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12th january 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 102. From Struggle To Success, How To Easily Find A Solution To Your Struggle With This Powerful Success Strategy + Free Worksheet For Immediate Results


Maybe you’re stuck with a struggle and cannot move forward.


  • In this podcast I’ll teach you a powerful success strategy to push onwards.


  • Meaning in no time you’ll have found potential solutions created in the flow.


  • By the end of the podcast you’ll have a successful result-oriented tool, which will give you an unlimited number of solutions, from infinite inspirations and creation 


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


Are you looking to download the powerful Success Strategy PDF? You can find and download it for free, via my Lisette Lucas App for iOS & Android. 


Welcome to Podcast #102!


Today I have a super powerful solution for those times when you are facing a struggle. I often use this myself and it has given me a lot of powerful solutions.


So, today a short but powerful podcast that you can use right away.


Okay, if you're listening to this, you're human. And yes, because of that I know that you, just like me, now and then get a struggle or challenge on your path. 


My question to you: How do you deal with a struggle?

Consider the 5 options below and consider which best fits your usual response. 


Option 1: You sulk in a corner.

Option 2: You start thinking to yourself how to get out without any results.

Option 3: You're going to ignore it and pretend it's not there. (The ostrich strategy / burying your head in the sand strategy.)

Option 4: You are going to hire someone else to help you solve the challenge.

Option 5: You are going to apply a success strategy.


Well, as you understand there are several solutions. 

I used to be champion in options 1 to 3. 

Nowadays I use options 4 and 5.


Because I can tell you: Options 1 to 3 will leave you stuck and will only increase your challenge in the long run.


So here come Options 4 and 5. These are really for the person who is driven and wants to take action. Because …  nothing happens by itself. You always have to add action to get a result.


So, Option 4: Engage an expert who can help you with mentoring and coaching, so that your struggle disappears like snow in the sun.

I myself have done this throughout my own intuitive and energetic development. At times when I was very stuck in my own high sensitivity, energy and feeling things - I asked for help with my challenges. This allowed me to solve them, master them and now I can even help others with it. 

And I do this in my business as well, for of course I’ve also had challenges. But at these times I took action and started learning from the best in the world. Learning how to deal with business challenges, how to tackle them and solve them. 

And yes, I am quite proud to tell you, in the business field I am absolutely doing well and I am now also helping other empathetic entrepreneurs from this business expertise who want and wish to achieve the same. 


That's option 4: Hire an expert and let them coach and mentor you. Every big name or successful person has a coach or mentor. So …  don't have one yet? What are you waiting for! Find someone who both fits your area of expertise and who resonates with you. Also look for someone who has proven to deliver results in the area in which you are experiencing a challenge or struggle. So someone who has overcome this themselves. 


And then we come to option 5 to solve your struggle: use the Success Strategy which I myself use and is super powerful! 


The strategy is: work backwards!


‘What?’I hear you thinking now. Yes, I do mean to work backwards! In other words: reverse engineering. 


You don't work from the problem, the challenge or the struggle.

No, you work from the result you’re aiming for, the result you want to achieve.


So suppose you have a financial challenge and you need money. 

You need €5000 to solve your problem within a month.


And this is where my Success Strategy sheet comes in really handy. You simply need to fill it in and things will get super clear. 


You will see the core issue is now no longer the money problem. No, the core is the €5,000 that you will manifest within 1 month.


You fill this in on the success strategy form which will open up your lines. 

My preference is for 10 success lines.


You step into the frequency of holding that € 5000, and start to feel how you managed to earn this. You leave your energy and mind open to incoming influences and signals. You step into the infinite flow of inspiration.


And no, you don't do this from your head - so you’re not relying on the constraints of your mind. It’s important to know and remember: There is enough for everyone, so step into the infinite flow and let it come to you. It's a creative process.


Write everything that comes to you on the Success Strategy form.

Utilise your own expertise and how you can use it. 

There are so many possibilities that you have never seen or considered - I'm sure of that! And you will find them this way! Because you step out of that stuck, low struggle energy into the infinite creation flow. Doing this opens new doors so you will be able to successfully manifest the €5000. Really and truly! I've done this quite often too and I'm talking about an absolute multiple of this amount! And yes, also in 1 month. 


Everything is possible as long as you believe in it yourself! You are the only link that can set it in motion or …  on the contrary, stagnate and block it. 


The choice is yours.

Play with it, this is fun, this is powerful and yes, this really works!

Download the Success Strategy form and use it for any challenge. There are always many creative ways to shift the energy and solve your challenge. 

Set it in motion immediately and struggles are only short-lived from now on and then a thing of the past! 


Good luck!


This strategy is a business tool that I use with my exclusive mastermind programme. 

Are you an empathetic, ambitious entrepreneur looking to shift your business? I am currently looking for a few more entrepreneurs for the programme. DM me via my instagram ( with the word: BUSINESS. And we can chat there. 

Are you an empathetic person and do you struggle in daily life with regard to your energy and sensitivity overload? Then DM or email me the word: ENERGY.


Either way, please do use the free success strategy tool! I am happy to help and support you to make the results and visions for your life and/or business a reality. 


I wish you great success and would love to hear your powerful solutions!


Love Lisette

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Podcast 102. From Struggle To Success

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