.


It’s very simple. You have 2 options:


Option 1: Do the solo Soul Searching route through Google University. 


Option 2: Follow the proven Soul Aligned Awaken Route.


Option 1 is: Searching in your own time, googling and walking the avoiding-fear route. This definitely works but honestly, it can take many years before you really make progress and take steps. Simply because you keep moving in vicious circles thanks to your 'blind spot'. This is the blind spot you have in relation to your own Soul plan. 


I remember my mentor Mavis Pittilla once said: You can't do a soul reading or make predictions for yourself, simply because it’s the intention that you help each other. 


I had to let that sink in for a while. Partly because I get a lot of visions, and felt that strong pull at Soul level. So I felt some resistance from my own wise side. 


But along the way I discovered what she meant. 


So I'll take you with me: you're in the proverbial forest, so to speak. You live in your forest which is made of all your experiences and all your habits, patterns, beliefs, fears, pitfalls, strengths, talents and potential. Everything is present in your forest of life. And honestly the proverb comes from somewhere: in the forest you often can't see the wood for the trees. Recognisable? 

Sometimes you get a clear moment of insight. That's what you act on and take great steps forward from. But then …  suddenly it's overshadowed by that dark part of the forest behind you. That part which creates so much confusion, fear and uncertainty. Then you decide to stop and tell yourself there’s something else to do. Or maybe something else entirely. What was really the reason for this 'self-sabotage' remains a mystery. Simply because the deep, dark part of the forest represents old patterns, beliefs from your primal and 1st year of life programming. As long as you remain unaware of this, do not break through and do not transform, you will continue to manoeuvre in vicious circles for the rest of your life. Keeping yourself small and seemingly safe and no, definitely not waking up.


On the other hand: 

Someone with the right knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of spiritual and energetic awakening, looks from the outside at you and your 'forest of life' from an aerial view. They can then point out the obstacles, pitfalls, dangers, old, dry, weak spots and help remove, break through and transform. 

And more importantly: they can pin-point and highlight the beautiful fertile places through that objective Soul to Soul approach, and help activate and accelerate growth of these parts.  


I myself now prefer to do this from my own Soul Aligned Awakening, my own spiritual awakening. 


Which also brings me to Option 2. Follow the Proven Soul Aligned Awake Route.


Because, and I speak from my own experience, there is nothing more beautiful than someone who feels the need to shift, to give that push and that confirmation. It happened in a lesson this week. Then I was allowed to touch something energetically with someone and felt that pull. 


Tears often flow freely from the recipient of your message, when with a few simple words and energetic attunement to their soul frequency you touch their core. And by the core I mean: when I hit that part from Soul to Soul approach that you always knew was there. But your dark forest overshadowed that light. Which made you doubt whether it was there at all. In addition, at a certain point you believed and trusted your environment around you, more than your own inner knowing. Recognisable? Guess we've all had that moment. 


I speak from firsthand experience when I say that the moment that light within you is touched and its presence confirmed - that moment is absolutely life-changing! For me this moment happened in 2008. That year someone touched something in me too.

That person (that medium), touched my potential. Even though as mediums we do not actually predict, he was right with what he said to me.The potential he recognised and told me of, was that I’d do exactly what I’m doing right now: reaching and helping thousands of people. 


Well, in 2008 I really didn't believe that. But still something in me was touched that made me like: ‘WOW! You see…’. For I felt something, something resonated. And that curiosity was set in motion. So that feeling I had then can also be touched within you. Yes, it feels as if everything you ever felt and thought is confirmed. It’s also the time when you can raise that F-You finger at anyone who has tried to tell you the opposite in your life! 


You are so, so worthy of awakening! To fully step into your Soul Alignment. And to show the world, feel and experience how you can 'rock it'! 

That 'heck-yes' feeling! From: ‘See! I knew it! Finally someone who confirms it!’.

You deserve this wherever you are right now on your path of awakening.


Now, I divide that path into ‘3 Phases of the Architect Plan of the Soul’. You can see that Architect Plan as your road map through life. I'll explain the phases soon, but first how you should take this test: think and feel for yourself straightaway which phase you are in. The first answer you receive will make it clear to you. 

The Architect Plan of the Soul is actually the blueprint of the Soul. So actually it was already with you before you came here on earth. Interesting to think about that, and take with you after this podcast. 


Architect plan of the Soul Phase 1: 

You are still a bit asleep but you are about to wake up. 

You are at the very beginning of your awakening journey in which you are still overwhelmed by life. There’s a lot going on: stress, keeping balls in the air, not being able to say 'no', unable to set boundaries. Your energy is all over the place and you are searching. And actually you're just energetically so, so tired. 


Architect Plan of the Soul Phase 2: 

You have discovered that this journey of discovery is within your trajectory. You are awakening and you feel the intense need to learn, develop and transform. You put your shoulders to the wheel to really work on yourself. You are so curious and eager to learn. And you know that breaking free of old pieces is the way to full awakening. Your burning desire begins to bubble up. It feels wonderful!


Architect plan of the Soul Phase 3: 

Yes!!! You have awakened! You take the daily steps to share your unique, authentic message with the world. And you often do this from a service-based business or services. This is who you really are. This is your mission, your purpose! You live your life purpose and you can shout it from the rooftops. Gradually you keep learning to do this. Of course this is still exciting because with every step, that limit and the bar is raised. That's why you keep working on yourself, with the help of a mentor and coach who knows how to get the best out of you. And who took the same steps themself. You know that every phase in phase 3 needs extra attention. Precisely to continue growing, scaling up and developing for your highest good. You cherish the journey out of gratitude and reverence. This is who you are from powerful Soul Alignment! 


And, I'm curious: Which Phase Came Up from the Test? 


Phase 1: You are still a bit asleep but you are about to wake up. 

Phase 2: You have initiated that journey of discovery inward, set it in motion. 

Phase 3: You have awakened and you are already sharing your message with the world. You just want to go further, better and more powerfully. 


Where are you now along your 3 phase path of the Architects plan of the Soul?

Phase 1, 2 or 3?


Good news: Whatever phase you are in, I want to let you know that I offer a support and guidance programme for every phase. Purely because I know, from my own experience, how essential good guidance and support is - because it is not always an easy path. Precisely because along the way you are regularly confronted with the dark forest part. You have to: cut down, clean up, burn, let go of those subconscious fears from your old programming. But with professional guidance from an experienced expert it is definitely a wonderful, life-changing and life-enriching path! 

The choice is absolutely yours of course! You can also linger in the pre-phase of the Architect Plan of the Soul. And honestly, this is something most people live in. But the fact that you're listening to this, makes me very positive. I think you're in the 20% of the population who do this. Those others, the other 80%, are people who live in that pre-phase. So the fact you are taking this in says something and is also very special. Think about that too. For most people live in that pre-phase, just look around you. The 9 to 5 mentality herd that everyone follows, because they think that’s how it’s supposed to be. It's totally fine, everyone does their own thing and is free to do so. But is that something for you? I'm curious! And honestly, living like this seems safe to most, 

but you may wonder if you will ever experience true happiness, satisfaction and freedom. But as I said, the fact that you are listening to this podcast actually indicates that you are already taking steps on the path of awakening. So take a moment to celebrate too! Yeaaahhh, so applause for yourself! That is absolutely part of it! Because every phase is beautiful and super powerful. And so, so important that you think about it for a moment. 


All right, all this said. 


This is what I am going to do. I will put a short question form in the show notes at: . Fill this in and indicate in which phase you feel you are. 

Because …  yes here it comes:

I'm going to invest in you and make a limited number of free 1:1 Zoom Soul connection calls of 20 minutes. This is really only for those who feel the need to take steps in their own Architect Plan.

In this Zoom session we will of course become acquainted and I will fine-tune energetically to your Soul Essence. Then I’ll help you determine what the right steps are for you, right now, so that you can safely further awaken, grow, develop and transform.


And yes, with an emphasis on safe. Listen to podcast #57 about Kundalini energy, to learn more about the dangers of taking the fast lane on the path of spiritual awakening.  


Safety comes first, which is why it is so important to go through the phases in the right order. Then your potential can gradually unfold. 


So go to the short questionnaire in my shownotes. After completing the form and after approval, I will send you a link to book a call. And please note: If it says Full = It really is Full.


Why am I doing this? 

Because in this way everyone who feels that inexplicable need to develop further and take even more steps to live their ultimate life, gets that chance in a safe and powerful way through a proven step-by-step plan.

So that you too can share your powerful message with the world completely in Soul Alignment in your own way! Actually exactly as I do through this podcast and my ways of service.

I was given that opportunity, I am still guided by the biggest names in the world. 

I am here now to guide you with all my love. Whatever stage you are in: 1, 2 or 3! That doesn't matter at all. I will help you with all my love.  


Go to: click on the link for the inquiry form and then book your free 20 minutes with me! A unique opportunity that I have never given before in this way. Take your chance! 


I’ll speak and see you soon! 

Love and big hug from me

X Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 104. Powerful Awakening

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